VRMMO Chapter 75: Progress in the tournament and weird name being given

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「They called it the official cheat avatar. It’s already the main topic in the BBS.」 (Tobi)

Seems like Tobi took a look at the BBS while he was logging out. He came to give us information as soon as the match was over.

Riizu and Selene-san also stood up from their seats, we were currently standing on a pathway talking.

Of course, the topic was about the Grado emperor we just fought.

Level 100, he was able to use skills regardless of his job, and that abnormal MP recovery speed, they were all aberrant abilities after all…

Even that 『Raging Flame』 casting time, it was extremely short compared to when its main job, mage, used it.

If this game had all chat, it would probably have turned really bad by now…

「In the BBS, they used his strength as a base for the other NPCs, and they thought that if they couldn’t defeat the demon army with such strength, just how strong are demons then? They were in such a discussion-」 (Tobi)

「But, shouldn’t that emperor be a special case? Even if we say he’s strong, in war, if the numbers are uneven it’s meaningless, isn’t the premise quite weird?」 (Hind)

「Umu. If people like him were common, there would be no reason for players to exist, right!?」 (Yumir)

「I also think that way. After all, that discussion went into a weird direction…」 (Tobi)

Thinking about it, the imperial soldiers guarding the border were around level 30.

The soldiers protecting the royal palace in Sala were around level 25, and the commanding officer for the imperial guards was level 35.

It’s a setting where it would be pretty bad if players could commit acts of violence against NPCs.

In order to fight said NPCs, it’s made so that it’s only possible if both sides agree to a duel.

「However, the commanding officer for the mercenaries in the caravan was level 50 right, Hind-san?」 (Riizu)

「You are right. That’s how commanding officers are, so I believe they are a special case.」 (Hind)

「The funds of the national security is low in Sala, so the soldiers are not that skilled, so if we used that as a base and thought about the commanding officers in other countries…they would be as high as level 60? If we follow this trend.」(Selene)

「Well, at the very least, they wouldn’t be level 100.」(Hind)

To summarize, normal people and merchants would be around level 10 and a trained soldier would be around level 30.

A commanding officer would be above level 50 and when I took a look at the BBS, if I remember correctly, the general of the Beli Confederation should have been level 70.

There’s no doubt that said general is also special, so it does prove further just how abnormal that emperor is though.

「However, the emperor’s behavior was special during Hind-dono and Yumir-dono’s match.」 (Tobi)

「Special? How so?」 (Hind)

「I took a quick look at the other matches he filled in for, but those matches all ended with one side being at a clear disadvantage.」 (Tobi)

「I mean, that should have just been a coincidence. Since Yumir was immediately revived right after she became incapacitated, he was probably slightly thrown off by that timing. He was probably planning to finish the match at that point too?」 (Hind)

「I get the feeling that it wasn’t only that…no, it’s probably just my imagination. Forget about it.」 (Tobi)

「?」 (Hind)

I get the feeling it was just a matter of me being a Shinto priest and being able to revive people.

However, in the end, Tobi didn’t tell me what he found strange.

Oh, now that we are talking about the emperor, all of us thought that…it was just a surprise prepared by the developers.

It felt like staring at a huge tornado far away.

「Gununu…I want to get my revenge against that emperor one day. I feel like we completely lost.」 (Yumir)

「Even if you say that, I wonder when we’ll get closer to level 100, though.」 (Riizu)

「We definitely can’t win in our current state, after all. He didn’t look like he was fighting seriously, it would be difficult even if we challenge him as five.」 (Hind)

「You are right…ah, Tobi-kun! More importantly, are you fine on time? Isn’t your next match soon?」 (Selene)

Selene-san opened her menu and checked the time.

She hurriedly opened the tournament bracket and amplified it so she could show it to us, the time was already…

「Hiiiiii!? This is bad, there’s only 1 minute left!! Ah, there are already 3 people standing in the arena…thank you, Selene-dono! I’m going!」 (Tobi)

「G-Good luck…」 (Selene)

「Do your best.」 (Hind)

Tobi started running and looked as if he would trip and fall, and he apologized to Mitsuyoshi-san, who had arrived at the arena.

Seems like he managed to get there before the match started, so the match began without any issues.

The venue was enveloped in cheers.

「Nevertheless, I’m a bit tired…once Tobi’s match ends, shall we log out for a bit?」 (Hind)

「I agree. Once we enter the second half of the tournament, the times we can take a break will decrease.」 (Yumir)

「So you are speaking as if you were going to win. You sure are confident.」 (Riizu)

「Of course I am! We are definitely going to win!」 (Yumir)

「C-Calm down you two. Hind-kun, I also agree. Let’s take a break now that we can.」 (Selene)

With that being said, we sat down in some empty seats that were close-by and watched Tobi’s and Mitsuyoshi’s match.

Once we made sure that they were going to win, we logged out in a corner of the arena.

Once we logged in again, we were able to safely advance through the rounds.

The second match was against two martial artists (Fist style・Kick style), since they both could heal themselves, it turned into quite the drawn out fight…

We stalled until we could release 『Burst Edge』 and crushed one of them.

The one left didn’t give up and kept trying, but having it become a 2 on 1 we had the upper hand.

It was a match that made us realize just how important that instant firepower of 『Burst Edge』 was for us to defeat someone in one strike, but let’s leave that aside, it’s fine since we won.

Be that as it may, I think it’s very cruel that they pointed at Yumir and called her 「Zombie」 because she would return from the dead no matter how many times you killed her and they also called me a 「Necromancer」 since I was the one resurrecting her.

If they are going to give us nicknames, I would prefer if they gave us something better.

Next up, the third match against a heavy warrior (Attack type) and archer (Speed type), the most popular combination in this tournament.

However, since there are so many it also means that since the preliminaries we have been developing countermeasures against them…

Among those measures, this time we successfully decided the match with the 「Swift attack」 one.

Once I charged MP, I cast the Shinto priest skill 『Light Enchant』 and gave Yumir’s basic attacks light element properties.

Yumir quickly got rid of the heavy warrior that kept rushing at me, and we gained control of the match before their archer managed to save up enough MP to release 『Arrow Rain』.

As a result, the match ended way sooner than the second match, we were able to get through quite easily.

It’s just that, the match ended without me understanding the words of the archer, who after the match started shouted 「Aim for the true self!」. True self?

Group H’s semifinals…

Our opponents were a mage called Zelos and a Shinto priest called Jalousie.

Next to me, Yumir was concentrating on their player names.

「Ooh, Hind! Their names are really orange! Just as the rumor said, these guys are really PKs!」 (Yumir)

「You are right, Yumir. It’s just that…the guild name under their names is quite unusual, don’t you have the feeling you’ve seen it somewhere?」 (Hind)

「Muh?…Normie, extermination…ah!」 (Yumir)

My bad premonition has come true.

Since that time I saw it in the BBS, I was wondering if the guild these masked guys belong to is the same as that PK guy from when the game launched.

What was it again…if I remember correctly, even though he was called Poker Face, I believe he was a player that was unable to hide his hatred.


「「!?」」 (Yumir and Hind)

When we whispered to each other quietly, the large build man with the iron mask suddenly roared.

Then the man in wearing black clothes and a clown mask protested.

「Calm down, Jalousie. Endure until the match starts.」 (Zelos)

「But big bro!」 (Jalousie)

「Excuse me, is it fine if I ask you a question?」 (Hind)

I don’t know if my words will get through them, but since there was something that I was curious about I talked to them.

Unexpectedly, the man with a clown mask took a posture as if he was saying 「What is it?」.

「What is your basis for deciding if people are a couple…?」 (Hind)

「As if you didn’t know already. Isn’t it pretty obvious that if a guy and a girl form a party together, they are all couples?」 (Zelos)

「That criteria is so loose though!? If you do it like that, aren’t you guys mistaking them for couples as you see it fit!? The truth is both of us-」 (Hind)

「Silence! We’ll turn you guys into a bloodbath soon enough, so prepare yourselves!」 (Zelos)

「「Eh…」」 (Hind and Yumir)

Right after they lost their temper and took up their weapons, they gave the signal for the match to start.

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