Chapter 68: Testing the grimoire and crafting the new defensive gear

In the training area that was in the home’s basement.

The walls, ceiling and floor here were set to being indestructible, a place where you could perform various battle drills.

If you had players to face against, you could also practice without it leaving a mark in your fight history.

There are also multiple settings like for example setting the HP to be infinite, it also gives a chance to test out the range of skills.

We stopped our crafting for the time being and came to the training area.

Yumir and Selene-san had also taken an interest in the grimoire, so we all headed towards the training area.

While walking, I replied to Tobi’s email, at the end we descended through some stairs.

Since the content of the email was about the previous announcement, I replied telling him that I’d explain in detail at school.

After finishing doing that, Riizu released the metal fittings from the grimoire she had been carrying under her arm.

「Eh, Hind-san?」 (Riizu)

Then she looked at me as in implying she didn’t know how to use it.

I opened the menu that was situated at the entrance of the training area and installed a dummy in front of Riizu, and I indicated to her that she should touch it with her hand.

「Did you touch it? Have you entered into a battle state?」 (Hind)

「Yes. The dummy’s HP is now displayed.」 (Riizu)

「In that case, try letting go of the grimoire? As if you were lightly throwing it in front of you.」 (Hind)

「L-Like this?」 (Riizu)

With both hands, Riizu let go of the grimoire which was opened at a random page.

When she did so…

「-The book…is floating?」 (Riizu)

「Ooh!! What is that!? What is that!?」 (Yumir)

「It’s softly floating…it’s true that if it’s like this, weight doesn’t matter.」 (Riizu)

The grimoire that was floating in front of Riizu was staying afloat because of some unknown power.

As a test, I had Riizu run around, it was a bit delayed but the grimoire followed after her.

Fundamentally, it’ll stay at a height around the area of the chest, at a distance where you could reach it if you extended your arm a bit.

However, it seems like you can adjust it and move it from there, Riizu hated how it would obstruct her field of view so she moved it to above her left hand.

It seems like you could move it around with your mind, so it made me understand that it was using high level technology that felt like a waste on such a minor weapon.

「This is wonderful. If it floats both my hands will be free when I move around, it makes it really easy to move around.」 (Riizu)

「That’s nice. Well then, shall we have you try using magic next?」 (Hind)

「Is there something else?」 (Riizu)

「Yeah there is. Riizu, use a spell with a long chant. That will make it easier to see what’s different compared to the staff.」 (Hind)

「Understood.」 (Riizu)

Riizu started chanting a magic skill.

A magic square floated at her feet and the operating grimoire released light…

The pages turned over on their own accord at high speeds.

「T-That is cool…so stylish!」 (Yumir)

Yumir’s eyes were sparkling.

I agreed wholeheartedly, just this made it worth going through the trouble.

「Right!? It’s cool right!?」 (Hind)

「It also really suits Riizu-chan.」 (Selene)

Given that display, there was no doubt that it was a superior weapon.

When you use magic with a staff, it would only end up with the gem at the tip shining, it wouldn’t give such an elaborate reaction.

At the same time she finished chanting, the grimoire stopped at a certain page simultaneously.

As if it was supporting the magic, for a moment, the grimoire displayed a magic circle.

…The skill was released from Riizu’s hand.

The atmosphere trembled, the dummy that was her target made creaking noises and started getting crushed.

The origin of what was dealing continuous damage to the training dummy was the dark element magic 『Graviton Wave』.

An AoE big spell that strengthens gravity and crushes its targets.

The damage was moderate at best, but if you used it in combination with the disruptive magic 『Slow』, it could forcefully ground a target that 『Shadow weaving』 is unable to stop at all.

「Guoooo!! My body feels heavy!!」 (Yumir)

「-Wait, why are you getting yourself dragged into it!? Come on, give me your hand!」 (Hind)

「H-Hang on Yumir-san! This way, don’t enter the area!」 (Selene)

Selene-san and I pulled Yumir out of the area together.

The crushed Yumir was lying limply on the ground.

Riizu had an exasperated expression on her, so I believe it wasn’t on purpose and it was just the result of Yumir wanting to get a closer look at the grimoire.

Along with a sigh, I cast 『Healing』 towards Yumir.

However, this skill sure covers a wide area…this might be a bit hard to use while in a party.

Once the effective time of the skill ended, the book closed with a bang and returned to Riizu’s hand.

After catching it with her left hand, Riizu took a breath.

「…Fuh. Thank you very much, Hind-san. I really like it.」 (Riizu)

「Yeah. Good for you.」 (Hind)

Riizu gave a charming smile.

It was a charming smile that would make it impossible for someone to see it and not get a favorable impression of her, if I I didn’t look at her as a relative.

However, there was a girl that wasn’t affected by it here.

「Gununu…I want to use a new weapon already too!! Let’s return to blacksmithing right now! Hind, Secchan!!」 (Yumir)

「Ah, Yumir-san! Wait!」 (Selene)

Selene-san’s followed after Yumir, who was burning with competitiveness, and they climbed the rough stairs.

Me and Riizu exchanged wry smiles and left the training area right after.

That being said, Yumir’s sword probably won’t have any flashy gimmicks.

She already stands out with only her 『Hero’s aura』, I believe a simple sword would be fine.

The next day, there wasn’t much conversation within the guild home.

That being said, it wasn’t because there had been a fight, everyone was just absorbed in their work.

Riizu and Yumir were in charge of chores that didn’t need much skill, Selene-san and I took care of the rest silently.

Selene-san and I worked together and finished the weapons yesterday night.

Selene-san was in charge of Yumir’s defensive gear, and I was crafting my own via sewing.

The reason mine wasn’t made of metal was because with just the defense of a Shinto Priest it would be too heavy and I’d be unable to move.

Even then, I’m using the special product of this country 『Sala’s cloth』 that is a magical cloth which has stab-proof properties, so it’ll probably have more defense than my last one.

Once I’m free, I plan to make Selene-san’s and Riizu’s defensive gear with this too.

Fundamentally, it’s hard for rearguards to equip heavy defensive gear.


「I wonder why, this breastplate section that Yumir-san uses…or when I make this waist side, I get this severe sense of defeat…」 (Selene)

Suddenly, in the blacksmith’s workshop that was silent apart from the sound of us working, Selene-san muttered that.

A question mark appeared above Yumir’s head, but Riizu replied with a 「…I get what you mean」.

…No, don’t go looking at me with that timing, both of you.

In this situation, what should I say as a guy?

「…Hind-kun, do you prefer them big…?」 (Selene)

Selene-san asked me that while holding up the breastplate made of metal.

I hate myself for understanding what she meant.

Ah, eh…

「No comment.」 (Hind)

「「Eeeh-」」 (Riizu and Selene)

Bigger are better!! Smaller are better!! I don’t have the guts to say something bold like that in that kind of situation.

Against such a vague answer, Selene-san and Riizu became sullen while looking dissatisfied at the same time.

They are perfectly in sync…in such a short amount of time, you girls sure have become friendly…

「What are you guys talking about? Something about bigger…

「Somehow, it has to do with me right?」 (Yumir)

「Unfortunately, it was a talk related to some troubles Yumir-san will never be able to understand.」 (Riizu)

「Sorry, I might not be able to tell you.」 (Selene)

「…Hind! These two are leaving me out! Why!? Whyyyyy!?」 (Yumir)

Sometimes, people give birth to despair and malice when facing a force that is too strong for them.

While she can’t understand that, Yumir will never be able to fully comprehend those two.

I mean, this was a very uncomfortable topic and atmosphere for the only person that was from the opposite sex.

If it was possible, I would like to summon Tobi right now and make some tea.

While praying that this ended soon, I focused on the needle in my hand and started working.

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