Chapter 103. Farming and visitors in the guild home

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Just a quick TL note this time, a certain character refers to Selene with “Jou/嬢” at the end. While this has a few meanings, in this case it would be a variant of “Miss” but far more politely and not something usually used. (at least in real life)

So I was pondering how to get the point across that it was different from the usual “san” and more polite and ended up just using the English form of “miss” to differentiate them. Not really a big deal but I’ll check later if there’s a need to change it to JP for consistency or the like (though I have already broken rules there).

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Once the soil we had scattered around solidified, we started plowing it, while we kept leveling the uneven portions of the land, time passed by in a flash.

While we were at it, once we finished with our part, we proceeded to go and help Selene-san and Lycoris and co.

「Ploooowing Throooooough!!」(Yumir)

「Aaaaaaaaaah! Secret technique, other self farming! Hahaha, with this, I’m twice as efficient!」(Tobi)

「Tobi-san multiplied!? I-I can’t lose!」(Lycoris)

「In that case, follow me, Lycoriiiiiiis!」(Yumir)

「Yes! Aaaaaaaaaaah!!」(Lycoris)

Yumir and Tobi, Lycoris-chan too, were so loud from beginning to end.

That being said, even though they were noisy, it was true that they were the ones doing the most work. The areas they worked on were done at a high pace, although quite messily.

Since we need to mix oxygen into the soil, I can’t really go and tell them that there’s no point in plowing the soil so high.

「Hind-san, poor Secchan, she’s politely following after them and leveling  the plot…」(Riizu)

「If you really think that, Riizu, go help her…ah, Cineraria-chan noticed.」(Hind)

Thus, those two that did their work thoroughly followed behind those three, and they somehow split their work properly.

Cineraria-chan is a good girl that has her act together…

「If Sai-chan wasn’t there, us three would be all over the place so…she’s something akin to senpai in Migratory Bird you know?」(Siesta)

「…Siesta-chan, don’t go hiding your presence and stand up behind us. Furthermore, I know I said this before but…don’t go reading what other people are thinking either.」(Hind)

「Evil spirit, begone!」(Riizu)

Riizu suddenly placed herself behind me and threw the soil she had on her hands at her.

However, as if she had expected that action from Riizu, Siesta-chan dodged it beautifully with languid and smooth movements.

「You won’t hit me with those.」(Siesta)

「Tsk…! I won’t let you escape!」(Riizu)

Well, the agricultural area is a safe area, so even if she were to hit her with it, the damage would be nullified.

It’s also possible to use skills and attack, but if those hit players, there won’t be any damage dealt.

Before the introduction of safe areas, there was that time where Riizu kicked Yumir in the knee and it dealt a small amount of damage right?…That’s sort of nostalgic.

Like that, they kept getting further away from me while throwing soil at each other, so I ignored them.

They both lack physical strength anyway, so they’ll get tired soon enough…the soil will mix properly even if they just throw it like that, so it’s no problem.

I grabbed the hoe and proceeded to plow the soil in that spot again.

I worked on my designated area thoroughly. When it comes to simple work, patience is the most important thing.

From that point, I kept swinging the hoe down for nearly an hour and that section was finally done.

I’m not sure how much of this heat they’ll be able to take, but for the time being, I planted some common medicinal herbs.

Since it’s a game, even if you were to plant the same thing over and over, continuous cropping won’t occur and they’ll grow at an exceptional speed.

If we keep doing things while not thinking too deeply about it, things should probably go well to a certain extent.

We should sprinkle an appropriate amount of water and with that, today’s work should be over.

「Alright, it’s done. Good work everyone.」(Hind)

「「「Good work」」」

Everyone replied while covered in mud.

Regarding when your avatar is covered in filth in this game, after some time passes, a “Cleaning” button will appear in your status window, if you press it, it’s possible for your avatar to return to its original state.

However, it might have been because they were tired, but everyone was sitting down while still covered in dirt.

It was hard work after all, can’t be helped.

Though it’s not as if your physical body inside the game builds fatigue but…ah, that’s right.

「I made some pudding yesterday, want to eat some?」(Hind)

「「「I want some!!」」」

「Ah, E-eh…I-I want some too…」(Selene)

With only Selene-san falling a bit behind, we all decided unanimously to have a snack.

Well, even then, it’s not like by eating the pudding we’ll get full in real life either.

It would be something like healing our emotional fatigue. In order to rest, we left the agricultural area and went back home.

Just as the door to our home came into view, we noticed something unusual.

Someone was standing in front of the door?

Once she saw that, Selene-san started getting flustered.

That being the case, we left her behind along with the members of Baby Bird and we kept going to ascertain the identity of the figures in front of the door.

As we got closer, we started to notice something about these figures.

「Hind, I think I’m seeing the backs of someone really tall and someone short?」(Yumir)

「Yeah. On top of that, both of them have these huge ass weapons…a greatsword and a big axe.」(Hind)

「What’s this…I’m getting déjà vu​ when I look at those backs.」(Riizu)


Tobi shouted and started running towards them, it was just as I had thought.

However, why are Albert and Philia in Sala…?

For the time being, we exchanged simple greetings and led the parent and child duo into one of our guest rooms.

The members of 『Baby Bird』said that it would be time to log out after they finished eating the pudding, and they gladly accepted it once I gave them my thanks while handing it over.

According to Lycoris-chan, “Eating something sweet at night and not being able to gain weight is the best!”, or so she says.

After they returned to their own home, now it was time to focus on Albert and his daughter.

I prepared cookies called Ma’amoul that contained walnuts and figs and herbal tea.

Once I did, Philia-chan started wolfing down the Ma’amouls I placed on top of a plate one after another.

…Don’t tell me, she took a liking to them?

「They are tasty.」(Philia)

Is that so?

Since it looked as if it wouldn’t be enough, I took out a second serving, and that too did disappear into her mouth in an instant.

Yup, it’s just like Albert said before, this girl is definitely going to grow tall…she sure eats well.

While I was serving the guests, all the members of Migratory Bird gathered.

「You have set up quite the splendid Guild Home, Hind, Yumir.」(Albert)

「Right!? Though that was to be expected!」(Yumir)

Having taken a sip of the herbal tea, Albert proceeded to say this after taking a look at the building.

Leaving aside Yumir, I’m a bit taken aback by how frankly he gave that compliment.

「Eh, yeah. All the members around us have been outstanding after all…so, what’s your business here?」(Hind)

「Aniki, if you needed something, I wish you would have contacted me beforehand.」(Tobi)

「I apologize, Tobi. I should apologize to Hind and the rest of the members too, for suddenly coming unexpected. I just so happened to have mercenary work in Sala, so I was in a hurry. …The truth is, I came here with a request for you.」(Albert)


This person sure asks for a lot of favors whenever he starts talking to us…just when I was thinking that, he took a huge amount of gold coins from the inventory and placed it on the table.

The mountain of gold eventually started falling to the floor.

We were dumbfounded. Following that, he took out ingots that had a different texture compared to iron, the table was full of different kinds of metal.

Wait, what? What is he trying to do?

「With these, can you make m-…no, I want you to make new weapons for both of us. Hind…and that person over there, miss Selene.」(Albert)

Selene-san, who was looking at the situation from a distance, jumped in surprise once Albert directed his gaze at her.

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  1. Error?
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  2. 「Eh, yeah. All the members around us have outstanding after all…so, what’s your business here?」(Hind)

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