Update on Bu ni Mi’s schedule

Hope you enjoyed the double release!

Now that I’m back to my usual routine, I wanted to announce something that I’ll probably come to regret in the coming days.

I’ll be removing the current weekly chapter schedule

What does this mean for Bu ni Mi?

It means that I’ll be releasing chapters on days other than Sunday. Which means that chapters will be uploaded as I translate and edit them.

Before you start getting really happy about this news, there’s something I’d like to clarify.

Translating is hard work, that goes without saying. It’s even more so when you are someone like me who clearly lacks both: knowledge in the language I’m translating from and the experience as a translator.

Until know I’ve been making up for both with the amount of time I invest in translating each chapter and that will probably be the case for a long time.

The plan right now is to try to pick up the pace and catch up with the former nanodesu releases since a lot of you are probably waiting for that.

Why am I investing so much of my free time on this even when I get nothing out of it?

I’m honestly not sure, maybe I’ve awoken to some masochistic tendency.

Because of this, releases will be irregular. I won’t be able to specify dates for when each chapter will be out so you’ll probably have to check either the blog or NU from time to time.

I can’t promise a certain number of releases for each week either, sometimes chapters might be short and not take long while others will be long and will take a while. My lack of knowledge will obviously have an effect on the release speed too.

Thanks for reading my releases and I hope you continue to enjoy them.


  1. I’m just happy you picked this up. 🙂

    If you wanted, you could open up a Patreon account or set up a donation bar with PayPal. You could then keep it to weekly releases and promise bonus chapters once donations have reached a set goal through. Or set up a tier system where donors get access to early chapters depending on how much they donate a month with Patreon. Just some tips from what I’ve seen other translators do. And usually, it’s the best approach in keeping your readers happy and allowing yourself a set schedule that allows you the time to rest or review your work. You’re free to take whatever approach you want.


    1. Glad to see you are enjoying it!

      While the idea of setting up a Patreon/Paypal is appealing and definitely easy enough to do, adding to the fact that getting revenue for my work would be nice and make me happy. I don’t believe I should be charging for my current releases, considering that they are basically an alternative version of something that’s already out for free.

      It’s still something that I’ll consider doing in the future if people are happy with my work and want to support me in any way.

      As for my own take on such things. I’m well aware that a lot of groups do that. Personally though, I’ll probably set it up as sort of a donation system where everyone chooses how much to pay for my work without getting any real benefits. I don’t believe I have anything else to offer people other than my own work after all.

      While I get the appeal to such “business” practices from a revenue point of view, I believe everyone should be able to enjoy my work and hiding content behind a paywall or inciting others to pay you to get more releases is not the way to go and would honestly not sit well with me.

      P.S You should probably just edit your first comment next time, haha. Not that it bothers me.

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  2. It’s fine even if it was one chapter a month. Your doing work that you don’t have to do, no one has any right to complain about that. Feel proud of what you enjoy. Don’t worry about catching up to nanodesu. Every release you have put out so far has honestly been incredibly refreshing.


    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, glad to see you are enjoying my take on the story!

      As for not worrying about catching up, I’m well aware of that. The problem here would be, that as a normal reader myself, I want to read what happens after the last released chapter,haha.

      Don’t worry, I’ll try to go at a fast pace without burning out.


  3. Take your time, just the fact that you’re translating because of your love for the novel without expecting anything in return is worthy of respect. Just go with your own pace and don’t stress yourself! Fighting!


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