Chapter 71: Study group and BBS

Question 7. Answer with the most commonly used academic language in middle ages Europe.

Answer. English.

Seeing that stupid answer, I, who was looking at him solving the questions beside him, unconsciously hung my head and held my head in my arms.

Shuuhei didn’t pay attention to me and his gaze shifted to the next question.

「Hey, are joking around? Was that on purpose? It had to be right? I’m begging you, please tell me you were!」 (Wataru)

「Eh, it’s not? I mean, you can get by as long as you know English if you want to travel to Europe right?」 (Shuuhei)

「Don’t go ignoring words like academic language and middle ages! Ugh, I’m getting a headache…」 (Wataru)

The correct answer was Latin.

It was nearly time for the tests and we were having our usual study session to avoid getting a failing grade.

Though, the one at risk of getting a bad grade wasn’t me but mainly Shuuhei and Miyu.

That being the case, during this time, we mainly gather in the library on the first floor where there aren’t that many students and concentrate on studying.

The world history we were studying right now, contained information that was close to the middle ages world in TB.

However, would they take an interest in the world setting of the game they are playing…?

What Shuuhei didn’t have issues in world history with was remembering the names of military figures.

「Wataru, Wataru! Help me with this please!」 (Miyu)

「Ah, which…wait, what happened to physics?」 (Wataru)

「I’m already done with that. I’ll do something about it myself! More importantly, math! I can’t understand Trigonometric functions at all!!」 (Miyu)

Like this, Miyu was weak at science and math, but since she did take lessons seriously, she was far better than Shuuhei.

If you explained the basics to her carefully, she would be able to remember them more or less.

After taking a look at the part she had problems with, it would be fine if you tried to explain it to her in an easy to understand way.

「…It would be something like that, all that’s left would be repeating it over and over. If there’s something you still don’t get, ask me.」 (Wataru)

「Understood, I’ll give it a try.」 (Miyu)

Since Miyu had started to solve her math problems, I went back to checking the answers on Shuuhei’s side.

Shuuhei didn’t have anything special he was bad at, his academic grades were low overall, he was even shaky when it came to basics from middle school.

Usually I would just cram all the answers in his head just before the test, and have him force his way through the test periods.

He seemed like the type of person who would forget about something after a while if he didn’t have any interest in it, so I have half given up on teaching him.

That being the case, when it came down to Shuuhei, I had him memorize what I thought he would be able to get points with.

Even then, I keep getting irritated when he gets stuff right like 「Charlemagne」 and 「Richard the 1st」 as usual.

Once I approached the end of the middle ages world history test…towards what filled the question at the end…

Shuuhei answered like this when faced with the question.

What drove knights away from being the main military force were 「Ninjas」, from the 16th century onwards, thanks to 「Shurikens」 gaining prominence, they started to make a name for themselves among social ranks.

…I can only let out a dry laugh.

When Shuuhei finished solving the questions, he handed me the questions while wearing a face that was saying 「I managed to solve them!」. I’m going to beat him up.

By the way, the answer for the first part was mercenaries and firearms for the second part.

「…You can go back already. From these answers, doesn’t your desire to go back and play the game leak from them?」 (Wataru)

「Wait, don’t abandon me! I’ll do it seriously! If I don’t have Wacchi, I’ll go straight to the failing grade!!」 (Shuuhei)

「In that case look, I’ll rewrite the parts you got wrong with a red pen. Take a look at them and memorize them in 10 seconds.」 (Wataru)

「Even though it’s this bright red!?」 (Shuuhei)

I believe the fact that it’s this red is his own fault though.

The 10 second part was a joke, but I’ll be troubled if he can’t remember this amount of information in a short amount of time.

They often say that teaching others is tied to learning it yourself, this study session also served for me to review the content.

Since I started doing this, even if I didn’t manage to make time to study by myself, I was still able to keep my usual grades.

The only thing that was troublesome was Shuuhei not taking it seriously.

Once they were solving their questions, I was free for a bit.

Halfway through, I saw Saitou-san on the other side of the window so we chatted for a bit, but she had already returned to her club activities.

It would be fine for me to study on my own, but they usually have questions so I can’t really concentrate.

After thinking about it I took out my smartphone, and accessed the TB’s BBS while drinking tea.

Lately whenever I have some free time, I have gotten into the habit of taking a look at the BBS.

【Upper rankings】Duel even rankings thread 7【Surpassed 2000 rating!!】

This is a thread to talk about the preliminary rankings in the ongoing PvP tournament.

Due to the nature of the thread, mentioning the name of people that got into the rankings is not prohibited, but be careful not to slander in the case that a name is posted.

Ignore the trolls and be well mannered.

The next thread will be made once we reach >>900 comments.

333:Nameless Archer ID:ZeAmcsg


I won’t make iiiiit! I can’t get past rating 1800!!!

334:Nameless Light warrior ID:iRmQfVc

Oh, the people that come here in crazy mode have gone up LOL.

335:Nameless Shinto priest ID:WmSsw8p

The preliminaries are only through today, after all.

Me? I’ve already given up. (Around 1600 rating)

336:Nameless Mage ID:Dz3Mag4

The main event is finally tomorrow, huh?

When were bets opened again?

337:Nameless Martial artist ID:kJ4zScZ

Wasn’t it for the top 8?

They should take bets from Sunday 00:00 hours until the tournament starts.

338:Nameless Knight ID:5zKA3sL

The duo at the top of Mercenary Albert・Philia is strong…

Rating 2100…are they monsters? LOL

I wonder if it’s decided that these two would be the champions?

「Done! Eh, Wacchi is the only one that gets to look at his smartphone! That’s unfair!!」 (Shuuhei)

「It’s not unfair. Who do you think this study session is for? However Shuuhei, Albert aniki is at the top of the preliminary rankings.」 (Wataru)

「Right! His partner has a feminine name but I don’t know who she is, they’ve been at the top from the start. Aniki is amazing!! As expected of him!」 (Shuuhei)

From the way he said that, that would mean that Shuuhei didn’t contact him even though he had him in his friend list.

I would have liked some previous information about strong opponents.

At the very least, guess I should pray that we don’t match up with them in the first round. Those muscles are scary.

Before going back to looking at the BBS, I checked Shuuhei’s answers…yup, he barely got a passing grade.

He should be able to pass the test somehow like this.

Once Miyu finishes with hers, today’s study session should be over.

「Since we reached a good place to stop, I’ll go get something to drink」 (Shuuhei)

「Sure, go ahead.」 (Wataru)

Since Shuuhei got up from his seat, I returned to looking at the smartphone.

Even in that situation, Miyu was still concentrating and answering her questions.

361:Nameless Mage ID:xzVrZ5F

However, looking at this, unexpectedly jobs are all over the place.

362:Nameless Knight ID:T6AfWwz

That is proof that the game has good balance.

I would rather not have a PvP tournament where a skill is completely broken.

363:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:Hxj9MtK

The online games I’ve played until now were mostly really unbalanced though.


364:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:uE2c7Ux

You wouldn’t know.

It might just be that the devs haven’t released anything bad yet.

It doesn’t guarantee that it won’t happen from now on.

365:Nameless Knight ID:T6AfWwz

With the current TB, it would only be something like Arrow Rain.

It’s a skill that gets hate.

366:Nameless Shinto priest ID:uE2c7Ux

Those kinds of skills are the ones players shouldn’t have.

They are hated in every game.

367:Nameless Light warrior ID:rgdVSKT

However, that does mean that rapid fire archers are strong.

368:Nameless Knight ID:w5LrLBD

This is the tally of the people that are currently in the rankings.

Heavy warrior 107 people

Light warrior 60 people 

Knight 85 people

Martial artist 31 people

Archer 136 people

Mage 53 people

Shinto priest 40 people

(256 pairs, total of 512 people)

369:Nameless Mage ID:GPRNhx2

Ah, looking at that it does look like heavy warriors and archers are superior.

If I’m right, the pairs where they combined both were the most common.

Did the healing strategy of pairing up a martial artist with a Shinto priest not go well?

370:Nameless Knight ID:w5LrLBD

Since there are plenty of martial artists with high ratings within the ranking, I believe it’s just the difference in the population of the job.

People that use them quite well are really strong in duels.

If the amount of them increase for the tournament, there’s a possibility that there will be a surge of new martial artists after it’s over.

It’s just that that is not the case for Shinto priest, looking at it, there are not many left at the top.

371:Nameless Shinto priest ID:Ss3Rm6S

You’d know if you tried it, but there are just not enough means to defend ourselves…

When they get closer to you, it’s hard to get away from them, the cases where you die before your vanguard are many.

372:Nameless Archer ID:AdPHgp7

Is it not good even if you are a balanced type that learns offensive magic?

373:Nameless Shinto priest ID:Ss3Rm6S

If you spend your MP on attacks, you can’t make the best use of your strong point which is healing.

This only turns you into a worse version of a mage.

As a result, since you would lose in a damage race, your usefulness as a rearguard makes you worthless.

374:Nameless Archer ID:TprY5ft

Among Shinto priests, I believe the most suited for duels is the vanguard type.

If they gain enough time and their partner is able to provide the firepower, they can more or less have a go at it.

375:Nameless Mage ID:P6gUeM5

If it’s Healing, they are able to cast it in an instant after all.

However, it’s true that vanguard Shinto priests are hard and annoying, but I have never thought of them as scary.

376:Nameless Light warrior ID:7aZ3HVV


The brute force approach of heavy warrior and archer is the most stable one.

377:Nameless Martial artist ID:LZLWejw

It’s the era of big physical dps after all.

Though now that we are saying that forcing your way through is the most stable method, it is kind of saddening.

378:Nameless Shinto priest ID:iAZNXzB

That’s why I have high hopes.

If in this kind of situation, something like mages or light warriors were to splendidly toy around with them…

That would be cool.

379:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:fJajgBs

Mages around the top…0, huh?

The one that is paired up with that vanguard Shinto priest who is called Jalousie, these ones were those masked players right?

380:Nameless Knight ID:us5TBga

That’s the case, but those guys were orange players you know?

Once they find a couple, they would attack them, they are the guild master and vice-master of that famous PK guild.

381:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:fJajgBs

Ah, that’s nice.

Personally, there’s some people that will appear in the main event that I’d want to see them explode LMAO.

382:Nameless Martial artist ID:LZLWejw

Like that harem guy, Licht?

Though this guy is not at the level of couples.

383:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:fJajgBs

Right right LOL.

He’s the good looking guy type and also strong right? Right…(#^ω^)

384:Nameless Mage ID:LPtxdHm

He’s even in the top rankings as if it was natural, don’t screw with me!

A while ago I saw him in town and the girls surrounding him had increased!


385:Nameless Archer ID:WsxjPcs

@383 @384

Does this count as slander?

386:Nameless Light warrior ID:ZPL68ZJ

Nah LOL.

Don’t worry, it’s just the replies of the jealous ugly people LOL.

However, they’ll get mad at us soon, so someone should change the topic please.

I have a faint feeling, but it seems like Shinto priests are at a disadvantage when it comes down to duels as I had expected….

Then, there’s many people that have an impression that heavy warriors and archers are strong.

As expected, 『Arrow Rain』 is strong. Though I have prepared enough countermeasures for it.

Besides that, something came to mind when they were on the topic of that couple PK guild…it can’t be, right?

392:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:eypwfse

@386 In that case I’ll do it.

Speaking of knights…

Personally, I have high hopes for Hero-chan, who climbed up through the ranks really quickly in the second half (She’s pretty after all).

393:Nameless Light warrior ID:BGhGADR


You real thoughts are leaking LMAO.

Well, she’s ranked lower that Licht, but with that ranking she’s guaranteed to get into the main event.

Yesterday, the people in the fetish thread were in party mode and got really excited.

394:Nameless Mage ID:mj4iBTg

I’m kinda sad that the cute Riizu-chan is not going to appear.


395:Nameless Martial artist ID:pUxDxFX

Ah? Isn’t Hero-chan far cuter!?

396:Nameless Archer ID:AKTEeB8


Stop instigating a fight LOL.

By the way, her partner is the Shinto priest that used Sacrifice?

397:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:tTspm2R

Most likely?

I have no interest in guys so I’m not too sure.

398:Nameless Archer ID:AKTEeB8

So cold towards guys LMAO.

Yeah he’s really cold…oh well.

If they are not cautious of me so be it, they can do whatever they want.

When I placed my smartphone inside my pocket, it was just in time for when Miyu stopped moving her hand and brought me her answer sheet.

「I’m done, Wataru! Praise me!」 (Miyu)

I took it and when I checked the answers, there were a few careless mistakes but they were mostly right.

I guess I can take this as her understanding the contents.

「Yup yup, not bad. With this, you should be fine in the test.

「…In that case, we should tidy up, buy something sweet and go back?」 (Wataru)

「Crepe!! Wataru, I want to eat a crepe! One with plenty of chocolate!」 (Miyu)

While tidying her writing tools at incredible speeds, Miyu came to me with a request.

If she’s talking about crepes, there’s plenty of stores on our way back but…

「Crepes, huh? In that case, we should go to some sto-」 (Wataru)

「I don’t want them unless they are homemade by Wataru!! Aren’t those with the warm batter better!? I don’t want those cold pre-made batter ones!!」 (Miyu)

「…Yeah yeah. Let’s stop by the supermarket then, and we are splitting the costs of the ingredients.」 (Wataru)

I collected Shuuhei’s things quickly, who still hadn’t returned, we met in the hallway and headed back.

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