VRMMO Chapter 93

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Moving forward, I saw the part about the finals and took a peek at the thread about who they were expecting to win the tournament that Tobi mentioned.

I left the cup on top of the table and went back to looking at the thread on my pc.

【Muscles and Silent girl vs】Live coverage of the finals block thread 8【Dark Elf and True Self】

This will be a thread providing live coverage of the finals in the PvP tournament currently ongoing in TB.

Let’s be well mannered.

The next thread will be made once we reach over 800 comments.

In the case a new thread isn’t made, the responsibility will be on the person that replies next.

If it’s not made, please slow down on the replies.

575:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:ehTJB56

Haven’t they been pressured like crazy from the start!?

576:Nameless Light Warrior ID:7TkBGjx

Since Albert’s blows are so heavy, she can’t really exchange blows directly.

Hero-chan’s arm would get torn off!

577:Nameless Mage ID:C6n7gbL

But it’s better than it being an instant defeat right?

578:Nameless Knight ID:grUfx4b

Being happy that now that they got to the finals they haven’t won instantly…LOL

579:Nameless Archer ID:ZeHHGWU

Albert is the only weird one! The other players are not at fault!

580:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:mppTGzy

Their opponents in their group managed to beat Philia-chan after trying really hard but…only despair awaited them…

581:Nameless Mage ID:Jnujkpa

How do you deal with this? LOL

582:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:7Wiae3a

For the time being, they have to wait for True Self to charge up his MP.

They seem to be aiming for something while enduring after all.

583:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:mppTGzy

Wait, he hasn’t charged up his MP that much but he’s moving already?

584:Nameless Martial Artist ID:29TXfpX

Wait wait, what is he planning to do by going to the front as a Shinto Priest in this situation!?

585:Nameless Light Warrior ID:7TkBGjx

He went forward for a moment, then went back.

What’s wrong with True Self?

586:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:h4DdRD2

Wait, why is Albert pressing his eyes as if he’s suffering?

587:Nameless Archer ID:ZeHHGWU

What happened?

588:Nameless Mage ID:MLrGD4U

Can someone that understood what happened tell me, please?

589:Nameless Mage ID:gWP9kcE


I think he got hit in the face by a Shining…but I’m not too sure.

If someone else saw it, please tell me.

590:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:kLQKdCQ

Since there was no magic circle, there’s no doubt that it was a beginner spell.

I believe the light he released with the chant matches that of Shining.

I doubt he would use Healing in that situation.

591:Nameless Mage ID:gWP9kcE


But to think that Shining had the effect of blinding people…

592:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:J6bQuTk

Since it doesn’t have that kind of effect on monsters I never noticed…

593:Nameless Archer ID:RhunZ4f

Did no one try it in PvP?

594:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:XJkp2YD

If there had been some sort of PvP event when the game launched there might have been some people that would have tested it out, but the way Shining is used right now is to basically stop spell chants with its hit stop.

595:Nameless Archer ID:RhunZ4f

Ah, in order to do that, you would usually aim at the body.

Even if you were to get a headshot with it, the spell is too weak to begin with so you would barely do any damage.

596:Nameless Mage ID:TuDSk69

I think the problem lies in the fact that the tournament was held at this time.

Shining is a beginner spell which utility has already cemented itself by this point.

597:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Pif4Vcp

As a normal attack it would only hit if your opponent is rather slow, and you would surely miss if you were aiming at the eyes.

Even more if your opponent is that Albert.

598:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:m9CZLYY

So since he wasn’t wary of it, even Albert got hit by it, huh?

599:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:eAVJzji

But it lasts so long, that blinding effect.

As expected, in that condition, he won’t be able to hit even if he swung that greatsword around.

600:Nameless Light Warrior ID:7TkBGjx

Ah, While we were bothering with what True Self did, Philia-chan…

601:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Pif4Vcp

Got incapacitated.

Well then, wonder what they’ll do from this point onwards.

601:Nameless Archer ID:medMkPR

Albert is so scary when he’s screaming.

602:Nameless Knight ID:ujtUy6f

Usually, you would have lost by the point you are left alone…

603:Nameless Mage ID:MLrGD4U

I fear that this is where the real thing begins.

604:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:eAVJzji

Hero-chan went to pressure him immediately.

True Self seems to be focusing on supporting this time.

605:Nameless Archer ID:FKzpD98

Even if he went to the front, there would always be the fear of getting one shoted after all.

Since Albert doesn’t seem to be aiming for that, it’s a given that it would go like this.

606:Nameless Light Warrior ID:EVLFUkG

So he has confidence that he will be able to beat them head front…

607:Nameless Martial Artist ID:HVx774d

Hmm? However, since the opponents can heal, wouldn’t he lose if they just endured?

608:Nameless Mage ID:MLrGD4U

Hint: Cooldown.

609:Nameless Martial Artist ID:HVx774d


610:Nameless Knight ID:ujtUy6f

As you said that, Hero-chan got knocked out.

611:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:KzSCaYB

The timing on the revives are spot on as always, but what’s important here is the speed at which they can repeat this process.

612:Nameless Archer ID:sAwg6DR

They can’t cycle through revives at this pace, right?

Even though they are pressuring him, the damage they are dealing Albert is so sad.

613:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:XJkp2YD

They won’t be able to cycle through them.

Leaving aside the first two by taking Quick into account, the problem is the 3rd one and onwards.

614:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:r8SExSt

It all depends on how hard Hero-chan works, huh…

After this, it turned out into a battle of attrition for a while right?

I remember us dealing some damage at the beginning but after a while, it turned into a harsh situation where we couldn’t deal any damage.

The conversation in the thread felt like it had turned into a loop so let’s skip through some comments…

882:Nameless Light Warrior ID:Qbctknm

It’s enough…enough, just give it a rest…!

883:Nameless Mage ID:a2i8RJp

Albert’s HP hasn’t decreased for a while.

884:Nameless Martial Artist ID:HVx774d

Isn’t this checkmate?

885:Nameless Knight ID:ujtUy6f

Even though Hero-chan’s movements have gotten quite good…

Isn’t this Albert guy just too weird?

886:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:r8SExSt

I kind of can’t help but tear up when I see Hero-chan standing up no matter how many times she gets beaten up.

887:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:KzSCaYB

The mood in the arena is similar to that.

Even though there’s a lot of people that have bet on Albert.

888:Nameless Archer ID:sAwg6DR

Even if the audience sides with her, this difference in strength is…

889:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:tWA4p73

Even True Self is standing there with a grim expression that we have never seen.

890:Nameless Mage ID:MLrGD4U

After healing and buffing he can only watch after all.

Albert is also wary of Shining.

891:Nameless Light Warrior ID:EVLFUkG

Oh? They both seem to be talking?

892:Nameless Archer ID:RhunZ4f

Yup, their mouths are moving.

Though, we can’t hear anything because of the cheers.

893:Nameless Mage ID:6znDNgz

I wonder if they are going to do something, it would be kinda sad if they were talking about surrendering.

894:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Pif4Vcp

I don’t think anyone would want them to surrender.

So, do your best!!

895:Nameless Knight ID:nsMN58a

Ah, since Hero-chan is smiling, it seems to have been something else.

That being said, her movements have gotten even better!

896:Nameless Mage ID:MLrGD4U

True self is even refreshing the buffs that still have time left.

I wonder what he’s planning?

897:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:TPCUzaH

Aiming for 2 successive Burst Edges?

898:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:h4DdRD2

She has already used Burst Edge a few times, but they haven’t landed.

899:Nameless Knight ID:nsMN58a

It’s the type of skill that bursts only if you get a hit after all.

There’s no point if it doesn’t hit.

900:Nameless Archer ID:3cAhju6

Hmm? True Self just healed himself now?

901:Nameless Light Warrior ID:EVLFUkG

His HP has been like that since the time they beat Philia-chan.

Is there even any point to doing that?

902:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:VSWxgi4

He even transferred all of his MP to Hero-chan…?

903:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:p8PnypE

Don’t tell me…

904:Nameless Knight ID:y52T3rH

Is he going to use it? Is he going to do it?

905:Nameless Archer ID:KdMmxrU

Eh? What do you mean?

906:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:e4wEXN3


There it is!! Sacrifice!!!

907:Nameless Martial Artist ID:c4h4kUF

Uwah, they finally are going for it…that was at the back of my mind the entire time.

908:Nameless Knight ID:nsMN58a

When the buff’s effects and Hero-chan’s aura combine, it’s so divine…

909:Nameless Light Warrior ID:N4M4yHW

Yeah, Hero-chan has gotten even more beautiful.

So good.

910:Nameless Mage ID:z8tafRW

Wait, is the buff time going to last?

I remember it being really short from that video from the event.

911:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:p8PnypE

True Self’s HP is decreasing so faaaaaaaaaaast!!

As always, he also looks like he’s suffering a lot.

911:Nameless Knight ID:nsMN58a

Wait, Hero-chan is pressuring him now!

912:Nameless Light Warrior ID:CHdJdca

Even Albert’s heavy blows are hardly having any effect!

Sacrifice’s buff effect is so amazing!

913:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:VSWxgi4

Ah, True Self has collapsed…is she going to make it!?

914:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Pif4Vcp


915:Nameless Knight ID:nsMN58a


916:Nameless Mage ID:MLrGD4U


917:Nameless Light Warrior ID:Qbctknm

She pierced through hiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!!!

918:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:KzSCaYB

It buuuuuuuuurst!!

She finished hiiiiiiiiiim!!!

919:Nameless Knight ID:y52T3rH

Oooooooo!!! It’s an upset!! A big upset!!!

920:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:h4DdRD2

Everyone is so excited LOL

But me too, Uooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

921:Nameless Light Warrior ID:EVLFUkG

I wonder why…even though all the money I bet on Albert is gone, I don’t care anymore.

Hero-chan congratulations!! True Self congratulations!!

922:Nameless Archer ID:medMkPR

With this, the Emperor and the developers should be happy.

923:Nameless Martial Artist ID:c4h4kUF


The Queen will be too.

924:Nameless Knight ID:eG7L5GJ

Now that you mention it, these two were from Sala.

So they are going to get praised by that Queen…I’m so jealous.

925:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:h4DdRD2

Well, that was an impressive performance.

Beats having Albert win the whole thing, it was fun.

Though I also lost all my gold!!

926:Nameless Archer ID:FKzpD98

Congratulations, congratulations!

Well then, guess I’ll log in and farm some gold until maintenance comes…

927:Nameless Light Warrior ID:7TkBGjx

Everyone lost their bets LMAO

928:Nameless Mage ID:z8tafRW

I mean that’s a given.

The odds at the end were 1.2 you know?

929:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:XJkp2YD

I guess most of the players 「Lost」 then.

930:Nameless Knight ID:nsMN58a

…I’ll go check the thread about who people expected to win.

931:Nameless Archer ID:Y6rKmmV

Me too LOL

932:Nameless Light Warrior ID:7TkBGjx

Yeah, I’m interested too.

Especially the reactions of those that said that Albert would definitely win.

933:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:VSWxgi4

They’ll also talk about the gold they bet.

I’ll take a look later too LOL.

Well, guess I’ll also take a look.

If I kept looking at this thread, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from smiling after all.

Tobi seemed to have had a lot of fun with the thread that predicted who would win, I wonder what happened over there…

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VRMMO Chapter 92


Didn’t think you’d see another chapter so soon right?

Had some time on Sunday so I got to work on another chapter which to be honest, my brain didn’t appreciate.

Don’t expect the next one to be out so fast but here you have another one to enjoy in the meantime.

As there are lots of transitions between real life and chats/BBS, I tried separating them with separators for clarity.

I’ll point a couple stuff out that might confuse some readers in this chapter.

The first one is a part where they talk about guardian spirits.

The quote the user is referring to is one from what we could call a spiritualist website.

The quote is 「あなたの後ろに背後霊がいますよ…」 and is roughly translated as 「There’s a spirit behind your back」.

The second one is a line towards the end where a username says that 「They get along so well while dead」. This line might confuse some people but remember they are spectating the fight real time and try to remember what happened at the end of that fight.

Anyway, that will be all, enjoy the chapter and I’ll see you next time.

(Please save me from having to retype all the “Nameless X” in BBS chapters)

It’s been three days since the night the event ended.

Since I had gone all out in that tournament, I hadn’t felt like logging in for the past two days…not.

It was just that I didn’t have the time to play games when we were in the test period.

However, even though tests were over, Miyu and Rise won’t be able to log in today.

So the three of us that were left didn’t log in either and I was currently chatting with them while lazing around in my own room.

This is fun in its own way so I’m actually quite satisfied with it.

Since it’s just an exchange of text, I believe that Selene-san is able to post messages in a relaxed manner.

The moment I took a sip of the lemon tea cup that had steam coming off it, the screen showed changes.

Tobi@In love with TB:Now that I think about it, you two

Tobi@In love with TB:Have you seen the BBS after the event ended?

Selene: Just the one for the live coverage, haven’t checked the rest.

Hind: What are you even doing during your tests…you sure can take it easy.

Tobi@In love with TB: (゜Д゜;) I-It’s fine, I have avoided failing…probably!

Tobi@In love with TB: So, have you seen the thread that predicted that Hind-dono would win?

Tobi@In love with TB: The truth is, the current state of that thread is kinda cruel.

Tobi@In love with TB: I’m enjoying their misfortune since I’m the one that won after betting everything on that gamble but…

Tobi@In love with TB: Like the rates showed, most of the people bet on Aniki winning so…

Selene: Ah, I see…

Tobi@In love with TB: It’s pure chaos!! Go see it, both of you!!

Hind: That’s mean.

Tobi@In love with TB: Oh well. Even though you say that, you are going to go see it right? Right?

Hind: Well, that I am…wait a moment.

Selene: Ah, while you do that, I’ll go afk for a bit. I’ll take a look at the BBS once I’m back.

Hind: Since it’s good timing, shall we set a time to do it?

Selene: Thanks, is after thirty minutes fine for you?

Tobi@In love with TB: Got it! I’ll be going to the bath in the meantime.

Hind: Got it.

Selene: laters.

…Let’s see, guess I’ll go to the toilet in the meantime.

Since I had already finished the house chores, there wasn’t much else to do other than taking a bath.

What should I do with all this free time?

「I’m home…nii-san? Nii-san, where are you?」 (Rise)

…Whoops, this is bad.

Did I get the time Rise would return wrong? I thought she would still be in cram school and would be late though?

I hurriedly went downstairs and went to greet my little sister.

I reheated dinner for Rise and time passes really quickly as I did that.

For the past two days, maybe because I used 『Sacrifice』 in TB, Rise has been in a pretty bad mood.

Though I think she’s kind of back to normal now…

Even though at that time, she reacted as if there was no other choice.

If I asked her about it, I was met with the argument that 「Even though I agreed to it in my head, my feelings about it are another matter」.

「…Thanks for the meal. Nii-san, when are you taking a bath today?」 (Rise)

「Hmm? Let’s see…maybe around two hours from now? Rise, you ca-」 (Wataru)

「Obviously, I’ll go after nii-san. I’ll go in after you are done.」 (Rise)

「Oh, I see…」 (Wataru)

Just like always, I guess.

In the meantime, Rise said that she would be studying in her own room.

After turning off the lights in the living room, we went back to our own rooms.

Those two…are still not back, I see.

I left a message that I had returned in the chat and since it was a good opportunity, I went to take a look at the thread of the live coverage that Selene-san mentioned.

The thread should still be there…oh, there it is.

Since there’s not much time, it should be better to only check the parts where they talk about our matches.

【Final stage】Live coverage thread of the finals 6【of the tournament!!】

This will be a thread providing live coverage of the finals in the PvP tournament currently ongoing in TB.

Let’s be well mannered.

The next thread will be made once we reach over 800 comments.

In the case a new thread isn’t made, the responsibility will be on the person that replies next.

If it’s not made, please slow down on the replies.

606:Nameless Knight ID:KnEBy8c

Hero-chan is here—!!!!

607:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:EFGMUjV

True Self is here—!!!!

608:Nameless Archer ID:ei9Nj5x

After only one day, he’s already being called True Self LOL.

609:Nameless Mage ID:yeMjzm2

Seems like there are lots of people that call him that…

So, what’s the players’ real name?

610:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:ingsx8B


611:Nameless Light Warrior ID:BwWN72s


612:Nameless Martial Artist ID:AKQ3Qjn


613:Nameless Mage ID:yeMjzm2


You guys…

Then, what’s Hero-chan’s name?

614:Nameless Martial Artist ID:AKQ3Qjn


615:Nameless Light Warrior ID:BwWN72s


616:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:ingsx8B


「…」 (Wataru)

I hung my head in front of the monitor.

Even though our names were well known, I can’t hold back my tears because of the fact that I was being treated like that.

Like that, I scrolled down to the start of the match.

623:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:F7EGY3C

It’s sad to see a fight between fellow magic type classes…

624:Nameless Light Warrior ID:cwLmkTM

If you are going to say that, all Light Warriors have already been eliminated.

625:Nameless Martial Artist ID:UBwsD2Z

And Walter-kun is the only Martial Artist remaining you know.

626:Nameless Archer ID:bJibGHE

The only class we can say will reach the finals for sure are Heavy Warriors.

627:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:kDPbrtp

Ah, the remaining magic type classes are the rearguards of these two duos?

No matter who wins this match, they’ll have a hard time in the next match.

628:Nameless Knight ID:FgEtMFz

The whip that ojou-sama is holding is a rare sight, right?

629:Nameless Mage ID:QHLyQBF

I think they are rare.

I tried using one but it was hard to hit.

630:Nameless Archer ID:bJibGHE

I see…

So if I join 「Sirius」, I can get whipped by that ojou-sama too!!

631:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:33w3sNH


632:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:kDPbrtp

(Silently takes distance from 630)

633:Nameless Mage ID:QHLyQBF

Ah, Hero-chan went straight for the ojou-sama as the match started.

634:Nameless Light Warrior ID:ppzyb6F

Even Walter-kun went back to support the ojou-sama…it’s over.

635:Nameless Archer ID:iLEiDmn

Eh? What’s over?

636:Nameless Knight ID:FgEtMFz


637:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:p2NJtZr

I mean, she’ll get revived anyway.

638:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:C4DTdVu


You’ll understand once you see it.

The moment they left the True Self alone, ojou-sama’s team lost any chances of winning.

639:Nameless Martial Artist ID:3c7eVSw

They’ve entered their usual pattern, huh?

640:Nameless Martial Artist ID:3c7eVSw

Is what I thought but Hero-chan just got deleted in a flash! This is bad!

641:Nameless Light Warrior ID:Z82TDmB

No good.

It’s unusual for True Self’s revive timing to be off.

642:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:C4DTdVu

Hurry up!!

643:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:p2NJtZr

Dodge it!!!

644:Nameless Mage ID:9XNZGcF

He dodged it!? Even though it grazed him!

645:Nameless Light Warrior ID:Z82TDmB

He’s so good at dodging LOL

It’s such a waste not playing a vanguard when he’s so good at it.

Thus Hero-chan was revived.

646:Nameless Martial Artist ID:3c7eVSw

Walter-kun was sent flying!!

This shows you how scary it is since Albert sent Edward flying even further LMAO.

647:Nameless Archer ID:63BywyA

Yeah, he even did it with a basic attack…

648:Nameless Mage ID:DJ4SzrY

Oh, it’s Raging Flame.

Whoa it’s so big!! It’s way different than mine…what an incredible difference in magic attack…

649:Nameless Light Warrior ID:Z82TDmB

Wait, why is the True Self acting like a shield LOL.

Shouldn’t it be usually the opposite?

650:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:7LKruAX

Shinto Priests have the highest magical resistance among all classes after all, ah…


651:Nameless Knight ID:diSVBQ5

One millimeter left, his HP is at 1 dot LMAO.

652:Nameless Archer ID:Win4kec

Ah, the ojou-sama surrendered.

653:Nameless Light Warrior ID:Z82TDmB

Well, it was impossible at that point.

Can’t help it.

654:Nameless Mage ID:9XNZGcF

So, next up is Licht. Think this duo will make it?

655:Nameless Knight ID:Ezuej9g

That duo is really good at taking care of rear guards.

Wouldn’t it be difficult?

656:Nameless Normie Extermination Committee ID:QwgdrMJ

As long as Licht loses, I don’t care.

657:Nameless Archer ID:63BywyA

Someone weird popped up LMAO.

Your guild master also lost against Hero-chan in the group stages!

…So this is up to the Herscha fight.

Since we are talking about a Shinto Priest and a Knight here, we had a good match up due to our high magic resistance.

I feel bad for Herscha, but I believe her only chance to turn around that disadvantage was Walter’s 『Hakkei Yabu』

Well then, the semifinals against Licht and Rose…were in the next thread…around here.

【Throbbing】Live coverage thread of the finals 7【Muscles!!】

This will be a thread providing live coverage of the finals in the PvP tournament currently ongoing in TB.

Let’s be well mannered.

The next thread will be made once we reach over 800 comments.

In the case a new thread isn’t made, the responsibility will be on the person that replies next.

If it’s not made, please slow down on the replies.

322:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:XyefGru

It has started.

323:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Daum94n

So close! Hero-chan and True Self are so close to each other!

324:Nameless Mage ID:axR3CL8

He’s like a guardian spirit LMAO.

Behind you there’s a…something…LOL.

325:Nameless Light Warrior ID:xZEzbKG

A positioning fitting for the name, True Self-san LOL.

326:Nameless Archer ID:C9X5XcS

Wait, shouldn’t Shinto priests be the ones doing the exorcising?

327:Nameless Knight ID:Jwkf2Bz

Why is Hero-chan not hitting True Self even though she’s brandishing that sword so close to him?

328:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:XyefGru

Hey, He has an Auto Guard (staff) against Hero-chan LMAO.

329:Nameless Mage ID:axR3CL8

Then there’s this surprise attack combo provoking them.

Rose’s face is bright red LMAO

330:Nameless Knight ID:isn5Hcn

I-It’s not like we are provoking you! LOL

331:Nameless Archer ID:C9X5XcS

Both of them really have nice personalities.

In the meantime they have already recovered to full HP, so mean.

332:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Daum94n

Oh, they have started fighting again.

333:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:e8p2g9B

However, this is sure a display of how big of a difference in their cooperation there is…

334:Nameless Light Warrior ID:xZEzbKG

Licht and Rose’s coordination is amazing!! Go explode!!

We feel like idiots now for saying stuff like that LOL

335:Nameless Mage ID:9yFs3Fy

They can’t touch True Self at all.

This is pointless, there’s no way they can win.

336:Nameless Knight ID:KbWuMzs

So it’s another upset…even though I bet on Licht and Rose…

337:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:XyefGru

It’s 8th place vs 2nd place so it’s a big upset.

338:Nameless Archer ID:48fegEX

They are using Judgement Sword but it feels hopeless.

If they can survive these, it’ll be True Self’s team’s win.

339:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:TFHiNs2

Uwah, True Self is leaving it to Hero-chan and backing down.

Is that going to be fine?

340:Nameless Archer ID:i5DtzMb

Is he not going to prepare a revive?

341:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:hy9AkRK

No, the size of the magic circle is different.

This is a mid class spell, revive is a high grade spell.

342:Nameless Archer ID:i5DtzMb

Seriously? After getting this far, I don’t see the point of taking risks.

343:Nameless Mage ID:iSdGRab

Alright, she did it!!

344:Nameless Light Warrior ID:dz7WBBi

Hero-chan is so fast!!

345:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:m8Kci9m

Uwah…they are getting so along while dead LOL.

Did True Self know it would end this way?

346:Nameless Mage ID:XYpT39R

True Self has a good ability to look at the battle or rather, he has a high ability to analyze how the battle progresses so…probably.

And it wasn’t Revive as @341 said, it was Quick.

347:Nameless Knight ID:KbWuMzs

It’s over…my 500k G…

348:Nameless Archer ID:xXeSY6T

Cheer up LOL.

349:Nameless Martial Artist ID:ARWiZEf

Those two Burst Edges in a row are nasty…

350:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:hy9AkRK

Though both of their MP will get depleted.

If they miss, it’s over.

351:Nameless Knight ID:ei4rWNA

It’s finally time for the finals.

These two have the element of surprise, actually, I’m having some hopes.

352:Nameless Mage ID:iSdGRab

I mean, they have been showing us such nice matches so can’t help it LOL.

353:Nameless Knight ID:ei4rWNA

But their finals opponent is that Albert…

So, this is everything up to the semifinals.

That leaves the finals but…before that, I drank the lemon tea that got cold and went out of my room to go brew some warm tea.

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VRMMO Chapter 91

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『That’s the end of the match! The winners of the tournament sponsored by the Empire are…Yumir and Hind!!』 (Emperor)

When the Grado’s Emperor declared that with vigor, the audience raised their voices even further.

I was taken aback by such an occurrence and a shock ran through my back suddenly.

「Ahahaha! We won, we won Hind! What’s wrong? Be more happy!」 (Yumir)

I wonder where that sad expression of hers has gone to. Yumir was now leaning on me with a joyful look.

I still couldn’t really register what had happened so I tried to ask about it.

「Yumir…what happened at the end?」 (Hind)

「Nothing! I just landed a strike on him before he was able to, that’s all!」 (Yumir)

「…hahaha, seriously?」 (Hind)

This girl, at the very end, was able to exceed aniki’s reaction speed.

According to Yumir, the effect of 『Sacrifice』 ran out right after she hit him with 『Burst Edge』.

Since I wasn’t able to see that happening with my own eyes, I’m thinking about watching the replay later on.

Then, the Emperor ascended to the stage and continued his speech.

『A being with outstanding strength…like the warrior Albert, people have been fascinated by such men since times immemorial.

『However, the sight of you two overcoming him through cooperation was beautiful! I’m extremely satisfied with how you combined your strengths! I’m filled with so many emotions!』 (Emperor)

While hearing such words, Albert and Philia slowly stood up on the other side.

After retrieving his greatsword, he came over here along with Philia.

I wonder what was going on, Yumir who had been on my back until now, got off and went towards Albert.

「It seems like I’ve lost again…however, it was fun, you two. Congratulations on winning.」 (Albert)

「Thanks, Albert! You sure are doing well considering you lost! What are you, an adult!?」 (Yumir)

At the very least, he’s more mature both physically and mentally than Yumir…

Since Yumir made such an odd statement, aniki scratched his face while not knowing how to reply.

At that moment, the small girl that was standing next to Albert, came towards me with upturned eyes and said absentmindedly.

「…Congratulations.」 (Philia)

「O-Oh. Thanks, Philia-chan.」 (Hind)

Is she really congratulating us?

This child’s expression doesn’t change at all…I can’t tell if she’s frustrated or not at all.

We exchanged handshakes right there and the audience applauded Albert and Philia’s efforts.

「…By the way, I have something concerning which I’d like to consult you. Will you hear me out?」 (Albert)

「What is it?」 (Hind)

He bent his body and talked to me in a low volume.

What would he even ask of us in this situation? Just when I was having those doubts, the content of the request was such I could understand where he was coming from.

Albert aniki’s request was to openly congratulate us on our victory as the losers, therefore increasing his value as a mercenary…something quite calculating that you wouldn’t expect from someone with such a face.

He’s going to appeal to the public right now, so he wants our cooperation.

「Even if you didn’t do that, I believe Albert is plenty famous right now…?」 (Yumir)

As Yumir had said, having reached the finals while showcasing that way of fighting, I doubt there is any player out there that would see that and have doubts about his strength.

Wouldn’t he get even more requests in his mercenary business now?

However, he proceeded to say that it wasn’t good to only show his strength.

 「It’s just in case. If I can make them appreciate me for my personality, that would make getting requests much easier. After all, if I only showed this appearance of mine, that would just make it easier for people to be scared of me.」 (Albert)

So in other words, he’s saying that he doesn’t look friendly enough?

Well, the only thing we have to do is 「Climb on top of him」 so it’s not like we mind at all.

「I’m fine with it. If we are going to do it, we should do it now that the Emperor is waiting for us.」 (Hind)

「You have my thanks. Yumir, are you fine with it too? I’m sorry for this request, even though we are the ones that lost.」 (Albert)

「Umu, I’m fine with it. However, are you really going to lift us?」 (Yumir)

Having received our agreement, Albert Aniki bent over without replying to Yumir’s question.

It seems like he thinks it’s easier to show us than replying.

Timidly, we sat on top of those broad shoulders and the floor became distant in a single moment.

「Uoh, he’s really carrying us! So high! So scary!」 (Yumir)

「This is some impressive strength…well, we knew that already. Even though we should be around 100kg combined…」 (Hind)

Aniki calmly stood up while carrying a high school student on each of his shoulders.

He supported both of our bodies with his brawny hands to make sure we didn’t fall off; since he told us that it was fine to grab onto his head, Yumir and I placed our hands on top of his short brown hair.

What’s with this sense of stability…? Even though we are on top of an unstable surface like his shoulders, I don’t feel like I’d fall at all.

Then, as if to congratulate us, he made a lap around the stage while facing the audience.

Yumir also waved her hand in response to the cheers of the audience.

It’s true that with this, even though he was the one that lost, he’ll look like a tolerant player that is congratulating the winners to other people.

Philia-chan was also slowly walking next to Albert.

This view sure is from quite high…ah, Riizu and the others are waving. Hey!

Like that, once we finished our lap, the Emperor raised his hand as if he was giving a signal to someone.

Then he declared in a loud voice.

『Everyone, congratulate the winners!! These people are the winners of our tournament!!』 (Emperor)

The moment he said that, mages wearing all black like those set in towns appeared around the spectators and began to chant a spell.

I doubt it’s something like an offensive spell but…oh!!

「Ooh!! Hind, fireworks!! Look, fireworks!!」 (Yumir)

「They even come with confetti. Quite the big production value.」 (Hind)

「…So pretty.」 (Philia)

「All this had been prepared for both of you. Makes me feel kinda jealous.」 (Albert)

Just when we realized it had turned into night, firework magic was released from the mage’s hands and burst in the air.

Those particles of light filled this unrefined arena with flowers of lovely colors.

The audience, particularly the female players, looked at this event with eyes glittering with delight.

『Ladies and gentlemen, was that to your liking? In that case, let’s proceed to the award ceremony! Yumir and Hind, please come to the front!!』 (Emperor)

When the Emperor made that announcement, what looked like a group of imperial soldiers got on top of the stage and lined up the Trophies simultaneously.

We got off Aniki and stood up in front of the Emperor.

The flashy award ceremony ended and I was now dozing off in my own bed.

Being in such a calm environment made it seem as if the previous events had all been a lie.

However, that horse we got as a prize sure was splendid.

It’s name was…『Grado Turk』 I believe?

The horse had such a splendid build that it looked as if it would easily carry a player with heavy equipment.

I should say, as expected of a mount of the highest grade.

We even got two of them…if you thought about it, I guess it’s a given that they would prepare two of them just in case there are disputes within the pairings.

『With that being said, farewell!! If the opportunity arises, let’s meet again!!』 (Emperor)

Once the award ceremony ended and the Emperor declared that, the players were forcefully returned to the towns they came from.

After being separated from Mitsuyoshi-san, Tobi and the three girls, and returning to Sala, we went back to our guild home and did a modest celebration.

That being said, it’s not like we could drink sake or anything, so we just talked for a bit while drinking herbal tea and eating sweets.

It’ll take a while for Tobi to return from the Mahl republic, so there’s the chance that we’ll do another celebration once everyone is gathered in the guild.

As for the prize of the tournament, since everyone in the guild contributed to our win, we plan to divide the money evenly at another date.

As for how we would deal with the horses that were sent to the stable in Sala automatically, we decided to set them as guild property so everyone could use them.

After saying good night to Rise and mom after logging out, I went back to my room and crawled into my bed.

Even if it’s just a game, winning sure feels good.

I covered myself with my futon to not get cold and turned around. Then my mouth spontaneously turned into a smile.

Thanks to everyone, it seems like I’ll have a good dream today…

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VRMMO Chapter 90

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Albert showed agitation once he saw Philia being knocked out, however, he calmed down immediately and took some distance from Yumir.

Has he still not recovered his vision completely…?

「Yumir, pressure him!」 (Hind)

「Got it!」 (Yumir)

He doesn’t have any methods to heal himself.

If we can shave off some of his HP now, we’ll be at an advantage!

「Deaaaah!!」 (Yumir)

「Nuh!」 (Albert)

With the same vigor she defeated Philia-chan with, Yumir attacked incessantly.

But the damage was too shallow, with his superhuman reflexes, Albert only received a bit of damage from each hit.

Is this guy a monster…? No, I should believe in Yumir and do what I have to do.

I used all my buffs. After having all our stats increased, I healed myself and Yumir and she went back on the offensive.

After that, I held my position and charged my MP up.

「Now you’ve done it…!」 (Albert)

Along with a voice that would make you shudder, the greatsword flashed at a speed that you wouldn’t think was possible.

Yumir took great damage and was blown away towards me.

Immediately after, he gave chase and swung his sword down. The sound of something being crushed resounded throughout the stage.

Yumir dodged it by jumping sideways and I had already retreated the moment Yumir took damage in order to not get involved.

To begin with, this stage was a breakable object…? It’s the first time I’ve seen it happening.

Since his movements are back to the usual, it seems like Albert has fully recovered his sight.

「For you to avoid a hit to your vitals, that was a nice reaction. However!!」 (Albert)

「Hind! Heal me please!」 (Yumir)

「I’m already on it!」 (Hind)

Just before they started fighting again, I cast 『Healing Plus』 on her.

Yumir recovered a big chunk of her HP and the small portion needed to reach full HP was supplemented by  『Healing』.

Right after, the longsword and greatsword clashed.

1 time, 2 times, each time they exchanged blows the surrounding air trembled.

Thus, about five minutes have passed since the fight turned into a two versus one.

This has already turned into the longest fight of the tournament, but the winner was still not decided.

Albert’s 『Fatal Slash』 and Yumir’s 『Heavy Slash』 were released at the same time.

「Uoooh!!」 (Albert)

「Haaah!!」 (Yumir)

The attacks were released along with a war cry and sparks flew as Yumir’s sword was overcome by Albert’s strength.

Following that, she was ruthlessly slashed from the shoulders down.

As a result, Albert took no damage and Yumir was down to 50% HP.

「Damn you!」 (Yumir)

「Having trouble…?」 (Albert)

The fight had turned into a battle of attrition that we are good at.

However, if it keeps going like this, it’ll end up with us being defeated because I’ll be unable to cycle through 『Revives』.

She’s already been revived four times right after dying, Yumir has been able to somehow endure during the long CD for the 2nd and 3rd times but…

「Got you!」 (Albert)

「!!」 (Yumir)

Albert had gradually gotten used to Yumir’s movements, so the times she’s been getting hit has increased.

Even though Yumir’s movements had grown even sharper due to her unrelenting concentration, the physical specs of Albert were out of this world.

She had already used 『Burst Edge』 twice, but unfortunately, both of them had missed.

Obviously, the second 『Shining』 had also missed, he avoided it by guarding his eyes with his arm.

Even then, we had managed to drop his HP to around half by piling up small hits, however, it hasn’t decreased for a long time now.

Isn’t there a way to deal with this situation…?

No, I should focus on healing before thinking of that. Yumir’s remaining HP is at around 30% now.

Since 『Healing Plus』 is on CD, let’s place a 『Area Heal』 carefully.

「Damn it, even though they are both wearing heavy equipment they are moving really fast…there!」 (Hind)

Being somehow able to endure until the casting finished, Yumir’s HP was back to full while she continued fighting.

However, is this girl so focused that she hasn’t noticed the magic circle at her feet?

She hasn’t looked away from Albert at all.

The arena is also unusually silent…they are all holding their breaths while looking at both of them fighting.

I want to get her a win somehow but…

「We won’t lose…! Like hell we are going to lose! We are winning! We are going to win!」 (Yumir)

「!!」 (Hind)

The shout that seemed to come out from deep inside Yumir surprised me.

…I want to get her a win? That’s wrong, right?

How long am I going to look at this fight with cold eyes as if it didn’t concern me?

That this is just a game or the fact that we don’t lose anything even if we lose…those are just excuses.

I also want to win. With both of our strength, against this man.

「In that case, guess there’s only one thing for me to do.」 (Hind)

I muttered that to fire myself up and looked towards the seat where Riizu was sitting at.

I mean, she did plead to me quite strongly to never use this skill after all.

Strangely enough, even from this distance, I could clearly see the facial expression of my little sister.

She probably guessed my intentions and her eyes were wavering with a hint of sadness…but eventually, she gave me a small nod.

I got her permission. All that’s left is to…

「Yumir, give me twenty seconds!」 (Hind)

「…!! I got it, leave it to me!」 (Yumir)

When I gave her the instruction to endure for twenty seconds without healing, Yumir replied like that.

The buff from that skill is on another level from normal buffs.

If I’m going to use it, I’ll cast all the physical buffs again!

「I have no idea what you are scheming but…I can already see through your movements. There’s no way for you two to win anymore!」 (Albert)

「Hah, I wonder about that. Don’t go looking down on us that much!」 (Yumir)

Got enough MP, first off I’ll start with 『Attack Up』 and 『Guard Up』 to raise Yumir’s stats.

Then I used 『Shining』 to distract Albert a little bit while I used 『Healing』 to recover my own HP a bit.

『Healing Plus』 just came off CD so I used it to completely recover Yumir’s HP.

And to top it off, I used 『Entrust』 to transfer all my MP to Yumir…

「I’m leaving the rest to you.」 (Hind)

「…!? Hind, what did you just say!? Say it again!」 (Yumir)

I didn’t reply anymore and went onto casting without losing any time.

The MP cost is 0, instead, it will use all of my HP.

At my own feet, a magic circle bigger than the ones for normal skills appeared and a dazzling light was released from it.

『Sacrifice』 was activated and the light that came from my body coiled around Yumir’s and enveloped her in a golden aura.

「N-No way…this light, don’t tell me!?」 (Yumir)

「Don’t look back! Look in front of you! Guh…」 (Hind)

She has no time to be looking at me.

My HP was being reduced at a rapid pace and the usual feeling of having my body being torn apart permeated my body.

Yumir’s profile showed her bitterness but she didn’t turn back and focused on what was in front of her.

…Yes, that’s fine.

「Interesting…if I can’t beat both of you in this state, I won’t be able to say I have taken my revenge for last time’s loss! I won’t do anything underhanded like waiting for the effect to run out! Come at me with all you’ve got!!」 (Albert)

「Here I comeeee!!」 (Yumir)

The hero aura mixed in with the golden aura and the cluster of light danced around Yumir.

With an intensity on a completely different level from before, the fierce sound of their swords clashing resounded throughout the arena.

「Haaaaaaaaaaaah!!」 (Yumir)

「Uuh, guh…! Nuooooooh!!」 (Albert)

That sound quickly turned into another form.

Due to the overwhelming difference in defensive power…after seeing the fact that she was taking below 10% damage even when she took a direct hit from Albert’s sword, Yumir stopped being careful.

She rushed in while taking being damaged for granted and took some of Albert’s HP.

It’s Yumir’s usual offensive style that she used before the finals.

Albert’s HP bar, which had stayed frozen for quite a while, started to show signs of moving again.

「…Ooooooooh!!」 (Albert)

Albert, who saw that he was at a disadvantage, also stopped defending.

He activated 『Berserker Edge』 and took some of Yumir’s HP.

Furthermore, red light enveloped his sword. He had started charging up 『Rampage』, a powerful skill of the Heavy Warrior class.

「Yumi…my body…my voice too, it’s not coming out…」 (Hind)

If Yumir takes that skill head on even in her current state with 『Sacrifice』, she will definitely get knocked out.

However, my warning couldn’t reach her. Rather than that, my view has turned blurry and I can’t see what’s going on properly anymore.

In order to reply to Albert’s actions, Yumir used 『Act of desperation』 and took a thrusting stance to use 『Burst Edge』.

After seeing that last thing, my body crumbled on top of the magic circle. I can’t put any strength into my limbs.

…Wait, please wait.

It’s too soon, just a bit more. Let me hold out until the match is decided at least…

However, my HP bar heartlessly kept going down…and immediately after I heard the familiar sound of an explosion along with the sound of a slash…along with the sound of my surroundings, I was unable to feel anything anymore.

What I felt when I came to was warmth on the back of my head and back and someone’s breathing.

What was there once I slightly opened my eyes was Yumir looking intently at me while looking as if she would cry.

「What’s with that face…? Don’t tell me, did we lose?」 (Hind)

I wonder if my voice is reaching her in the middle of cheers that feel like they would destroy your ears?

As a result, Yumir denied my question by shaking her head like a child.

I see, so it’s not like we lost.


If she’s denying the fact that we lost, doesn’t that mean…!?

After standing up in a panic from my previous position of being hugged by Yumir, I started to look around me.

The first thing that came into view was a greatsword thrust deep into the stage with a multitude of cracks in it, and on the other side of it…

Was the body of the Mercenary Albert, lying face down with his arms and legs stretched out and showing no signs of moving.

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VRMMO Chapter 89

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For that reason, I’ll try to speed up the releases until the arc ends, which means…5 more chapters or so after this one.

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A giant sword, armour, huge body and a pair of eyes filled with an intimidating aura.

Mercenary Albert stood up in front of us amidst the immense amount of cheers accompanied by a small girl.

When standing facing him like this, the intimidating aura is nothing to scoff at.

Surprisingly, the first ones to address the other party were them.

「It’s been a while, Hind.」 (Albert)

「Yeah, you still remember me?」 (Hind)

「I wouldn’t forget. The sword I’m currently wielding was handed over to me by both of you after all.」 (Albert)

As he said that, he wielded the greatsword without a scabbard at the height of his abdomen to let me see.

Rather than handing it over, we did sell it to him though.

I mean, none of us would be able to wield it normally in a fight and it’s stupidly long after all.

「With this sword that you handed to me, I’ll defeat you…please don’t think badly of me. I don’t feel like losing for a second time.」 (Albert)

I wonder if it was just him acting or his real nature, but he gave off a menacing smile while saying that.

Ooh, scary scary.

If this wasn’t a game, I’d definitely not even think about facing him.

「Can I ask you something first before we get into the fight? Albert」 (Yumir)

「What is it? Yumir」 (Albert)

「Well, the one that hasn’t been talking at all…was she called Philia? What’s your relationship with her? I’m aware that it might be impolite of me to ask this but…I’ve been really curious about it.」 (Yumir)

Now that she mentions it, there was someone in the BBS saying that they were relatives.

The people that disagreed with him were many, honestly, other than him there were not that many that…

Towards that question asked by Yumir, Albert readily replied.

「She’s my daughter.」 (Albert)

Whoa, they don’t look alike at all…that kind of reaction was probably what Yumir and I had at the same time.

How do you even manage to give birth to such a lovable girl with such a big and rough looking man? I couldn’t help but start comparing their faces.

If there’s someone that is able to make out that they are parent and child out there, I feel like he would deserve some praise.

「I know what you want to say.」 (Albert)

「Eh, well…ha-hahaha….」 (Hind)

I could do nothing but try to dodge the topic by laughing.

It seems like Albert was used to people having that reaction.

But…a mercenary that brings his child along, huh? Is that…something new?

「The fact that she looks more like my wife is nice and all, but has never been that talkative just like me. Philia, go greet them.」 (Albert)

「…Nice to meet you.」 (Philia)

You could say that this girl’s lack of pleasantries and 0 friendliness was something refreshing.

However, there was something that bothered me when looking at this girl.

…Right now it was close to 10pm.

I believe it’s a bit late for such a child to still be up.

「You don’t mind letting her play a game at such a late time? Isn’t your daughter an elementary schooler…」 (Hind)

「I…I’m a middle schooler, not an elementary schooler.」 (Philia)

「Eh? Ah, I’m so sorry! My bad!」 (Hind)

「I’m not mad. The fact that I’m short is the truth.」 (Philia)

Is that so?

Since she was silent and her expression didn’t change at all, I thought that she got mad.

For kids her age, they usually tend to get mad when you treat them as a child after all.

Having heard my words, Albert said this as a follow up while placing his hand on top of Philia’s head.

「I had a growth spurt suddenly during high school. I’m pretty sure this child…will also be one of the late bloomer types. That’s why, you shouldn’t mind it that much.」 (Albert)

「I see. There’s someone like that among the people I know. Though that person is in the basketball club, once that person grew up in high school their position switched from guard to center.」 (Hind)

『Hey, can we start already? Is that “basketball” thing you are talking about that important? I’d like to watch the match between you as soon as possible. I believe the audience would want that too?』 (Emperor)

There was this feeling of impatience coming from the audience.

Guess we got too absorbed into our talk.

「Whoops. I apologize. Please start the match.」 (Hind)

At this rate it’ll be a repeat of the Licht fight.

If it’s just talking, we can do it as much as we want after the fight.

Since the Emperor is quite lenient, we couldn’t help but start talking to our opponents before the match.

「Umu. Make it start!」 (Yumir)

「We are ready over here too.」 (Albert)

「…」 (Philia)

Once everyone had reported that they were ready, the Emperor gave a big nod.

Luckily, all my nervousness went away while we were talking.

No matter what happens now, this is the last one, we can only give it our best having gotten this far.

『…In that case, last match of the martial arts tournament sponsored by the Empire! Beli Confederation’s Mercenary Albert and Philia vs Sala Kingdom’s Yumir and Hind…start!!』 (Emperor)

At the same time the signal was given, all of us started moving while wielding our weapons.

A few seconds after the match started, we decided to stick close together because our opponents would want to try to take us one on one.

However, the fight wasn’t really going in our favor…

Heavy sounds of metal clashing came from in front of me and Yumir’s face was filled with anguish.

「Nuaaaah!! This is tough!」 (Yumir)

「Don’t exchange blows forcefully! Dodging takes priority, try to aim for some counters!」 (Hind)

Both of them have heavy class weapons. We are at a disadvantage in a contest of strength.

If we were to take a hit directly, we wouldn’t be able to endure the damage they would deal.

Their attacks were filled with strength and devoid of any strategy, I charged up my MP slowly while evading them.

I won’t be able to survive if I get distracted for even a split second.

The one aiming for me was Philia-chan, Albert was mainly aiming for Yumir.

We’ve been able to avoid an instant defeat by supporting each other until now, however, Yumir should be close to her limit.

Just have to get the minimum amount of MP to get it work…alright, it should be barely enough for it! Time to start casting!

「Yumir, switch with me!」 (Hind)

「…!! OK, I’ll leave it to you!」 (Yumir)

Having switched places with her, I leaped in front of Albert.

Seeing this situation, Albert was filled with doubt for a moment, however…

「Have you come to die? Hindo!」 (Albert)

「Tsk!!」 (Hind)

He decided to attack me right away.

Calm down…no matter how bad I’m at attacking, this is something I can’t afford to miss.

His chest and arms bulging with strength, he mowed down with the heavy sword at a speed that would make your hair stand on end.

It’s alright, I’m seeing it clearly…that’s the spot! Time to activate 『Shining』!

「!!??」 (Albert)

「Uwhoa!!That was so close!」 (Hind)

Right after finishing casting, I backstepped to take some distance from the greatsword that missed its mark.

How did it go?

「Gaaaaaaaaah!!」 (Albert)

Albert groaned in anguish as he covered his eyes.

Without having any time to celebrate, I shouted at the same time as I saw that happening.

「Yumir!」 (Hind)

「…Ooooooooooooooooh!!」 (Yumir)

「!!」 (Philia)

Yumir activated 『Act of Desperation』 and rushed towards Philia-chan.

With a ferocious rush of attacks, her HP was being shaved off in an instant.

Since that previous event with the sand, I was able to ascertain certain things, it seems like if a player’s eyes are damaged, it’ll take quite a while for them to recover.

They’ll eventually heal naturally given some time, but this 『Shining』 in particular…when I tested it out on myself, my field of view turned pure white and I was unable to look at my surroundings for about 10 seconds easily.

I have no way if it’ll have less effect than anticipated, but I found out that this skill can be used as a sort of debuff that’s limited to PvP.

Since I saw no mention of it in the BBS and walkthrough sites, this is something I haven’t told anyone yet and saved up as a trump card.

「!! Yumir, hurry up!!」 (Hind)

「Philia, are you alright!? Philia!!」 (Albert)

While staggering, probably relying on sound, Albert headed towards Yumir while brandishing his sword.

I had taken the chance to take some distance and charge my MP and I cast 『Attack Up』 on Yumir.

Philia-chan was giving it her all by defending herself with her Axe, however, Yumir was currently overwhelming her with her physical build, the way she moved and her concentration.

And finally…

「This is the end!!」 (Yumir)

「Auh!」 (Philia)

Yumir’s 『Heavy Slash』 landed on her petite body and she slammed violently against the floor.

Her HP flickered and disappeared, then she stopped moving.

「Philia!!」 (Albert)

With bloodshot eyes, Albert gave a shout that resounded throughout the entire arena.

It went well…however, this is where things get real.

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VRMMO Chapter 88

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Things will get a bit busier for me now and in the foreseeable future so free time will overall decrease for me.

Then again, I still plan to release chapters from time to time but sadly…the frequency is expected to be low.

Nothing much to say about this chapter so I’ll let you just read it.


『Oooooooooooh!! Fierce, so fierce! That’s right, this is the type of fight I was hoping for! I got the urge to join noooow!! If you so wish for, I could go and join right-』 (Emperor)

「No thanks, please spare us.」 (Hind)

「You plan to kill us!? No way!」 (Yumir)

I would rather not get into a fight with the Emperor right now.

He made a face as if all his spirit had deflated, but even if we fought the Emperor in our current condition, I can already see how it would end…

Besides, if the Emperor doesn’t announce the victors, the system will keep those two in their current KO status so I’d prefer if he hurried it up.

I’ll try to hint at it with my gaze.

『…Ooh, I forgot! The victors are Yumir and Hind! It was a splendid display of teamwork! With this, the pairs participating in the finals have been decided but…I can’t contain my excitement towards these 2 contrasting pairs! Wahahaha!!』 (Emperor)

After announcing the winners, the Emperor left the stage in high spirits along with his laughter.

From this moment until the finals, there will be another short interval.

On the other side, Rose shook off the hand Licht worriedly offered her and stood up.

After glaring at us, she descended from the stage alone as she gritted her teeth in frustration.

Licht bowed to us and disappeared after chasing after Rose in a panic.

…Well, I guess there’s a lot going on but we probably shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Being left alone on the stage, Yumir and I silently high fived.

Once we did, due to the barrage of cheers, the realization that we had really won started to come down to me.

Unknowingly, we started to smile…however, there’s still a match left.

「Alright, Yumir. Shall we head back to where everyone else is?」 (Hind)

「Yeah, you are right. We have to prepare for the next match.」 (Yumir)

On the hallways that lead to our seats, a multitude of players tried to talk to us.

The outline of their comments were congratulating us on our victory and commenting about how our opponents put up a great fight.

Since bettings were involved, there were also bad mannered players that were pouring abusive comments on us…the surrounding players looked at them coldly and for the ones that got out of hand they just reported them to the admins to silence them.

You could say that the players hated cold water being poured on this festive mood.


「Yumir-san, congratulations! Good luck in your next match!」

「You did it! You guys are the pride of Sala!」

Oh, the last person was a player from the desert? Or was he a NPC? I wonder which one it was.

Regardless, hearing that type of comment makes me happy.

Though in this case, most of those comments are directed towards Yumir…

「True Self! Make me a remote weapon too!」

「Me too! Please, let us defeat an area boss together!」

「!?」 (Hind)

Like that, since a while ago, words for me that I couldn’t understand were mixed in with those sent to Yumir.

They were coming from both genders too.

Towards them, Yumir replied displeased.

「This guy’s remote weapon is only me! This position…I won’t hand it to anyone else, I definitely won’t!! For sure!」 (Yumir)

「Sorry, I can’t understand why you are having that kind of possessiveness…」 (Hind)

「Why!?」 (Yumir)

I mean, I could understand if she was talking about her position as my partner, but what the hell is the position of a remote weapon…?

I had this feeling that something wasn’t right but unfortunately, there was no one here that said anything about it.

This interval wasn’t long enough for us to log out, but it was possible for us to gather our thoughts.

We returned like that to our seats and I looked at the familiar faces absentmindedly.

After thanking everyone, our talks were wholly focused on the next match.

The first one to start the conversation was Mitsuyoshi-san.

「So, do you have a plan to deal with Albert? Hind-kun.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「I’ve more or less thought of a plan. I don’t think the rate of success would be high though.」 (Hind)

「Eh!? You have a plan!?」 (Tobi)

「It’s not really something I’d go as far as to call a plan though. It’s more like something to make us be able to fight on more even ground.」 (Hind)

We’ll do something about their attacks and make it a battle of attrition.

We have to take the flow of the match no matter what and create the flow ourselves.

That being said, the minimum requirement is for us to even out the power difference.

「First off, we’ll defeat Philia-chan and make it a 2v1. If we don’t, we’ll most likely lose after all.」 (Hind)

「You are saying that quite lightly, Hind-kun. Won’t it be quite difficult to create that 2v1 situation? Most likely, both of them will come at you at the same time, right?」 (Selene)

「It’ll be fine, Selene-san. We have only 1 chance at making it work, but we can make Albert Aniki powerless for a few seconds. We’ll do something about it in that time.」 (Hind)

From now on, it all depends on Yumir.

Albert Aniki is not someone at the level I can deal half assedly, so once it becomes 2v1 I’ll fall back and concentrate on supporting.

This all depends on how well Yumir will be able to deal with him.

In that regard, I think she’s in top form today, so I’m having these expectations that we might be able to do it.

Once I summed up things, Tobi looked upwards while putting his hand on his chin as if he was thinking about the previous match.

「It’s true that Yumir-dono’s movements in the Licht fight were quite nimble. The way she dealt with those 2 at the end made her seem like she was a mini Albert.」 (Tobi)

「I’m not that macho you know?」 (Yumir)

「He didn’t mean it that way…」 (Hind)

He probably meant that the way they fought was similar.

It’s true that as Tobi said, getting to the same level will be impossible but it gave the feeling of being something close to it.

「Yumir-san was so cool!! That last counter attack was so….!! Like this! Or maybe like this!!」 (Lyco)

「Yes. Lyco and me were so excited that we even unintentionally stood up.」 (Sai)

As if taking advantage of Tobi’s words, both of them started to praise how well Yumir moved in the match.

Lycoris-chan, who was copying Yumir’s movements  by moving her hands was quite cute.

However, if you praise her too much she’ll go into ecstasy so I’d prefer if she kept it in moderation.

Just as I thought, the more you praise her, the more her cheeks loosen…

「So these two are fans of Yumir-san? They sure have weird tastes…」 (Riizu)

Then, Riizu poured cold water over them with such words.

Yumir’s expression quickly switched into that of anger.

「Hey you, are you trying to pick up a fight with me? I don’t mind doing a preliminary fight here before the finals you know? Ah?」 (Yumir)

「Can you drop it? You are in public now. So unsightly.」 (Hind)

Maybe Riizu did it so that Yumir returned to her previous state, but she probably also meant it.

Though, she could change the way she says things…no, it’s fine for now. I’ll give her a sermon later but we don’t have the time for that now.

I quickly made a strategy and explained it to Yumir as carefully as I could.

It was one in case we were able to quickly develop it into a 2v1 and another one in case we weren’t able to.

「…Something like that. Also think of when we don’t succeed, always…」 (Hind)

「Wait wait, Hind. You are saying this in hopes that…I’m the one that will be able to make an advantageous situation right? If we lose the initiative, will we really be able to win like this?」 (Yumir)

「Nuh…」 (Hind)

It’s true that I’m depending on how the fight goes at the start…

Now that she mentions it, it’ll end up with me leaving it all to Yumir, so you could say that the only part where I’ll have to give my best is at the conclusion.

「…I got it. Let’s not take the time we fail into consideration. In those cases we would have to make up for the difference in strength after all…leave it to me.」 (Hind)

「Umu, we are going to win! You and me, both of us!」 (Yumir)

「Ooh, you sure are fired up. Senpais, do your best~.」 (Siesta)

With Siesta’s lazy way of encouraging us, our fighting spirit vanished in thin air.

It was a bit exhausting, but since we calmed ourselves down a bit, I think it was good for us.

Being sent off by the cheers of the friends surrounding us and the words of encouragement of the people around us, we headed towards the final stage.

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VRMMO Chapter 87

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Our opponent for the semifinal match, Licht, was standing before us with his back straightened.

He had a handsome face like that of an idol and he had his mouth tightly shut, he gave a different impression compared to how the BBS portrayed him.

His hair was fairly long for a guy and even his blue hair would feel out of place in real life, however, it still suited him.

Nevertheless, he hasn’t been moving at all for quite a while…this person, don’t tell me that…

「Just how long are you going to stay nervous for! You little!」

「「!?」」 (Hind and Yumir)

Out of nowhere, Rose, the maiden next to him kicked him in the buttocks with all her might.

「It hurts!! Why are you kicking me, Rose!?」 (Licht)

「Shut up! Because you don’t get your act together, I’m getting mocked too because I’m next to you!」 (Rose)

「Eh, is that true?」 (Licht)

「Yeah it is! You are so thickheaded!」 (Rose)

Ignoring us, or rather, they were having this kind of exchange ignoring their surroundings making us feel quite bewildered.

I wonder if this was done to relieve the guy from his nervousness, while it looked like they were having a fight on the surface, in fact, for some reason I could only see it as them flirting in public.

「Say, Hind.

「For some reason, I’m getting filled with these emotions of wanting to cut them right now without having to wait for the signal for the match to start.」 (Yumir)

「What a coincidence, I’m feeling the same thing.

「However, shall we wait for a bit longer? We wouldn’t be able to show our faces if we were to be disqualified because of that.」 (Hind)

We looked over their noisy conversation while our mood turned sour.

Only the Emperor, whose eyes were always filled with enthusiasm, was waiting for the time to pass as fast as possible.

What are we going to do about this? With this cold atmosphere filling the venue…well, even like this, the girls in the guest seats are still cheering for Licht though.

Having finally resolved their dispute, Licht awkwardly shifted his gaze towards us.

「–Ah, you are done? We have been ready for a while now.」 (Hind)

「M-My apologies, it seems like we have made you wait…your Highness, we are done.」 (Licht)

He seemed earnest and it didn’t look like he meant any ill will.

The Emperor nodded and coughed loudly to set order in the venue.

『In that case, second match of the semifinals, Licht and Rose vs Yumir and Hind…begin!!』 (Emperor)

For us, when we are against two vanguards, the important factor is for us to not get too far away from each other.

Even though Yumir’s reflexes are good, it’s impossible for her to keep stopping two opponents at the same time in a match.

There might have been opponents whose blood rose to their head and aimed exclusively at Yumir, but we shouldn’t hope for that kind of thing having reached the semifinals.


Yumir kept them in check by swinging down her longsword.

I stood right behind her charging up my MP.

Both of them had a small shield and their swords didn’t seem that long either, Yumir was going around taking advantage of the reach of her weapon.

「Hyeh!? This intimidating aura is not something you’d think it’s coming from a fellow knight!」 (Rose)

「Rose, on your right!」 (Licht)

「Deeeeeeeeeih!」 (Yumir)

「!!」 (Rose)

While sticking close to her, Yumir wildly lunged towards Rose.

Being unable to block the shock from the impact with her small shield, Rose fell on her back while taking some damage.

Against Licht, who came to support her, Yumir kept that vigour up and released a fierce attack on him too.

Ooh, this is incredible…Yumir’s movements have visibly sharpened since our first match.

If it keeps going like this, I probably won’t receive any attacks for a while.

I’d like to replenish plenty of MP during this time frame.

「Licht!」 (Rose)

「Nuh! You little!」 (Yumir)

Having gotten back up, Rose counterattacked Yumir with her rapier.

Because the distance between them had shortened, Yumir was unable to make use of her advantage in range.

Adding to that, Rose’s attacks were fairly fast, the rhythm that Yumir had built up until now crumbled.

Then, having fixed his stance, Licht paired up with Rose in a pincer attack.

I stopped charging my MP for a moment and stepped forward while ascertaining the proper timing.

「Yumir, retreat for the time being!」 (Hind)

Like that, I stopped Licht’s sword with my staff.

I repelled the sword with all my might and during that brief time, I took some distance along with Yumir…

「Is what we’ll make you think, take thiiiiss!!」 (Yumir)

「Alright, take him out!!」 (Hind)

Immediately after acting as if we were retreating, we turned around and attacked Licht.

I thought it would have been a direct hit due to him having let his guard down because of our words but…

「You guys play so dirty!」 (Rose)

「「Tsk!」」 (Yumir and Hind)

But Rose was already there blocking, after seeing that, we took some distance for real this time.

Even if you deceive the pure Licht, it doesn’t seem to work against her.

「My bad, Rose! You saved me!」 (Licht)

「I-It’s not like I…」 (Rose)

While fidgeting due to Licht’s words of gratitude, Rose’s face turned bright red.

I wish you didn’t turn this scene into some love comedy when it’s not the appropriate place though…

I exchanged glances with Yumir and we made the same evil expression.

「I-It’s not like I, it’s not like I covered you for your sake you hear me!」 (Yumir)

「Don’t get the wrong idea!」 (Hind)

Having heard that, Rose’s face turned bright red for a completely different reason.

In other words, it was anger.

「What are you even saying!? I didn’t say that you know!?」 (Rose)

「「We were just expressing your feelings for you, got a problem!?」」(Hind and Yumir)

「…!! These guys, they are so infuriating!!」 (Rose)

「R-Rose! Rose! Calm down! You are falling into their pace!」 (Licht)

Ignoring Licht as he was trying to calm down Rose, who was stomping her feet in frustration, I calmly used healing magic on Yumir to restore her HP to full.

Like that, I used buffs on her too and kept casting spells…

「Ah, Licht!! That guy is using magic! Attack him, attack him, hurry up!」 (Rose)

「What!? Let’s go, Rose!!」 (Licht)

They noticed. However, I finished casting 『Attack Up』 on Yumir and then it turned into a four person close quarters fight again.

I only used low cast time spells that were hard to interrupt and only cut in when Yumir was going to get hit by dangerous attacks.

In this match, my role is more of a middle guard.

But I have to say that…these two are quite strong.

Since both of them have shields, their defense is solid, as Mitsuyoshi-san said their coordination is good. Both of their reactions are good so until now, they haven’t shown fatal gaps in their defense yet.

They both look like students though, maybe part of some sport club…? Their movements are quite nimble.

Like that, the match continued with both sides not taking much damage.

It was the complete opposite of Albert’s match, a slow battle of endurance. It was something we were used to.

A long long exchange of attack and defense continued and eventually…

「Even though that True Self is not attacking us at all, why are we the ones being pushed back!?」 (Rose)

「Even though they are so close to each other, they haven’t bumped into each other even once…even without looking, they have a clear understanding of each other’s movements.

「Rose, it’s unfortunate but their coordination seems to be better than our-」 (Licht)

「I won’t accept that! I can’t accept it! I mean, we have worked out together that much! Don’t stop moving, Licht! The match is not over yet!!」 (Rose)

We started to pressure them.

From the middle of the match onwards I only used 『Healing』 for our HP recovery so currently our HP kept decreasing bit by bit, however, they were losing theirs at a much faster pace than we did.

However, looking at them fight side by side with their sword, even if I’m no Tobi, it made me a bit envious.

The action of releasing sword skills mutually that is happening in front of me right now is something that wouldn’t be possible to do with a vanguard and a rearguard.

「…What do you think, Yumir?」 (Hind)

「Nuh? What do you mean, Hind? Hah! Deyah!」 (Yumir)

「The image you had in mind when we first started playing this game, should be something close to their fighting style…whoops! …Or that’s what I was thinking!」 (Hind)

「Something like that…there! It’s such a foolish question! It’s true that I would love to use combination sword skills with you but…seyah! …Our current fight style is the best and strongest! No matter what anyone else says!」 (Yumir)

She sure said something that made me happy.

The battle continued without big changes…having been left with only a bit of HP, Licht and Rose started showing signs of impatience.

Having reached this point, there was only one choice for them to make.

「…Rose, we have no other choice! We are going to use that!」 (Licht)

「…Got it! I believe in you, Licht!」 (Rose)

In other words, they will try to use a powerful skill to turn the tables around.

These two are balanced types…which means that their skill with the highest offensive power is that one.

Both of their MP was reduced drastically and their swords were overflowing with a dazzling light.

The skill called 『Judgement Sword』, was a magic sword skill of the light element that dealt a big amount of hybrid damage.

It had a persisting effect but the effect didn’t last long. In other words, it was a skill similar to the 『Hakkei・Yabu』 that Walter used.

In PvP it was particularly effective against Heavy warriors, but with Yumir’s current HP, she would definitely get knocked out if she took a direct hit.

「Interesting! I’ll take you on!」 (Yumir)

In response, our vanguard here declared that while spreading out both of her arms.

Most likely, Yumir plans to use 『Burst Edge』 on one of them.

…With Yumir’s current level of concentration, would she be able to do something against them even if it’s 2 vs 1?

I was hesitating  thinking that I might have to start casting 『Revive』 as insurance…but I opted for 『Quick』.

Yumir’s aura was still going strong and the sparks and its intensity made the air tremble.

Let’s trust her here and bet everything on her.

If we can’t deal with a situation of this level, we’ll end up facing Albert aniki anyway and won’t be able to win.

「Let’s go, Rose!」 (Licht)

「Yes! We are ending it with this!!」 (Rose)

「Hahaha! Come at me!!」 (Yumir)

The sensation that Yumir had sharpened her senses was transmitted to me through her back.

It was a pincer attack with no way to escape, at the first sign of a gap she could rush towards…Yumir strongly rushed at it and swung her longsword.

The sword slipped through the shield and the torso was stabbed through…then magic power exploded.

Immediately after Rose was violently blown away towards the wall, Licht’s sword approached.

The shining sword grazed Yumir’s head but even with just that, her HP bar decreased to dangerous levels…however, her counter hit Licht directly.

I used 『Quick』 right after Rose was blown away and just now I finished casting 『Entrust』 on Yumir.

The explosion happened again…and Licht’s body was flying following the same trajectory as Rose and stopped moving as he fell on top of her.

The audience that had fallen silent during the exchange of blows burst into loud cheers.

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Chapter 86: First match of the semifinals

Back with another chapter. Took longer than planned because…I did start lazing around right after I said I would work on translating chapters.

But hey, at least it didn’t take me more than a month this time right?

Before getting into the chapter I’ll have to comment on a certain part of it. In the middle of the chapter Walter will ask Hind if Yumir and Herrscha are like “boys”.

However, in the original text he does mean men. The problem with translating this part of the chapter was that later on Hind does say that they are more like men too, but this time using a “stronger” word for it. (Think “men among men” sort of word)

As there was no English variant I could think to make this work. I switched the first one for “boyish” and the second one said by Hind has remained as “manly” so that the readers can see the difference between both terms.

That will be all for the translator notes for this chapter, enjoy.

『-That’s the end of the match! It was an interesting match where the team with the upper hand kept switching all the time! The winners are Yumir and Hind!』 (Emperor)

The venue was filled with cheers.

At the same time the match ended, Walter recovered from his KO’d status and stood up while staggering, then he returned to where we were.

Then Yumir…

「It’s our win.」 (Yumir)

「Kuh…」 (Herrscha)

She boasted about her win to Herrscha, who was still kneeling.

Walter tried to rush over to Herrscha to help her out in a panic, but I stopped him by reaching out with my arm.

「Master…?」 (Walter)

「Well, in cases like these just wait and watch.」 (Hind)

Yumir held out her hand towards Herrscha, who was grinding her teeth in frustration.

Herrscha was taken aback by such an action and just stared at her.

After being forced to grasp the hand that was extended to her, Yumir put in strength and helped her stand up.

「…However, that was a good spell at the end. I love flashy spells like the ones you used.」 (Yumir)

「…!!」 (Herrscha)

At the sudden words, Herrscha looked quite surprised but she didn’t seem to hate it.

She fixed her posture in a hurry, stuck out her chest and replied.

「T-That goes without saying! It’s my magic after all! The flame is strong, beautiful…that’s why, even though I thought that it wouldn’t lose to anyone…your sword skills might be crude, but I’ll at least admit that you are strong.」 (Herrscha)

「Fun, you sure can talk. Come on, you should give a response to the audience! There are people that are clapping for you too.」 (Yumir)

After the cheers for us died down, the audience started cheering when they saw Yumir helped Herscha.

Then Herrscha raised her hand in a dignified manner while Walter did so shily.

While doing that, Walter sneakily approached me and said.

「M-Master…! It was as master said, it worked out somehow! It’s just that…eh, how should I say this…」 (Walter)

「You mean that right? It’s like one of those scenes with men beating each other besides a riverbed.

「”You are not half bad”…”I could say the same about you”…something like that?

「I’m getting a bit embarrassed just from watching them.」 (Hind)

「Yes, that was it! It played out exactly like one of those situations! Even though they are both female!」 (Walter)


「Well, they are both quick to anger and are simple minded after all. No matter how it would have ended, I thought that it would end well in the end.」 (Hind)

“I see…”, while murmuring that, Walter started walking next to me.

Like that, we followed Yumir and Herrscha and left the stage behind us.

To leave the area quickly after the match is over is a rule of the arena.

「So to sum it up, both of their personalities are like those of boys?」 (Walter)

「Wait wait, you definitely can’t say that in front of both of them you hear me? They will beat you up. Besides, if we were to be more specific, rather than being boyish, I believe it would be more correct to say that they are like men.」 (Hind)

「Eh? What’s the difference?」 (Walter)

「I have the feeling…the latter one matches their personality better.」 (Hind)

I mean, both of them look like beautiful girls on the outside after all.

No, in a sense, you could say that there are 3 beautiful girls right here…but the reality is quite different.

That’s why, Walter, I’d prefer if you didn’t act as if you didn’t understand, because the concept of gender will start getting weird when you do.

What does it mean to be manly? We’ll enter a maze where there’s no real answer if you do.

There will be a break until the semifinals start.

There are some players that decided to log out for the time being, but the majority stayed here fearing that they would lose their seats.

Since our seats are different, there’s no need to worry about that kind of thing, however, all of us didn’t log out and were currently chatting.

「Ah, both of you. First of all, congratulations on advancing to the semi-finals.」 (Tobi)

「「Congratulations!!」」 (Lyco and Sai)

We received those words from Tobi, Lycoris-chan and Cineraria-chan once we returned to our seats.

After replying with a 「Thanks」 while feeling embarrassed, I took my seat along with Yumir.

「You sure took your time, did something happen?」 (Tobi)

「We accompanied Herrscha and Walter to their seats first. Then, we found out that all the people seated there were members of their guild.」 (Hind)

「Umu. Their guild was quite peculiar!」 (Yumir)

We only exchanged short greetings, but since it didn’t seem like there was anyone that was resenting us for beating Herrscha and Walter, it didn’t seem like they were bad people.

It’s just that, as Yumir has said, they were certainly weird.

「Peculiar…what do you mean by that? Don’t tell me that all of them were wearing butler and maid outfits?」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「No, they didn’t go that far but…」 (Hind)

Mitsuyoshi’s guess didn’t hit the mark but wasn’t that far off either.

All ten of them were seated without leaving any empty seats in between, and the moment Herrscha returned they all stood up and…

「「「Good work out there, ojou-sama!!」」」

They expressed their congratulations like that while bowing their heads.

It was kinda impressive how the players seated behind them only felt a bit uncomfortable.

「Rather than guild mates, they seemed more like subordinates?」 (Yumir)

「You are right. Rather than being seated in a row, it seemed like they were seated in hierarchical order after all.」 (Hind)

「…Hind-san. Could it be that they are doing that against their wil-」

「Nope. I got the feeling that they all adored her, it was kinda scary.」 (Hind)

「Ehh…an ojou-sama…and her servants…?」 (Siesta)

I think that with those words said by Siesta-chan absent-mindedly, the reality hit me.

That’s right, that was a group made for their 「Ojou-sama」.

With the servants supporting her, it was a guild revolving around Herrscha.

That was probably what that guild called 『Sirius』 was all about.

「Well, they did look like quite the strong guild, but they did say that they would cheer for us in our next match.」 (Hind)

「But that woman, she tried to poach Hind to her guild on our way back you know? Riizu, go over there later and scatter salt over there, salt!!」 (Yumir)

「…so you mean that they are our enemy right? I feel reluctant to do as Yumir-san says, but fine. I’ll make sure to scatter plenty of salt later. In that case, how about I go in front of them and throw salt at them directly?」 (Riizu)

「T-That’s a joke right…? You are not being serious right?」 (Selene)

It looks like Selene-san is worried but it’ll probably be OK.

Salt is quite the expensive material in TB, in our guild, I’m the only one that has some.

Yumir should possess 0 gold and Riizu probably won’t go through the trouble of buying some just for that.

We killed some time while talking about such a silly topic and the arena got lively again.

The scheduled time was getting near and when the participants and the Emperor took the stage, big cheers resonated throughout the arena.

「Oh, there he is, Albert. Don’t you think that the reason the interval was so long was their fault? The developers must be crying.」 (Hind)

「Well, Aniki is the only one whose matches are extremely short after all. These are the semifinals, they’ll probably have a closer match this time.」 (Tobi)

However, as if to betray Tobi’s expectations, the same thing that happened in the quarterfinals happened in the semifinals.

It seemed like the audience was already used to it, even though it developed as they had expected, they still cheered really loudly.

Even the Hippopotamus and Falke duo was unable to stop Albert.

『Muu…regarding this match, I have nothing to say. The winners are the Mercenary Albert and Philia duo! ….Next up, it’s time for the 2nd match of the semifinals! All four participants, head to the stage!』 (Emperor)

「So fast…is it our turn already? Yumir, we are going.」 (Hind)

「Good grief, we don’t even have the time to take it easy…」 (Yumir)

We returned after going to Herrscha and Walter’s seats, so even if the interval was long, we didn’t have much time to rest…in order to fight in the semifinals, we headed towards the stage again.

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Chapter 85: Aiming for weaknesses and trump card

Hi there, long time no see.

Yup, I’m still not dead (yet).

Why did this chapter take this long? Well..you could say that I did get a bit busy but…if I were to be honest it was more me getting lazy (because I was tired) during that time and eventually forgetting to work on the chapter. So yeah, my bad.

Regarding this chapter, there’s a skill that was a bit hard to find a way to make it work in English so I just left it as it’s read, it won’t appear much in the following chapters so I guess it’s not really a deal breaker as long as the readers know what the skill does.

Will have some free time for the following couple weeks so I’ll attempt to have the next one done in the next couple days. (Let’s pray that I can motivate myself to do so)

Anyway, not much else to say here, enjoy the chapter.

Right after the match started, just when I was going to start charging my MP up, I was assaulted by a whip at the same time I heard the sound of the wind being cut.

Luckily, it only hit the area around my legs so I didn’t take any damage, but the range was far longer than I expected.

Furthermore, the problem was that I was unable to see the trajectory at all…so I should take it as it’s impossible to see.

With the physical attack of a mage it would be too weak to count as a damage source, so it can be expected that it was used mainly to stop me from chanting and MP charging.

「Yumir!」 (Hind)

「Oh! Here I go!」 (Yumir)

This time, we’ll be the ones going on the offensive.

The orders I gave Yumir this time were extremely simple and not very precise.

In other words…

「Kuh, so you are going to aim for me!?」 (Herrscha)

「Fuhahaha! 」

It was to focus on recklessly sticking close to Herrscha.

The audience grew excited because of Yumir’s fierce attacks from the get go.

With our distance growing, we were currently mutually isolated, if Walter were to focus on targeting me it would be pretty dangerous.

However, I had confidence about something.

「Ojou-sama!」 (Walter)

「!! Walter, you idiot! I told you many times to not let Hind get MP—Kyah!」 (Herrscha)

「For you to look away, you sure have it easy, huh!? Take this! I’ll chop those annoying drills of your!」 (Yumir)

「I-I can’t do that! To let Ojou-sama alone as she’s being attacked! I’ll assist you!」 (Walter)

Walter won’t come my way, definitely.

After being called master by him, I had been in contact frequently with Walter, it seems like Herrscha’s family’s butler training was the real deal.

From the contents of the worries that were in our conversations, they were very strict by today’s modern standards.

It was ingrained in his body…that no matter what happened, he should protect his master.

Even if it’s a game, I doubt that the docile Walter will be able to ignore that.

Making use of that, I was able to quietly charge up my MP.

I have the feeling that it’s quite the dirty tactic, but if Herrscha is unable to recover from this strategy that takes Walter’s nature into account, we’ll probably win at this rate.

I’ve more or less charged up my MP, so I started casting plenty of buffs and heals on Yumir.

Herrscha is doing a good job at running away and Walter’s defense is solid, however, Yumir has already managed to bring Herrscha’s HP down to around 50%.

…Will they be able to get out of this situation?

「Kuh, at this rate! Guess we don’t have any other choice…Walter, we are going with Plan B!」 (Herrscha)

「-!! Yes, ojou-sama!」 (Walter)

「Ooh!? What’s going on!?」 (Yumir)

Walter went from playing defensive to going on the offense.

He passed through Yumir’s sword and went towards her body.

Furthermore, both of his fists were emitting light-

「No good! Get away, Yumir!」 (Hind)

「Eh?」 (Yumir)

「Haaaaaaaaaah!」 (Walter)

Walter is an 『Qigong type』 among the martial artist types.

They are able to inflict status ailments on strong foes and their resilience is higher than other martial artist types, this skill…

「Denebuh!?」 (Yumir)

『Hakkei・Yabu』, it’s a powerful skill that for the short duration of 5 seconds, you are able to release attacks that disregard the opponent’s defense.

It goes without saying that, in a state that was akin to being defenseless, Yumir was knocked out by the rush of blows and rolled on the stage.

This made the armor that Selene-san went through so much trouble to make look bad. Furthermore, this situation is not good.

I was completely careless…! I knew about the skill, but Walter didn’t use this skill in the group stages at all.

Even though I thought that we wouldn’t get into trouble as long as I was careful about 『Raging Flame』, to think they would be able to counterattack this well…

…No good, both of them are coming this way!

Because I wasn’t being vigilant of Walter’s skills, I still haven’t finished casting 『Revive』!

「That was a trump card that we were saving for the finals! Feel honored, Hind!」 (Herrscha)

「Prepare yourself, master!」 (Walter)

There’s another 8 seconds until 『Revive』 finishes casting…!

I moved towards the edge of the stage to gain as much distance as I could.

As if to showcase how fast he was, Walter shortened the distance in an instant.

Damn it, his physical ability is high! 5 seconds left!

Don’t panic, dodging should be the only thing I take pride in.

Let him come closer until the last moment…then roll through his flank to slip through his kick.

Even though the system would stop your casting if it judged that you have taken damage…alright, 3 seconds left! He didn’t hit me!

「Walter! Hurry up and stop his casting!」 (Herrscha)

「Y-Yes!」 (Walter)

At the same time they talked in a panic, 3 attacks flew towards me.

A punch from Walter thrown from an imperfect stance along with a whip attack from Herrscha after having cast 『Fire Ball』 flew towards me simultaneously.

Only 1 second left, please make it in time!

「Daah! …Ouch!?」 (Hind)

「It grazed him…!? We did it! This marks the end for you, Hind!」 (Herrscha)

I ran towards the 『Fire Ball』 since it looked to be the easiest one to dodge, but from the 3 balls that she shot I was grazed by the last one.

Having confirmed their victory, she had Walter stand in front of her as she started chanting a big spell.

However, I picked up my staff and took up my stance again as I smiled at Herrscha and Walter.

「…Who said that it was over?」 (Yumir)


Immediately after, Walter was swept away in an instant by lightning.

While being covered in lightning, Yumir sharply rushed in front of his eyes.

Seems like since I cast it while facing the 『Fire Ball』, I was able to make them both miss the visual effect of my 『Revive』.

As a result, Walter was taken by surprise and unable to dodge Yumir’s sharp attack, taking a direct hit to the side.

Yumir’s war cry echoed throughout the stage.

「The ones that are going to lose, are you guys!」 (Yumir)

「O-Ojou-samaaaaaa!!」 (Walter)

「Walter!」 (Herrscha)

Taking the 『Burst Edge』 filled with Yumir’s fighting spirit, Walter’s small body was blown away while spinning in the air.

Being unable to properly take the fall, his body made a loud noise as it fell powerlessly on the stage.

There’s no doubt that he became incapacitated there.

I looked back at Herrscha after making sure of that and was quite surprised that her eyes were still filled with the intention to fight.

It seems like she didn’t lose concentration even while Walter was being blown away, on top of her hand there was a gigantic fireball already being formed.

「It’s not over yet! The match hasn’t been decided yet!」 (Herrscha)

「Nuuooooooooh!? Hind, isn’t that fireball even bigger than the emperor’s!?」 (Yumir)

「Is this the time for comments like that!? Run away!」 (Hind)

She must have casted it along with the mage skill 『Concentration』…!

It’s a skill that empowers your magic by offering a part of your HP, judging from the MP she’s been able to charge up until now, she probably has also used 『Mana Conversion』, she most likely has barely any HP left.

It’s literally the last attack fired after giving all her remaining life.

She probably was aiming to crush both of us with this attack, but it also means that if we survive it’s our win!

「Doouuuuuuraaaaah!!」 (Hind)

「Nuooooooooh!?」 (Yumir)

I rushed over to Yumir, after breaking her posture, I threw her as far as I could with my strength.

I felt as if my back was going to break from the weight of the armor…however, it seems I was able to successfully throw her far enough.

Like that, I ran towards the huge fireball myself.

「Nuah!?」 (Hind)

「Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!」 (Yumir)

The same way I used it in the battle against the Emperor, I used the Shinto Priest’s high magical resistance as a shield against magic.

If we can’t dodge it, I should at least keep damage to a minimum…!!

Besides, even if it comes to the worst case scenario and I’m taken out, it doesn’t change the fact that it’ll be our win if Yumir is left.

The reason I ran into it myself was to keep Yumir as far away as possible from the radius of its effect.

Once the fire settled down, my remaining HP was…

「1!? I was left with 1 HP!? I’m alive!!」 (Hind)

「Ooh, what luck! It’s the first time I’ve seen it in this game, being left with 1 HP!」 (Yumir)

「This…has to be a lie right? The attack I put everything I had in…rather that crushing both of you, to think I was unable to defeat even one of you…」 (Herrscha)

Herrscha was dumbfounded at the sight of what she was seeing and dropped to her knees, then she finally declared that she was surrendering.

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Chapter 84: 7th place vs 8th place, start of the battle.

Sorry for the delay.

Been kinda busy lately so I couldn’t muster the motivation to translate anything, but I finally managed to get around the next chapter.

No promises on the next one, enjoy the chapter.

2nd battle, Hippopotamus (Grado Empire)・Falke (Grado Empire) vs Insipid Green Tea (Mahl Republic)・Dry Shiitake Mushroom (Mahl Republic), it ended with the Hippopotamus duo winning.

Followed by the 3rd match, Richt (Rust Kingdom)・Rose (Rust Kingdom) vs Forever a Chrysalis (Grado Empire)・Incomplete Container (Grado Empire), the Richt・Rose duo was currently at an advantage.

Speaking of our match, it seems like it ended up being the last one.

It seems like the pairings were supposed to be random, but in the end, we both ended up being at the end of the tournament bracket.

「It’s reaching the climax…as expected of the finals block. They are evenly matched.」(Hind)

「The only weird match was that first one.」 (Tobi)

「In other words, you could say that the only weird one is that Albert.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Like Mitsuyoshi-san said, Philia-chan’s movements were really good as a Heavy Warrior, but those were still within the realm of common sense.

Only Albert aniki was in another completely different dimension since the group battles, wouldn’t he be fine going 1 vs 2? There were people that voiced that opinion.

「However, these high pitched cheers…sure are hard on the ears!! Kah!」 (Tobi)

The source of Tobi’s unpleasant face were the cheers of the female players, they were all directed towards the Knight Richt.

From what I saw from the videos, he did seem like a handsome guy that would be popular.

If I looked more closely, aside from Tobi, I could see a lot of male players looking rather displeased.

In contrast to being loved by females, he seems to be quite hated by the male player base.

「If you are jealous, you could just be honest and say so.」 (Hind)

「I-I-It’s not like that!!」 (Tobi)

「Thanks for the easy to understand reaction.」 (Hind)

「If Tobi-kun fixed the parts where he’s lacking, he would be popular too. Such a waste.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「I wonder. If he was able to fix those, you’d think he’d have already fixed them by now.」 (Hind)

「God damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!」 (Tobi)

In an act of frustration, Tobi got off his seat and crouched down.

Maybe we went a bit too far with the jokes…I locked eyes with Mitsuyoshi-san and we both smiled wryly.

We picked Tobi up from both sides and got him back onto his seat.

For a while, Tobi covered his face while groaning and he finally took a deep breath after a while.

「Fuh, I calmed down. But I can’t stop this feeling of envy when I see a pair of man and woman finishing someone off smoothly with continuous sword skills.」 (Tobi)

「Unlike the pair of Albert, these two are quite coordinated after all.」 (Hind)

「Now that you mention it, it felt like they made two 1 on 1 fights.

「What do you think, Hind-kun? From your point of view, what do you think about their coordination?」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Right after those words from Mitsuyoshi-san, their opponent’s Light Warrior, who acted as the vanguard, was finished off by their pincer attack.

With the way it’s going, this match should have been decided.

Well, from what I’ve seen so far, the coordination between those Knights…

 「It’s true that they are both strong enough to be the 2nd most popular duo.

「However, it might be because of the fear of friendly fire, the distance between them is far too large. I believe there are plenty of weaknesses we can take advantage of.」 (Hind)

「Oh? As expected of you.

「If the demon of coordination says so, it must be true.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「We experience that first hand with our bodies after all. I have high expectations of you!」 (Tobi)

「…You don’t have to suck up to me like that.

「Before that, we first have to pass through the fight in front of us or there will be nothing after. I believe you guys are getting ahead of yourselves here.」 (Hind)

After saying that, I stood up from my seat.

If we win, we’ll face them in the next round, but for the time being let’s put that away from our minds.

More importantly, if we don’t start moving before the next match, we’ll end up having to go there in a hurry.

「Yumir, we should get going.」 (Hind)

「Mogo?」 (Yumir)

I called Yumir, who was stuffing her mouth with muffins and urged her to start preparing.

The reason why the female seats were really quiet was because of this.

Though the guys did eat them really fast, the girls ignored the match and took their time to enjoy the sweets.

The conversations I heard from time to time had nothing to do with the match and were all related to discussing the sweets.

『…That’s enough! Well done, Knights of Rust! The way you completely plucked your opponent’s chances of winning was splendid! The winners are the Richt・Rose duo!』 (Emperor)

Meanwhile, it seems like the match was decided.

With this, the 3rd match of the quarter finals is over too, in the end it ended because of a misfire of Arrow Rain.

With this it’s finally our turn next.

「Well then, we are going!」 (Yumir)

「We’ll be on our way.」 (Hind)

After receiving words of encouragement and being sent off by everyone, Yumir and I moved to the stage.

While being watched by the Emperor, we faced Hersschaft and Walter.

Walter was wearing the same butler outfit as before.

However, it was probably a new one made with materials with high defense.

In Herrschaft’s case, she was wearing a far more gorgeous dress than before.

Since they were both wearing outfits that you didn’t usually see players wearing, they were standing out quite a bit.

The reason Herrscha has the nickname of 「Ojou-sama」 in the BBS is probably also because of this fact.

「Hind…I wanted to face you in the finals.」 (Herrscha)

「The people in the BBS supporting the two duos with a magic class job in them are probably quite disappointed…to think that we would have to beat each other right from the bat.」 (Hind)

「B-But, one of us will go to the semifinals! I, if we lose, I’ll cheer for master!」 (Walter)

「Don’t talk as if it’s decided that we are going to lose, Walter!…Hind! If we win, you will have to cheer for us!」 (Herrscha)

「Well, that was what I was planning to do…」 (Hind)

「Hah, there’s no way we would lose that easily!」 (Yumir)

Towards those words coming from Yumir, Herrscha glared at her sharply.

Walter looked quite nervous and the Emperor looked like he was having fun watching sparks fly off before the match.

It seems like until they are done talking, he will wait to give the signal for the battle to start.

「…Your partner sure has quite the impertinent mouth. Shouldn’t you teach her some manners?」 (Herrscha)

「Look who’s talking. Can’t you hold a conversation without adding Hind into it? Ah? If you have something to say, how about you say it straight to me? You coward!」 (Yumir)

They countered sharp words with sharp words.

The corners of their eyes suddenly rose up and they took up their weapons and shouted at the same time.

「So rude! I can’t forgive your insolent attitude!」 (Herrscha)

「Just what I was asking for! Come at me already!」 (Yumir)

Well, I already thought this before but…these two, their natures are identical.

「What do you think, Walter?」 When I asked him that carefreely, he replied with a troubled expression.

「I-It’s true that that might be the case but, master, is it really fine to leave them like that…?」 (Walter)

「Don’t worry. You should look forward to their attitude after the battle.」 (Hind)

「If you say so, master…eh, well…I’ll put my heart into it! Let’s have a good battle!」 (Walter)

「Sure. I’ll do my best too.」 (Hind)

I stood quite far behind Yumir and Walter stood as if to protect Herrscha. When we were in position, the Emperor took a step forward.

I’m grateful that the Emperor had waited until we finished talking.

『I take you are ready? …Fumuh, that’s good.

『In that case, final battle of the quarter finals, Walter・Herrschaft vs Yumir・Hind…begin!』 (Emperor)

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