Chapter 86: First match of the semifinals

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Before getting into the chapter I’ll have to comment on a certain part of it. In the middle of the chapter Walter will ask Hind if Yumir and Herrscha are like “boys”.

However, in the original text he does mean men. The problem with translating this part of the chapter was that later on Hind does say that they are more like men too, but this time using a “stronger” word for it. (Think “men among men” sort of word)

As there was no English variant I could think to make this work. I switched the first one for “boyish” and the second one said by Hind has remained as “manly” so that the readers can see the difference between both terms.

That will be all for the translator notes for this chapter, enjoy.

『-That’s the end of the match! It was an interesting match where the team with the upper hand kept switching all the time! The winners are Yumir and Hind!』 (Emperor)

The venue was filled with cheers.

At the same time the match ended, Walter recovered from his KO’d status and stood up while staggering, then he returned to where we were.

Then Yumir…

「It’s our win.」 (Yumir)

「Kuh…」 (Herrscha)

She boasted about her win to Herrscha, who was still kneeling.

Walter tried to rush over to Herrscha to help her out in a panic, but I stopped him by reaching out with my arm.

「Master…?」 (Walter)

「Well, in cases like these just wait and watch.」 (Hind)

Yumir held out her hand towards Herrscha, who was grinding her teeth in frustration.

Herrscha was taken aback by such an action and just stared at her.

After being forced to grasp the hand that was extended to her, Yumir put in strength and helped her stand up.

「…However, that was a good spell at the end. I love flashy spells like the ones you used.」 (Yumir)

「…!!」 (Herrscha)

At the sudden words, Herrscha looked quite surprised but she didn’t seem to hate it.

She fixed her posture in a hurry, stuck out her chest and replied.

「T-That goes without saying! It’s my magic after all! The flame is strong, beautiful…that’s why, even though I thought that it wouldn’t lose to anyone…your sword skills might be crude, but I’ll at least admit that you are strong.」 (Herrscha)

「Fun, you sure can talk. Come on, you should give a response to the audience! There are people that are clapping for you too.」 (Yumir)

After the cheers for us died down, the audience started cheering when they saw Yumir helped Herscha.

Then Herrscha raised her hand in a dignified manner while Walter did so shily.

While doing that, Walter sneakily approached me and said.

「M-Master…! It was as master said, it worked out somehow! It’s just that…eh, how should I say this…」 (Walter)

「You mean that right? It’s like one of those scenes with men beating each other besides a riverbed.

「”You are not half bad”…”I could say the same about you”…something like that?

「I’m getting a bit embarrassed just from watching them.」 (Hind)

「Yes, that was it! It played out exactly like one of those situations! Even though they are both female!」 (Walter)


「Well, they are both quick to anger and are simple minded after all. No matter how it would have ended, I thought that it would end well in the end.」 (Hind)

“I see…”, while murmuring that, Walter started walking next to me.

Like that, we followed Yumir and Herrscha and left the stage behind us.

To leave the area quickly after the match is over is a rule of the arena.

「So to sum it up, both of their personalities are like those of boys?」 (Walter)

「Wait wait, you definitely can’t say that in front of both of them you hear me? They will beat you up. Besides, if we were to be more specific, rather than being boyish, I believe it would be more correct to say that they are like men.」 (Hind)

「Eh? What’s the difference?」 (Walter)

「I have the feeling…the latter one matches their personality better.」 (Hind)

I mean, both of them look like beautiful girls on the outside after all.

No, in a sense, you could say that there are 3 beautiful girls right here…but the reality is quite different.

That’s why, Walter, I’d prefer if you didn’t act as if you didn’t understand, because the concept of gender will start getting weird when you do.

What does it mean to be manly? We’ll enter a maze where there’s no real answer if you do.

There will be a break until the semifinals start.

There are some players that decided to log out for the time being, but the majority stayed here fearing that they would lose their seats.

Since our seats are different, there’s no need to worry about that kind of thing, however, all of us didn’t log out and were currently chatting.

「Ah, both of you. First of all, congratulations on advancing to the semi-finals.」 (Tobi)

「「Congratulations!!」」 (Lyco and Sai)

We received those words from Tobi, Lycoris-chan and Cineraria-chan once we returned to our seats.

After replying with a 「Thanks」 while feeling embarrassed, I took my seat along with Yumir.

「You sure took your time, did something happen?」 (Tobi)

「We accompanied Herrscha and Walter to their seats first. Then, we found out that all the people seated there were members of their guild.」 (Hind)

「Umu. Their guild was quite peculiar!」 (Yumir)

We only exchanged short greetings, but since it didn’t seem like there was anyone that was resenting us for beating Herrscha and Walter, it didn’t seem like they were bad people.

It’s just that, as Yumir has said, they were certainly weird.

「Peculiar…what do you mean by that? Don’t tell me that all of them were wearing butler and maid outfits?」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「No, they didn’t go that far but…」 (Hind)

Mitsuyoshi’s guess didn’t hit the mark but wasn’t that far off either.

All ten of them were seated without leaving any empty seats in between, and the moment Herrscha returned they all stood up and…

「「「Good work out there, ojou-sama!!」」」

They expressed their congratulations like that while bowing their heads.

It was kinda impressive how the players seated behind them only felt a bit uncomfortable.

「Rather than guild mates, they seemed more like subordinates?」 (Yumir)

「You are right. Rather than being seated in a row, it seemed like they were seated in hierarchical order after all.」 (Hind)

「…Hind-san. Could it be that they are doing that against their wil-」

「Nope. I got the feeling that they all adored her, it was kinda scary.」 (Hind)

「Ehh…an ojou-sama…and her servants…?」 (Siesta)

I think that with those words said by Siesta-chan absent-mindedly, the reality hit me.

That’s right, that was a group made for their 「Ojou-sama」.

With the servants supporting her, it was a guild revolving around Herrscha.

That was probably what that guild called 『Sirius』 was all about.

「Well, they did look like quite the strong guild, but they did say that they would cheer for us in our next match.」 (Hind)

「But that woman, she tried to poach Hind to her guild on our way back you know? Riizu, go over there later and scatter salt over there, salt!!」 (Yumir)

「…so you mean that they are our enemy right? I feel reluctant to do as Yumir-san says, but fine. I’ll make sure to scatter plenty of salt later. In that case, how about I go in front of them and throw salt at them directly?」 (Riizu)

「T-That’s a joke right…? You are not being serious right?」 (Selene)

It looks like Selene-san is worried but it’ll probably be OK.

Salt is quite the expensive material in TB, in our guild, I’m the only one that has some.

Yumir should possess 0 gold and Riizu probably won’t go through the trouble of buying some just for that.

We killed some time while talking about such a silly topic and the arena got lively again.

The scheduled time was getting near and when the participants and the Emperor took the stage, big cheers resonated throughout the arena.

「Oh, there he is, Albert. Don’t you think that the reason the interval was so long was their fault? The developers must be crying.」 (Hind)

「Well, Aniki is the only one whose matches are extremely short after all. These are the semifinals, they’ll probably have a closer match this time.」 (Tobi)

However, as if to betray Tobi’s expectations, the same thing that happened in the quarterfinals happened in the semifinals.

It seemed like the audience was already used to it, even though it developed as they had expected, they still cheered really loudly.

Even the Hippopotamus and Falke duo was unable to stop Albert.

『Muu…regarding this match, I have nothing to say. The winners are the Mercenary Albert and Philia duo! ….Next up, it’s time for the 2nd match of the semifinals! All four participants, head to the stage!』 (Emperor)

「So fast…is it our turn already? Yumir, we are going.」 (Hind)

「Good grief, we don’t even have the time to take it easy…」 (Yumir)

We returned after going to Herrscha and Walter’s seats, so even if the interval was long, we didn’t have much time to rest…in order to fight in the semifinals, we headed towards the stage again.

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Chapter 85: Aiming for weaknesses and trump card

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Right after the match started, just when I was going to start charging my MP up, I was assaulted by a whip at the same time I heard the sound of the wind being cut.

Luckily, it only hit the area around my legs so I didn’t take any damage, but the range was far longer than I expected.

Furthermore, the problem was that I was unable to see the trajectory at all…so I should take it as it’s impossible to see.

With the physical attack of a mage it would be too weak to count as a damage source, so it can be expected that it was used mainly to stop me from chanting and MP charging.

「Yumir!」 (Hind)

「Oh! Here I go!」 (Yumir)

This time, we’ll be the ones going on the offensive.

The orders I gave Yumir this time were extremely simple and not very precise.

In other words…

「Kuh, so you are going to aim for me!?」 (Herrscha)

「Fuhahaha! 」

It was to focus on recklessly sticking close to Herrscha.

The audience grew excited because of Yumir’s fierce attacks from the get go.

With our distance growing, we were currently mutually isolated, if Walter were to focus on targeting me it would be pretty dangerous.

However, I had confidence about something.

「Ojou-sama!」 (Walter)

「!! Walter, you idiot! I told you many times to not let Hind get MP—Kyah!」 (Herrscha)

「For you to look away, you sure have it easy, huh!? Take this! I’ll chop those annoying drills of your!」 (Yumir)

「I-I can’t do that! To let Ojou-sama alone as she’s being attacked! I’ll assist you!」 (Walter)

Walter won’t come my way, definitely.

After being called master by him, I had been in contact frequently with Walter, it seems like Herrscha’s family’s butler training was the real deal.

From the contents of the worries that were in our conversations, they were very strict by today’s modern standards.

It was ingrained in his body…that no matter what happened, he should protect his master.

Even if it’s a game, I doubt that the docile Walter will be able to ignore that.

Making use of that, I was able to quietly charge up my MP.

I have the feeling that it’s quite the dirty tactic, but if Herrscha is unable to recover from this strategy that takes Walter’s nature into account, we’ll probably win at this rate.

I’ve more or less charged up my MP, so I started casting plenty of buffs and heals on Yumir.

Herrscha is doing a good job at running away and Walter’s defense is solid, however, Yumir has already managed to bring Herrscha’s HP down to around 50%.

…Will they be able to get out of this situation?

「Kuh, at this rate! Guess we don’t have any other choice…Walter, we are going with Plan B!」 (Herrscha)

「-!! Yes, ojou-sama!」 (Walter)

「Ooh!? What’s going on!?」 (Yumir)

Walter went from playing defensive to going on the offense.

He passed through Yumir’s sword and went towards her body.

Furthermore, both of his fists were emitting light-

「No good! Get away, Yumir!」 (Hind)

「Eh?」 (Yumir)

「Haaaaaaaaaah!」 (Walter)

Walter is an 『Qigong type』 among the martial artist types.

They are able to inflict status ailments on strong foes and their resilience is higher than other martial artist types, this skill…

「Denebuh!?」 (Yumir)

『Hakkei・Yabu』, it’s a powerful skill that for the short duration of 5 seconds, you are able to release attacks that disregard the opponent’s defense.

It goes without saying that, in a state that was akin to being defenseless, Yumir was knocked out by the rush of blows and rolled on the stage.

This made the armor that Selene-san went through so much trouble to make look bad. Furthermore, this situation is not good.

I was completely careless…! I knew about the skill, but Walter didn’t use this skill in the group stages at all.

Even though I thought that we wouldn’t get into trouble as long as I was careful about 『Raging Flame』, to think they would be able to counterattack this well…

…No good, both of them are coming this way!

Because I wasn’t being vigilant of Walter’s skills, I still haven’t finished casting 『Revive』!

「That was a trump card that we were saving for the finals! Feel honored, Hind!」 (Herrscha)

「Prepare yourself, master!」 (Walter)

There’s another 8 seconds until 『Revive』 finishes casting…!

I moved towards the edge of the stage to gain as much distance as I could.

As if to showcase how fast he was, Walter shortened the distance in an instant.

Damn it, his physical ability is high! 5 seconds left!

Don’t panic, dodging should be the only thing I take pride in.

Let him come closer until the last moment…then roll through his flank to slip through his kick.

Even though the system would stop your casting if it judged that you have taken damage…alright, 3 seconds left! He didn’t hit me!

「Walter! Hurry up and stop his casting!」 (Herrscha)

「Y-Yes!」 (Walter)

At the same time they talked in a panic, 3 attacks flew towards me.

A punch from Walter thrown from an imperfect stance along with a whip attack from Herrscha after having cast 『Fire Ball』 flew towards me simultaneously.

Only 1 second left, please make it in time!

「Daah! …Ouch!?」 (Hind)

「It grazed him…!? We did it! This marks the end for you, Hind!」 (Herrscha)

I ran towards the 『Fire Ball』 since it looked to be the easiest one to dodge, but from the 3 balls that she shot I was grazed by the last one.

Having confirmed their victory, she had Walter stand in front of her as she started chanting a big spell.

However, I picked up my staff and took up my stance again as I smiled at Herrscha and Walter.

「…Who said that it was over?」 (Yumir)


Immediately after, Walter was swept away in an instant by lightning.

While being covered in lightning, Yumir sharply rushed in front of his eyes.

Seems like since I cast it while facing the 『Fire Ball』, I was able to make them both miss the visual effect of my 『Revive』.

As a result, Walter was taken by surprise and unable to dodge Yumir’s sharp attack, taking a direct hit to the side.

Yumir’s war cry echoed throughout the stage.

「The ones that are going to lose, are you guys!」 (Yumir)

「O-Ojou-samaaaaaa!!」 (Walter)

「Walter!」 (Herrscha)

Taking the 『Burst Edge』 filled with Yumir’s fighting spirit, Walter’s small body was blown away while spinning in the air.

Being unable to properly take the fall, his body made a loud noise as it fell powerlessly on the stage.

There’s no doubt that he became incapacitated there.

I looked back at Herrscha after making sure of that and was quite surprised that her eyes were still filled with the intention to fight.

It seems like she didn’t lose concentration even while Walter was being blown away, on top of her hand there was a gigantic fireball already being formed.

「It’s not over yet! The match hasn’t been decided yet!」 (Herrscha)

「Nuuooooooooh!? Hind, isn’t that fireball even bigger than the emperor’s!?」 (Yumir)

「Is this the time for comments like that!? Run away!」 (Hind)

She must have casted it along with the mage skill 『Concentration』…!

It’s a skill that empowers your magic by offering a part of your HP, judging from the MP she’s been able to charge up until now, she probably has also used 『Mana Conversion』, she most likely has barely any HP left.

It’s literally the last attack fired after giving all her remaining life.

She probably was aiming to crush both of us with this attack, but it also means that if we survive it’s our win!

「Doouuuuuuraaaaah!!」 (Hind)

「Nuooooooooh!?」 (Yumir)

I rushed over to Yumir, after breaking her posture, I threw her as far as I could with my strength.

I felt as if my back was going to break from the weight of the armor…however, it seems I was able to successfully throw her far enough.

Like that, I ran towards the huge fireball myself.

「Nuah!?」 (Hind)

「Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!」 (Yumir)

The same way I used it in the battle against the Emperor, I used the Shinto Priest’s high magical resistance as a shield against magic.

If we can’t dodge it, I should at least keep damage to a minimum…!!

Besides, even if it comes to the worst case scenario and I’m taken out, it doesn’t change the fact that it’ll be our win if Yumir is left.

The reason I ran into it myself was to keep Yumir as far away as possible from the radius of its effect.

Once the fire settled down, my remaining HP was…

「1!? I was left with 1 HP!? I’m alive!!」 (Hind)

「Ooh, what luck! It’s the first time I’ve seen it in this game, being left with 1 HP!」 (Yumir)

「This…has to be a lie right? The attack I put everything I had in…rather that crushing both of you, to think I was unable to defeat even one of you…」 (Herrscha)

Herrscha was dumbfounded at the sight of what she was seeing and dropped to her knees, then she finally declared that she was surrendering.

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Chapter 84: 7th place vs 8th place, start of the battle.

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2nd battle, Hippopotamus (Grado Empire)・Falke (Grado Empire) vs Insipid Green Tea (Mahl Republic)・Dry Shiitake Mushroom (Mahl Republic), it ended with the Hippopotamus duo winning.

Followed by the 3rd match, Richt (Rust Kingdom)・Rose (Rust Kingdom) vs Forever a Chrysalis (Grado Empire)・Incomplete Container (Grado Empire), the Richt・Rose duo was currently at an advantage.

Speaking of our match, it seems like it ended up being the last one.

It seems like the pairings were supposed to be random, but in the end, we both ended up being at the end of the tournament bracket.

「It’s reaching the climax…as expected of the finals block. They are evenly matched.」(Hind)

「The only weird match was that first one.」 (Tobi)

「In other words, you could say that the only weird one is that Albert.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Like Mitsuyoshi-san said, Philia-chan’s movements were really good as a Heavy Warrior, but those were still within the realm of common sense.

Only Albert aniki was in another completely different dimension since the group battles, wouldn’t he be fine going 1 vs 2? There were people that voiced that opinion.

「However, these high pitched cheers…sure are hard on the ears!! Kah!」 (Tobi)

The source of Tobi’s unpleasant face were the cheers of the female players, they were all directed towards the Knight Richt.

From what I saw from the videos, he did seem like a handsome guy that would be popular.

If I looked more closely, aside from Tobi, I could see a lot of male players looking rather displeased.

In contrast to being loved by females, he seems to be quite hated by the male player base.

「If you are jealous, you could just be honest and say so.」 (Hind)

「I-I-It’s not like that!!」 (Tobi)

「Thanks for the easy to understand reaction.」 (Hind)

「If Tobi-kun fixed the parts where he’s lacking, he would be popular too. Such a waste.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「I wonder. If he was able to fix those, you’d think he’d have already fixed them by now.」 (Hind)

「God damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!」 (Tobi)

In an act of frustration, Tobi got off his seat and crouched down.

Maybe we went a bit too far with the jokes…I locked eyes with Mitsuyoshi-san and we both smiled wryly.

We picked Tobi up from both sides and got him back onto his seat.

For a while, Tobi covered his face while groaning and he finally took a deep breath after a while.

「Fuh, I calmed down. But I can’t stop this feeling of envy when I see a pair of man and woman finishing someone off smoothly with continuous sword skills.」 (Tobi)

「Unlike the pair of Albert, these two are quite coordinated after all.」 (Hind)

「Now that you mention it, it felt like they made two 1 on 1 fights.

「What do you think, Hind-kun? From your point of view, what do you think about their coordination?」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Right after those words from Mitsuyoshi-san, their opponent’s Light Warrior, who acted as the vanguard, was finished off by their pincer attack.

With the way it’s going, this match should have been decided.

Well, from what I’ve seen so far, the coordination between those Knights…

 「It’s true that they are both strong enough to be the 2nd most popular duo.

「However, it might be because of the fear of friendly fire, the distance between them is far too large. I believe there are plenty of weaknesses we can take advantage of.」 (Hind)

「Oh? As expected of you.

「If the demon of coordination says so, it must be true.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「We experience that first hand with our bodies after all. I have high expectations of you!」 (Tobi)

「…You don’t have to suck up to me like that.

「Before that, we first have to pass through the fight in front of us or there will be nothing after. I believe you guys are getting ahead of yourselves here.」 (Hind)

After saying that, I stood up from my seat.

If we win, we’ll face them in the next round, but for the time being let’s put that away from our minds.

More importantly, if we don’t start moving before the next match, we’ll end up having to go there in a hurry.

「Yumir, we should get going.」 (Hind)

「Mogo?」 (Yumir)

I called Yumir, who was stuffing her mouth with muffins and urged her to start preparing.

The reason why the female seats were really quiet was because of this.

Though the guys did eat them really fast, the girls ignored the match and took their time to enjoy the sweets.

The conversations I heard from time to time had nothing to do with the match and were all related to discussing the sweets.

『…That’s enough! Well done, Knights of Rust! The way you completely plucked your opponent’s chances of winning was splendid! The winners are the Richt・Rose duo!』 (Emperor)

Meanwhile, it seems like the match was decided.

With this, the 3rd match of the quarter finals is over too, in the end it ended because of a misfire of Arrow Rain.

With this it’s finally our turn next.

「Well then, we are going!」 (Yumir)

「We’ll be on our way.」 (Hind)

After receiving words of encouragement and being sent off by everyone, Yumir and I moved to the stage.

While being watched by the Emperor, we faced Hersschaft and Walter.

Walter was wearing the same butler outfit as before.

However, it was probably a new one made with materials with high defense.

In Herrschaft’s case, she was wearing a far more gorgeous dress than before.

Since they were both wearing outfits that you didn’t usually see players wearing, they were standing out quite a bit.

The reason Herrscha has the nickname of 「Ojou-sama」 in the BBS is probably also because of this fact.

「Hind…I wanted to face you in the finals.」 (Herrscha)

「The people in the BBS supporting the two duos with a magic class job in them are probably quite disappointed…to think that we would have to beat each other right from the bat.」 (Hind)

「B-But, one of us will go to the semifinals! I, if we lose, I’ll cheer for master!」 (Walter)

「Don’t talk as if it’s decided that we are going to lose, Walter!…Hind! If we win, you will have to cheer for us!」 (Herrscha)

「Well, that was what I was planning to do…」 (Hind)

「Hah, there’s no way we would lose that easily!」 (Yumir)

Towards those words coming from Yumir, Herrscha glared at her sharply.

Walter looked quite nervous and the Emperor looked like he was having fun watching sparks fly off before the match.

It seems like until they are done talking, he will wait to give the signal for the battle to start.

「…Your partner sure has quite the impertinent mouth. Shouldn’t you teach her some manners?」 (Herrscha)

「Look who’s talking. Can’t you hold a conversation without adding Hind into it? Ah? If you have something to say, how about you say it straight to me? You coward!」 (Yumir)

They countered sharp words with sharp words.

The corners of their eyes suddenly rose up and they took up their weapons and shouted at the same time.

「So rude! I can’t forgive your insolent attitude!」 (Herrscha)

「Just what I was asking for! Come at me already!」 (Yumir)

Well, I already thought this before but…these two, their natures are identical.

「What do you think, Walter?」 When I asked him that carefreely, he replied with a troubled expression.

「I-It’s true that that might be the case but, master, is it really fine to leave them like that…?」 (Walter)

「Don’t worry. You should look forward to their attitude after the battle.」 (Hind)

「If you say so, master…eh, well…I’ll put my heart into it! Let’s have a good battle!」 (Walter)

「Sure. I’ll do my best too.」 (Hind)

I stood quite far behind Yumir and Walter stood as if to protect Herrscha. When we were in position, the Emperor took a step forward.

I’m grateful that the Emperor had waited until we finished talking.

『I take you are ready? …Fumuh, that’s good.

『In that case, final battle of the quarter finals, Walter・Herrschaft vs Yumir・Hind…begin!』 (Emperor)

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Chapter 83: Strong-armed flash

「That being said, senpai, you sure have gotten really famous quickly thanks to Yumir-san. There we go.」 (Siesta)

「Whoa! Y-You are right…」 (Hind)

「You even got a weird nickname right!? If I remember correctly it was…」 (Lycoris)

「True Self, yup…」 (Cineraria)

「We watched the replays! My hands got sweaty during the group finals…what’s wrong, Hind-senpai? You are looking all restless there.」 (Siesta)

「That’s…obviously because Siesta-chan is sitting on top of my lap!! Both of you stop her, the stares I’m getting from our vicinity hurt, they are piercing me!」 (Hind)

When I set her down against her will and made her take a seat, the three of them placed a hand behind their head and stuck out their tongues.

I can’t really accept just how in sync they are at times like these…

On top of that, since they were that cheerful, I got tired from dealing with them alone.

I wonder if someone will come soon…


As I was thinking that, a suspicious person wearing a hood and a robe stood up in front of us.

Like that, she stood with her arms folded and didn’t move for a while but…since I stood there without saying a word and just looking back at her, she began to shake.

Say something, at least react, those kind of emotions were leaking from her.



「Tadah! Who would have thought? It was me all along!」 (Yumir)

She probably couldn’t hold back anymore, Yumir took off her robe and showed herself before I could even finish saying it.

The moment they saw her, Lycoris-chan and Cineraria-chan, who were just looking at the situation, smiled like blossoming flowers.

「「Yumir-san!!」」 (Both of them)

Like that, they started getting loud and having fun, so I left them to their own devices.

After sitting down again in my seat, I let a big sigh out.

Finally, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders…

Siesta-chan quietly approached me right away, but I should be able to deal with one of them.

「Senpai senpai, why is Yumir-san wearing a robe? Those are the robes that you get when you create a char and are used to conceal your identity right?」 (Siesta)

「Yeah. That girl, she’s way more known by other players compared to someone like me.

「It was done just to make sure she didn’t cause an uproar.

「Besides, in order for her to not do anything stupid, she was supposed to be accompanied by someone that didn’t like standing out but…」 (Hind)

「A person that dislikes standing out…senpai, isn’t that person over there?」 (Siesta)

I followed where Siesta-chan was pointing at…

The person wearing a robe just like Yumir, was far behind from our seats…since her path was being obstructed by players chatting, she couldn’t pass through and was panicking.

「S-Selene-saaaaaaaan!!」 (Hind)

Somehow, I was able to push all those players aside, rescue Selene-san and managed to return to our previous seats.

After exchanging some basic introductions nervously with the 3 girls, Selene-san sat limply on her seat.

「Good work out there, Selene-san. Thanks for bringing Yumir here.」 (Hind)

「I-It’s fine. I’m the one that suggested it.」 (Selene)

Since it doesn’t look like there’s been an uproar, it seems like they were able to move around well.

But it looks like at the end, Yumir saw us and broke into a run, which ended up with her being left behind.

「Are you fine? Having 3 people you’ve seen for the first time here, Mitsuyoshi-san is also going to come later though.」 (Hind)

「I’m sort of fine with girls younger than me…besides, Mitsuyoshi-san looks like the calm type and it’s the second time we’ll meet, so it’ll probably be fine.」 (Selene)

…Ooh, Selene-san sure is working hard to improve on her fear of strangers.

By the way, the one that said 「Don’t mind me and invite your friends.」 was her.

「The one that made Yumir-san’s armor was Selene-san!?」

Having her name called out suddenly, Selene-san showed signs of feeling nervous.

It seems like they were currently talking about Yumir’s defensive gear.

「Umu. Secchan is a top class blacksmith! If you want to hear about it in detail, you should go ask the person itself!」 (Yumir)

「The design is also beautiful…so, Selene-san. Would it be fine if we talked to you?」 (Cineraria)

「Hyaih! G-Go ahead!!」 (Selene)

Having been called by Cineraria-chan, Selene-san’s shoulders trembled as she replied.

Like that, they asked questions about the armor and praised her. While she was really nervous, she was able to properly reply to their questions.

It’s going…well, yup. For some reason, It feels kind of lonely.

「Senpai, you are making the face of a father sending his daughter to wed.」 (Siesta)

「You are kidding! Wait, what kind of face is even that!? Have you even seen it?」 (Hind)

「An uncle of mine made that same face when he was at his daughter’s wedding. It was exactly like yours.」 (Siesta)

Eeeeh…to begin with, it seems like Siesta-chan wants to treat me like an old man no matter what.

If I’m being told it over and over, I’ll really start getting old so I wish she stopped, really.

After that, Mitsuyoshi-san was the first one of the remaining three to appear.

When he saw that the lineup was full of girls, he let out a 「So glamorous.」 and in a blink of an eye, he was already part of the group and participating in conversations.

Then it was Tobi and the last one was Riizu but…

「…」 (Riizu)


Riizu arrived and without moving, she stared at Siesta-chan, who was seated next to me.

I’m pretty sure I told her these girls were coming beforehand though…

Then, as if she had thought of something, she headed towards Siesta-chan and said one word while pointing at her.

「Out.」 (Riizu)

「Wait a moment Riizu, come over here!」 (Hind)

It was the same as that time with Selene-san, but it was far too rude for a first meeting.

As expected, Siesta-chan looked a bit offended.

I took her to a place a bit far from there and after giving her a sermon, I had her do it again from the beginning.

「…I apologize. Nice to meet you, I’m Hind-san’s little sister Riizu.」 (Riizu)

「Eh, so you are the little sister. Fuun…I see…」 (Siesta)

「H-Hey, Sai-chan. Aren’t those two a bit scary?」 (Lycoris)

「Y-Yup. I wonder what’s going on?」 (Cineraria)

Like that they exchanged greetings and, leaving aside their inner thoughts, nothing happened on the surface.

However there was a change in the seating order, on both of my sides, instead of Siesta-chan and Yumir, it changed to Tobi and Mitsuyoshi-san.

The one that said it was better that way and assigned the positions was Mitsuyoshi-san, who said 「Hind-kun’s human relationships are terrible!」, while laughing. Are they…terrible?

Meanwhile, the first participants appeared on the stage.

The favorites made a grand entrance in the first battle of the tournament.

「Ah, he’s here!! Uooooh!! Aniki!!」 (Tobi)

「Tobi-kun sure is in high spirits. Aniki?」 (Selene)

「Ah, we met him before. Since then, he’s been a fan of Mercenary Albert. He has him in his friend list too.」 (Hind)

「I see. However, isn’t he betting on Hind-kun?」 (Selene)

「This and that are different matters! Degozaruyo!!」 (Tobi)

A big muscular guy carrying a big sword and a twintailed little girl carrying a big axe.

So that’s Philia-chan huh…seeing both of them, the entire venue started cheering excitedly.

And it seems like Albert Aniki was still using the sword we sold him.

If we are talking about that strength he had when he pulled out the sword, even if he didn’t switch weapons during this event, it should still hold more than enough destructive power.

This is just me talking about the weapon in terms of weight and how hard it is to handle though.

On the other side of the stage there was a section with seats for the nobles, it seems like that’s where the NPC leaders of each nation are seated at.

Unfortunately you can’t really see them from here, but it seems like the emperor and the queen, alongside all the rulers of each nation are lined up there.

Let’s hope that the players that are seated close to them will share screenshots of them later on.

Well then, let’s turn our eyes back to the stage…

「The opponents are Thief Edward and Archer Iris…a duo of a Light Warrior and Archer. The same as Tobi and Mitsuyoshi-san then.」 (Hind)

「That being said, it doesn’t seem like there’s not going to be a live coverage of this…isn’t this the same as the preliminaries?」 (Tobi)

「No, wait. Isn’t the situation at the royal seats weird?」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Right after Mitsuyoshi-san said that, a red silhouette jumped out from the royal seats.

Like that, it vigorously landed on top of the stage.

The being that stood there as if nothing had happened, was none other than the emperor of the Grado Empire.

There was no way to mistake that deep red figure even from this distance.

As if to calm the commotion that was taking place in the venue, the Emperor opened his mouth along with a big gesture.

『Ladies and gentlemen! I’m declaring here and now, that the one that will judge the 7 last matches of this tournament will be none other than me! …In other words, you could say that there’s no seat more special that this one.』 (Emperor)

In reaction to those words said in jest, the audience let out some laughs and some people voiced their agreement with him.

The voice was transmitted really well, it reached every part of the colosseum.

『Fufu, I bet you guys are jealous! Well, even if the scenery we see is different, we only have one wish tonight…that is for our blood to boil and our flesh to throb, that is, to watch some intense fights! Well then, let’s enjoy this feast to our heart’s content!!』 (Emperor)

The Emperor raised both hands and the venue trembled along with his loud voice.

Immediately after, loud cheers that didn’t lose in volume to him resounded throughout the venue.

Following that excitement, the Emperor said the following words.

『First match of the quarterfinals, Mercenary Albert・Philia vs Thief Edwards・Archer Iris…begin!!』 (Emperor)

Both duos started to move at the same time as the Emperor’s hand was lowered.

…However, the match was cruelly decided in an instant.

Against Edward, who was aiming for a hit and run tactic, Albert ran towards him without hesitation after the match started.

Edward got flustered and tried to keep him in check by landing a hit, but thanks to the hit stop resistance, he couldn’t stop his charge and then…



In front of our eyes, Edward’s slender body was struck violently.

It collided with the invisible field and like that, along with a splash of blood, the body slowly fell down.

Edward, who was on the ground, didn’t show any signs of moving again.

While dumbfounded, I returned my sight back to Albert, and he was standing still in the posture after having swung his large sword.

I wonder just how strongly he swung that, there were a large amount of cracks around his feet.

「T-This is surprising…watching it live, you can see again how uncanny that is…」 (Hind)

「Even if there’s the weight correction for Heavy Warriors, that wasn’t the speed at which you’d usually swing that weapon.

Other than that, to swing that stupidly big sword…it has to be the result of the physical strength of the actual person…」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「Even if it was a critical hit against a Light Warrior, for him to die in a single normal attack…I, I’m getting chills…」 (Tobi)

Even Tobi, who was cheerfully cheering for him until a while ago, was left in this state.

The girls didn’t utter a single word and the venue was enveloped in a strange air.

Albert didn’t do anything else, Philia cornered Iris and the match ended.

『…That’s it for the match! …I was shown overwhelming strength that went against the concept of the tournament! The winner is the duo of Mercenary Albert・Philia!』(Emperor)

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Chapter 82: Entering the venue and the 3 girls

So…no real excuses for the delay. Just a case of me being busy and being too exhausted to even feel like translating anything.

Hopefully the next chapter will be out sooner, enjoy the chapter.

We ate the waffles I made for a snack and finally got to the main objective of our gathering, which was to have a group study. We stopped before it got dark.

More than half the time was spent talking about game related stuff, but since we had finished covering what would be in the test it was fine.

After bringing the laundry inside, about the time I was done making preparations for dinner, Rise and Mom came back home while carrying a huge amount of stuff.

Once I took a look inside the bags I saw a huge amount of cloth…nope, for some reason it seems like they had gone to the supermarket and bought ingredients. I’m thankful.

They stood next to me, who kept making the food and started putting the food inside the fridge.

「Wataru. It smells good, but what’s in the menu for dinner?」 (Akeno)

「Ah, chicken stew, fried mackerel, boiled spinach, mushroom miso soup…something like that.

「Since we didn’t eat rice today, I made it Japanese style.」 (Wataru)

「Oh my, that sounds great. Our lunch was kinda heavy.」 (Akeno)

「Is that so? What did you eat?」 (Wataru)

「Fast food. We ate in an hamburger shop.」 (Rise)

「Eh? Why?」 (Wataru)

I unconsciously stopped moving my hands and looked at them.

Since they were going to eat outside, it would have been fine if they went to a better place.

Didn’t they have enough time? Or was it because the shops were crowded?

Just when I thought that, they both said that they went there on purpose.

「Since Wataru makes only healthy things, sometimes we feel like going to those kinds of cheap places to eat. Right? Rise-chan.」(Akeno)

「Yes. We stopped there without noticing.」 (Rise)

「I see. So, how was it?」 (Wataru)

When I asked that, they glanced at each other and showed an ambiguous smile.

「…This time, let’s buy some hamburger bread and make some at home.」 (Akeno)

「That’s right. If inside there were burgers made by nii-san, I’m sure they’d come out really tasty.」 (Rise)

「There’s no way that would be possible…」 (Wataru)

These two tend to do things that I don’t really understand quite frequently.

In the end, this is turning into a conversation that makes me unable to understand why they even went out for such.

To begin with, if we are going that far, I might as well make the buns at home too.

We have a gas oven after all, it would be a waste to not use it.

「Oh well. For the time being, let’s eat dinner. Come on, bring the stuff over to the table.」 (Wataru)

「Got it.」 (Akeno)


After dinner, I cleaned up the tableware and after finishing preparing the ingredients for tomorrow, I took a bath.

Once I finished doing everything I had to do, it was finally time for the finals.

There was more than enough time, so I logged into the main site first and bet my entire savings too…

「Well then, time to go.」 (Wataru)

After stretching, I put on the VR gear and lie down on the bed.

「Ooh, the size of the colosseum has gotten bigger…」

The ones used for the group tournaments were just copy pasted and all the same, but it seems like the one used for the finals is completely different.

After moving to the venue from Sala after logging in…I appeared within the colosseum that was many times the size of the previous one.

After taking a small look at the scenery outside, I got the feeling that it was the same as the one for the group tournaments, how do they make it to stay the same way?

Do they exist in parallel while being part of another dimension…or something like that?

I don’t really get it, but in that huge place there were already a big amount of players crowding into it.

「Ah, it’s the True Self.」

「You are right. However, the remote weapon Hero-chan is not there though?」

「Won’t she come here later?…Whoa, he looked here!!」

「Be careful! If you meet his eyes, you’ll get turned into a remote weapon too!」

As if! is what I wanted to retort with all my might when I heard such conversation, but I managed to keep calm.

Bear it, you have to keep calm.

Though, there are more people using True Self than I thought there would…but since Yumir is not next to me the amount is moderate, I started moving around quietly so I didn’t stand out.

Leaving that aside, when I opened my inventory and saw the 0G in my possession, I felt sad…

Because you can even bet the single digit numbers of cash, under Miyu and Shuuhei’s supervision, I properly bet all I owned which was about 300.000G.

At the end, our position was still last but our betting odds got up to 50x, so if we win we’ll get the huge amount of 15.000.000G but…

「I doubt it’ll go that well though…」

「「Who are we?」」


Suddenly my field of view turned dark because of someone’s hands.

The voices I heard were of 2 females, but the owner of the voices wasn’t the one that was covering my eyes.

From the soft feeling I got, I believe these hands also belong to a female but…Uuh!?

There’s something, there are some soft and heavy things that are not these hands currently pressing against my back though!?

3 people, girls, and then this, this…ah, I got it.

「…The ones that talked were Lycoris-chan and Cineraria-chan. The one covering my eyes is Siesta-chan…I think? How about that!」 (Hind)

「Ooh, senpai you got them right. Long time no see.」 (Siesta)

「It’s been a long time! Good job figuring it out!」 (Lyco)

「Good evening. Thanks for inviting us tonight.」(Sai)

The one with round eyes and cheerfulness Lycoris-chan, the one like a polite honor student is Cineraria-chan, and the sleepy looking one Siesta-chan bowed to me.

I would have preferred if they had made a normal entrance, but it was at the level of a charming prank coming from some middle schoolers so I couldn’t really reprimand them.

Though it’s also because like Cineraria-chan said, I was the one who invited them…

「Welcome. Since we are here, how about we go get some seats together?」 (Hind)

Participants in the finals have front row seats prepared for them beforehand, and each pair is able to call up to 10 friends to sit down with them.

In our case we invited…Riizu, Selene-san, Tobi and our new friend Mitsuyoshi-san, so we had space to spare.

At that time, we invited these girls since they were both friends of mine and Yumir, but I’m happy that they were able to come here to cheer for us.

「By the way senpai…weren’t you able to discern who I was just now because of the sensation of my breasts? Was that just my imagination?」 (Siesta)

…Wait, what is this girl even saying in public right now?

It’s true that I did. It’s true but!!!

Just now, I kinda went and compared them to the breasts of Miyu, who I saw this noon too, but…!!

「…Since you’ll end up making fun of me whether I admit it or I deny it, I definitely won’t answer.

「Besides, I believe I already warned you to not do or say things like that when talking to people of the opposite sex. It’s dangerous.」 (Wataru)

「Eh, don’t be like that. However, didn’t I say that I didn’t do this kind of thing with people other than senpai?」(Siesta)

「Fuoo…Hind-senpai, that was a cool way to react! It’s so mature!」 (Lycoris)

「So true. It’s quite unusual to see Si being handled this easily.」(Cineraria)

That…that is probably only when they compare me to the guys from their middle school right…?

Being told that I’m more mature compared to middle schoolers does give me quite the complex feeling.

Even when I look like this to them, I’m actually quite shaken up inside, I don’t think I’m that different compared to them.

「Rather than that senpai, the way you talk reminds me of an old ma-」 (Siesta)

「Ah?」 (Hind)

「…Just kidding, I’m sorry.」 (Siesta)

「Si-chan apologized!? Even though she has never apologized even once to our homeroom teacher!?」 (Lycoris)

「Such incredible intensity….ah, I-I believe you feel more like a mom! That’s why it’s fine! Yeah!」 (Cineraria)

Cineraria-chan, that doesn’t make it any better.

But to think they would call me an old man…saying things that are bothering other people…

Since Siesta-chan just keeps pulling pranks whenever she sees a chance, I believe that she’s quite the problem child in real life too.

But according to Lycoris-chan and Cineraria-chan, it looks like despite this fact, her academic grades are quite good.

I can see their middle school teachers having it hard…

Even though her grades are good, she doesn’t take things seriously and it’s not like they can put their hands on a student.

 「Now that I think about it, haven’t you guys done any PvP? If Lycoris-chan acted as the vanguard, I believe there would be a good balance no matter who pairs up with her though.」 (Hind)

「No, I participated with Lyco during the preliminaries but…」 (Cineraria)

「Since we sucked, we always lost before being able to use Arrow Rain. We dropped out during them.」 (Lycoris)

「I watched over their growth while taking a nap. Mufuh.」 (Siesta)

While saying that, Siesta-chan gave a thumbs up while looking really sleepy.

Isn’t that the same as saying she didn’t do anything?

「At least look over the replays and give them some advice.」 (Hind)

「Si-chan’s advice was really accurate, but she only did give advice whenever she felt like it.」 (Cineraria)

「Si-chan is mean right? Right?」 (Lycoris)

「Rather than mean, I’d say you guys have quite the weird relationship…」 (Hind)

From what it looks like, instead of a 3 man group, it feels more like 2 people plus another, but weirdly enough it makes you think that they are part of the same group.

Lycoris-chan and Cineraria-chan are the main people that decide what to do, Siesta-chan does voice her opinion from time to time or moves on a whim.

That being said, since they get along so well despite that, I have nothing to say as an outsider.

Since we arrived at the front row after talking to that point, we decided to continue our talk after we had taken our seats.

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Chapter 81: Betting and expectations towards both of them.

Before getting into the chapter I should point out that I made a silly mistake when translating the name of a character from the rankings during the 1st event.

Said character appears mentioned here again so I corrected it here and I believe I corrected it in the early chapters too but I’m honestly not sure if there were more instances of him appearing but let’s hope I did.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter, releases might slow down a bit but I’ll keep working on them.

「Oh right, participants like us can also bet right?」 (Wataru)

「That seems to be the case. How about you bet on yourselves?」 (Shuuhei)

「Before that, I’d like to know what the bet odds are like.」 (Wataru)

「Ooh, I want to know too! How popular are we!?」 (Miyu)

When he heard us say that, Shuuhei turned his eyes away awkwardly.

Hey, don’t tell me…

「Y-You won’t hear anything from my mouth…you can see the odds in the main page. Here.」 (Shuuhei)

Saying that, Shuuhei handed us his tablet, which was showing the official site.

I’m getting a bad feeling about this, but for the time being, let’s take a look.

「Ah…looking from the top, our names don’t appear at all…ah, there it is. This one.」 (Wataru)

「8th place…49x…wait a moment!! We are dead last aren’t weeeeeeee!!?」 (Miyu)

「Y-Yup」 (Shuuhei)

What’s with this cruel rank.

The number shown to us was just cruel, there were hardly any players that thought we would win the whole thing.

Even though we hadn’t fought yet, I had this odd feeling of having lost already.

After pouring some for Miyu and Shuuhei, I took the teacup and took a sip of the tea, it was a bit more bitter than usual.

「While it’s a bit weird for me to ask this since this concerns me, Shuuhei. Is it really going to be fine? To bet that huge amount of money into this.

「You are completely aiming for a lucky break here.」 (Wataru)

「I regret it a bit…b-but, Wacchi, you’ll do something about it right? It’s going to be fine!! It’s going to be huge if I get it right!」 (Shuuhei)

「Even if you say that to me…」 (Wataru)

「However, I can’t accept this! Shuuhei, why did things end up like this!? Explain things to me!」 (Miyu)

「This would also be faster if you looked at the BS most likely…

「There’s a thread that is predicting who will win, wait a moment…ah, here. I think you’ll get an idea after seeing this.」 (Shuuhei)

【Last Boss】 Thread 2 for predicting the winners of the Grado Empire sponsored・Duel tournament event 【Albert】

This is a thread to predict the winner of the ongoing PvP tournament in TB.

Chat regarding betting odds and amount of money bet should also be done here.

Let’s be well mannered.

The next thread will be made once we reach over 900 comments.

2:Nameless Mage ID:c2ZdELy

Summary of the last thread.

Identity of the Top 8 (8 pairs 16 people)

Heavy Warriors 3・Light Warriors 2・Martial Artists 2・Knights 3・Archers 4・Mages 1・Shinto Priests 1.

3:Nameless Mage ID:c2ZdELy

Odds state at Noon (12:00) ※Taken from the official site.

1st place Mercenary Albert (Heavy)・Philia (Heavy) 1.4x

2nd place Licht (Knight)・ Rose (Knight) 5.3x

3rd place Hippopotamus (Heavy)・Falke(Archer) 8.6x

4th place Insipid Green Tea (Martial Artist)・Dry Shiitake Mushroom (Archer) 10.1x

5th place Thief Edward (Light)・Archer Iris (Archer) 30.7x

6th place Forever a Chrysalis (Light)・Incomplete Container (Archer) 35.9x

7th place Walter (Martial Artist)・Herrschaft (Mage) 42.5x

8th place Yumir (Knight)・Hind (Shinto) 49.2x

4:Nameless Knight ID:LpcPafa

Thanks for making the thread!

5:Nameless Light Warrior ID:nLbGEeY

Good work.

However, there’s hardly any profit for betting on 1st place…

6:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:BAxfMw5

Besides, it does look like it’s going to end up being even lower than that.

It’ll probably end at 1.2x by the end.

7:Nameless Mage ID:NSZe6h7

The finals of Group A was the highlight after all.

He turned the match around even when he ended 2 v 1 after all.

8:Nameless Archer ID:jBsCZa2

That old man Albert is all sorts of weird.

And Philia-chan is cute.

9:Nameless Light Warrior ID:TphkGPw

What relationship does she have with that mass of muscles?

She’s a little girl, or rather, she looks like an elementary schooler…his daughter?

10:Nameless Archer ID:SnzsbLX

No way, they don’t look alike at all.

11:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:Gn4RuKR

If his wife was pretty there’s a chance.

Other than that, their eyes look similar.

There’s…a chance, I think.

12:Nameless Mage ID:KwNgwXF

I don’t know the truth but…a little girl brandishing a big axe has its appeal.

Since I thought it was going to be full of guys, I’m quite happy about how surprisingly there’s a few female players left.

13:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:urQQUmy

Let’s see…Philia-chan, Rose-chan, Iris-chan.

That ojou-sama and Hero-chan, and Walter-chan huh? That makes it 6!

14:Nameless Archer ID:SnzsbLX

Eh? Did he just mix someone into that group?

15:Nameless Knight ID:PWhc8rf

Just your imagination.

I didn’t see anything.

16:Nameless Light Warrior ID:X7UXVd7



17:Nameless Martial Artist ID:gzDg469

I can’t be the only one that had to double-check when he saw the profiles in the replay videos LOL.

That’s a scam, a scam I tell you.

18:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:8wPUixb

Fuh, I bet on Hero-chan and True Self, who are dead last.

Please make it happen like last event…please!

19:Nameless Mage ID:bTSiSWA

Last event…was it where Hero-chan made it into the damage rankings?

20:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:8wPUixb

@19 That’s right.

On the last day, True Self used Sacrifice and Hero-chan stole 1st place from Albert.

21:Nameless Knight ID:23J84Pg

But, I wonder how it’ll go? 1st place and 2nd place were overwhelming in the group tournament.

It’s hard when you have to fight two vanguards, they look quite strong.

That’s why the current odds are like that.

22:Nameless Mage ID:SEYc8Y7

Even though having a magic job behind would be an orthodox tactic in RPGs.

Why did it end up like this?

23:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:8CuuAL6

Because having an Archer behind is the standard in TB…

24:Nameless Mage ID:HkWNs2Y

The casting times get in the way after all.

Putting more of a burden on your vanguards than Archers is quite the minus.


25:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:fmRF9rW

@22-24 At least, let’s keep cheering for the magic classes that have won until now.

There’s only 2 left after all…

Since it’s like this, I’ll go bet on Hero-chan too, though it’ll only be a small amount.

Ah, this is my fault.

Thanks to me lacking any type of high powered magic, it’s being seen as a fatal weakness for duels.

「As expected, Archers with a vanguard are the preferred duo.

「Herscha’s eyes looked as if they were filled with rage…when I first saw her name, I was quite surprised.」 (Wataru)

「Well, leaving aside the two pairs at the top, which dominated their groups.

「The other 4 pairs aside from Herscha-chan’s and Wacchi’s all have an Archer in them.」(Shuuhei)

「Isn’t that just job discrimination!? So shallow minded!」 (Miyu)

「Well there’s that too, but we also had a close match in our group final after all」(Wataru)


Shuuhei proudly stuck out his chest.

Usually, I would tell him not to get carried away but since he looked quite down yesterday, I’ll let it pass this time.

And then, as if she was thinking about something, Miyu put her hand over her mouth and breathed in.

「…I decided. I’m also going to bet on ourselves!」 (Miyu)

「Ooh, Miyucchi you sure are fired up!! I was waiting for those words!!」 (Shuuhei)

She stood up from her chair along with those words and as if to put fighting spirit into those words, she hit her chest.

Because of the inertia, those twin hills of hers were shaking.

「I’m fine with betting, but let the amount be modera-」 (Wataru)



「Everything we own!! Shouldn’t that be obvious!!?」(Miyu)

「Whoa!! As expected of Miyucchi, you know what you are talking about!!」(Shuuhei)

These guys, they are not thinking at all about what would happen if they fail…

Once I drank the tea while those two were getting excited, for some reason, it suddenly got quiet and they stared at me with eyes full of expectation.

Eh, are they telling me I have to go and bet too?

「W-Well then, I’ll bet only a small amount.」(Wataru)

「「Hah…」」(Both of them)

What’s with that expression that looks as if they are saying「I’m disappointed in you」, what’s wrong with going for a safe option.

To begin with, even if it’s a game, I don’t like things like gambling.

In real life, I make a lot of effort to economise as much as I can.

It’s going to be 0 if we miss you know? 0. We won’t get anything back.

In that case, it would be much better if we indulged ourselves a bit and went to eat something tast-

「Wataru, I’ve known you for a long time…I know what you are thinking about more or less. However, this is a game!! A game!! What’s fun about thinking about risks as if it was real life!? You have to bet too!! You have to!!」(Miyu)


Hearing Miyu’s words, I felt shock as if I had just been hit in my head.

I-It’s true that…even if the money inside the game were to be gone, that wouldn’t matter at all.

Even if we had to work hard to earn it all back, as long as it’s a game, thinking about ways to earn the money might lead to ways to have fun.

No matter where you look at it from, I’m being dragged into it, I am but…if it’s at times like this, I guess I wouldn’t mind being dragged into it…

「…I got it. I’ll bet everything too.」(Wataru)

「「Alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!」」(Both of them)

「You guys are so noisy. I’ll do my best, but don’t blame me later.」(Wataru)

If we end up losing, it’s decided that it’ll be money earning hell after the event ends.

Then, I checked the clock and noticed that it was close to 3pm.

I stood up since it was about time for a snack and Shuuhei said from behind me.

「By the way, Wacchi. Who would you bet on if it was someone other than yourself?」(Shuuhei)

「Ah? Well…」(Wataru)

If we thought about it normally, it would probably the Aniki, Albert.

Once I said that, both made faces that were saying “I thought so”…and laughed.

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VRMMO Chapter 80: Towards the Finals

Uploaded at an odd time because I ran into some net issues when the chapter was done.

Enjoy the chapter.

After both of them left, I moved around cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

Since there was time, after cleaning the floor, I waxed it.

Following that, I started polishing the windows in succession from the second floor towards the first one.

Finally, I stepped into the garden and polished the biggest window, which was that of the living room, it ended in a state where it reflected the sunlight and my image was reflected on it.

Yup, it’s beautiful…due to the sense of accomplishment, I unconsciously started smiling.

「…Fufufu.」 (Wataru)

「Ooh, Wataru is laughing alone…that’s so weird…」 (Miyu)

「What do you mean by weird!? Leave me alone!」 (Wataru)

Once I saw the girl with long hair reflected in the glass, I turned around while shouting.

There I saw Miyu looking at me from the other side of the fence.

Since Miyu is already here, does it mean it’s close to noon?

Seems like I got too absorbed in it and ended up working for far too long.

Shuuhei is still not here but…oh, nice timing, that person over there is…

「Hey there. I came over…」 (Shuuhei)

「Oh, Shuuhei…wait, what happened to you!? You’ve got huge dark circles under your eyes!」 (Wataru)

「Umu, it’s true that your face looks terrible…」 (Miyu)

「Ah, you mean this? …For the time being, is it ok if I go in?」 (Shuuhei)

Along with Shuuhei, who was in an unusual broken state, we both entered the house.

「In other words, it’s like that. Since you were so frustrated that you lost to us, you ended up with a lack of sleep-」 (Miyu)

「After looking at the replay of that match countless times…well, you can see where this is going though.」 (Shuuhei)

「Yup. After that, you’d want to look at the other fights in the tournament or take a look at the BBS…」 (Wataru)

Just from our conversation, it seems like it ended up in an all nighter for him.

While we were preparing lunch, Shuuhei was telling us his circumstances while lying limply on the sofa.

「…Since it’s come down to this, I’ll tell you guys about all the useful information I gathered, so go make a strategy for the tournament.

「If you do that, there will be meaning in me staying up all night…ufufu…」 (Shuuhei)

「You, you are acting all weird you know? Are you really ok?」 (Wataru)

「He’s someone that has pulled an all nighter after all. We have no choice but to ignore it, Wataru…」 (Miyu)

For the time being, let’s finish making lunch.

With this we have finished placing the plates on the table, so I called Shuuhei and we all sat down.

Today’s lunch menu is salmon cream pasta.

Shuuhei and I had a normal portion in front of us, only Miyu’s was…

「So good!! *slurp slurp*…」 (Miyu)

「Don’t slurp the pasta. Use the fork properly.」 (Wataru)

「You’d get full just from looking at her…wait, even then, I’ll eat my own portion! Miyucchi, you are being too greedy!!」 (Shuuhei)

She had three large servings for herself.

After finishing those servings, Miyu drank the after meal oolong tea and looked satisfied.

I always thought this, but where do all those nutrients go?

Why does she not put on any weight even when she eats this much? I can’t understand it.

After that, probably because he felt sleepy after being full, Shuuhei was sitting down more unsteadily than before.

「Shuuhei, how about you don’t force yourself and get some sleep? You can go ahead and use the sofa. I’ll even lend you a blanket.」 (Wataru)

「I appreciate it. However, if I were to sleep now, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night…」 (Shuuhei)

「In that case, just for a short while…it’s fine even if you just sleep for around 15 minutes. Drink some coffee before that.」 (Wataru)

“I’ll do just that”, after saying that, Shuuhei obediently drank down the coffee I prepared for him.

However, Miyu tilted her neck after seeing the coffee I prepared for him.

「Hmm? Wataru, wouldn’t he become unable to sleep because of the caffeine?」 (Miyu)

「It’ll take time for him to absorb it so it’ll be fine. It’ll start taking effect after he wakes up and it’ll feel as if he has slept soundly.」 (Hind)

It seems like it takes from 15-30 minutes for your blood to absorb the caffeine.

That’s why it’s the best thing to drink before you take a nap when you feel really sleepy, since in those cases you’d end up even more tired.

After glancing at Shuuhei, who had lied down on the sofa, we killed some time.

Connected to the converter, a retro game was forcibly connected to the new display and I was having a competition repeatedly with Miyu in my own room.

It’s not like I’m really particular about it, but when we play retro games, most of the time we use an actual console.

Even if they are mementos, rather than leave them intact for a long time, I believe my dad would be happy that they are being used like this.

Well, there’s also the fact that I’d need to exchange the batteries for the type of games that require saving.

「There, a 13 chain.」 (Wataru)

「Gyaaaaaaaaaa!! You fiend!!」 (Miyu)

The game we are playing right now is one of those tetris-type games.

It’s the type where you move downward floating blocks, so if you place them well, you can erase them with a chain.

If you get a chain, it’s possible to send a big amount of blocks towards your opponent.

The one I chose was Miyu, so with this…

「You are so weak, you…why didn’t you choose an action game since you are good at those?」 (Wataru)

「Well, I got charmed by the character in the package and unintentionally…

「Even if I didn’t win, I looked at the character inside the game plenty so I’m satisfied!」 (Miyu)

「I see. Guess I don’t mind in that case.」 (Wataru)

Unlike those puzzle games where you just stoically remove blocks, this type of game that has competitive elements tends to have cute characters in them.

Since I have won against Miyu five times in a row already, I raised my hand thinking that it was about time to switch games and then-

「…Alright! I’m feeling good!…Eh, where are you!? Don’t tell me you went out and left me alone here!?」 (Shuuhei)

Since we heard Shuuhei waking up, we decided to turn it off and head back to the living room.

「Well then, with that being said, I want you to win this tournament no matter what.」 (Shuuhei)

「You are annoying when you are feeling down, but you are also annoying when you are in good spirits, Shuuhei!」 (Miyu)

Miyu turned with her eyes half closed towards Shuuhei, who had stood up as he said that.

While facing us, Shuuhei sat down on the chair again, hit the table and said this in indignation.

「Shut up, Miyucchi! In fact, you’d better win! I bet all the money I had on both of you winning after all, there’s no way to get that money back anymore!」 (Shuuhei)

「Eh? You, wouldn’t it be bad if you didn’t get it right? I’m saying this in advance, but if you end up penniless you can’t go around pestering Selene-san for money, you got that?

「It’s fine if you ask us but it’s not like we have that much either.」 (Wataru)

「I know that! However, if the pair that won against us were to win the tournament I’d feel content, in fact, it would feel like I’d won too? Or something like that!」 (Shuuhei)

Isn’t that kind of wrong…?

That being said, for Shuuhei to have done the information gathering we were planning to do is something we should be thankful for.

Shuuhei took out a table from his bag and started explaining while showing us the information on the screen.

After we had memorized stuff like replays in our heads, we took a break.

「Oh right, Shuuhei, Mitsuyoshi-san included, I have been called the 「True Self」multiple times throughout the tournament. What does that even mean?」 (Wataru)

「Ah, I was wondering about that too. What does that even mean?」 (Miyu)

「You guys are not looking at the BBS? Wait a bit…eh…it should be around here…oh here here.

「I believe the origin of that name comes from this thread.」 (Shuuhei)

After he said that, Miyu and I looked at the thread page Shuuhei was pointing at.

【Only three】Thread 4 about the actual situation of the duel event・Group H【Players that belong to Sala】

This is a thread to comment in real time about the broadcast of Group H of the PvP tournament that is under way in TB.

Let’s be well mannered in this thread.

The next thread will be announced and made once we reach over 800 posts.

In case it’s not made, it’ll be announced in the next post number.

If that reply is not made, please slow down your posts.

518:Nameless Knight ID:wXaYU8Y

Hero-chan is here!!!ヽ(゜∀゜ )ノ

519:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:ZtkGyFb

Her first battle was like that so I have high expectations.

520:Nameless Mage ID:3pcbybT

However, why is she pairing up with a Shinto Priest…she should have paired up with an Archer…

521:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:YgAjkJN

Don’t make fun of Shinto Priests! He was doing really well in that last match right!?

522:Nameless Archer ID:8yu5TXG

A fight with the Emperor is not a good point of reference LOL

523:Nameless Knight ID:SgDZFPX

It has started.

So their opponents are 2 Martial Artists…they are hard and a pain to deal with.

524:Nameless Archer ID:mG3gZ9S

Hero-chan is being surrounded 2 v 1.

525:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:ZtkGyFb

Well, Hero-chan’s partner hasn’t moved from that spot since the beginning of the match…

526:Nameless Mage ID:5BuDEpQ

You are right LOL.

He’s been charging his MP LOL.

527:Nameless Light Warrior ID:nbNEt6A

Ah, he finally started to cast something.

But, don’t you think it’s too late to heal her?

528:Nameless Knight ID:SEJhyZB

Hero-chan dieeeeeeeeeed!?

529:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:UitE3QD

So fast LOL, it’s barely been 30 seconds since the match started LMAO.

Is what I thought but she stood up right awaaaaaaaaaay!?

530:Nameless Archer ID:mG3gZ9S

What the hell is this!? Please, someone explain!

531:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:fBeLSLS

No no no no, this is too weird.

I get the part where that Shinto Priest used Revive, but there’s no way to shorten the cast time right?

532:Nameless Mage ID:KkFsyDh

From what I know…there shouldn’t be a way right now.

533:Nameless Martial Artist ID:PB54phB

Wait LOL, she died again LOL.

534:Nameless Knight ID:SgDZFPX

This time for sure it’s over…eh, wait?

535:Nameless Mage ID:QgrV4Tw

She got up again without delay LOL.

Besides, where did the CD of Revive go LMAO.

536:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:hTDrZHW

I mean you guys have been looking at Hero-chan all the time, that Shinto priest used Quick beforehand.

537:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:nfHW9Bf

Aah, now that I think about it that did exist.

538:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Ea6NU8J

Everyone is on Hero-chan’s side, someone go cheer for the duo of Martial Artists LOL.

No one is commenting on their side LOL.

539:Nameless Light Warrior ID:EbiexEQ

Well…you know…

540:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:7BMNBe6

Cuteness is justice!!

541:Nameless Knight ID:wXaYU8Y

That being said, I like how she’s cute but what she shouts is pointlessly manly LOL.

It’s fun to watch LOL.

542:Nameless Archer ID:JNT67ss

Yeah, however, this time she’s been mostly just enduring.

543:Nameless Mage ID:5TLB7Bp

Because of the CD of Revive and Quick most likely.

But, even when it’s 2 v 1, she’s doing a good job of blocking her opponents and not letting them get past her.

She keeps getting buffed and healed too so it does seem like she’ll be able to endure.

544:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:hTDrZHW

This Shinto Priest is rotating his spells quite well.

Other than that, if I’m guessing right, he’s predicting when he has to cast Revive.

545:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:7BMNBe6

Nah, there’s no way.

If he failed the timing, it would be all over.

546:Nameless Archer ID:KdDwHQk

However, if he started casting once she died, he wouldn’t make it in time.

Your casting would get interrupted when they hit you and it would be over.

547:Nameless Light Warrior ID:tT7ajD6

If Hero-chan dies one more time we’ll be able to confirm it.

If she does die again that is.

548:Nameless Knight ID:JNT67ss

You, you are saying something quite mean…LOL.

549:Nameless Light Warrior ID:tT7ajD6

However, sooner or later she will…ah.

550:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Ttnt7Bp


551:Nameless Archer ID:KdDwHQk

Wait a moment LMAO.

Right now, Hero-chan went back to her last position like some kind of rewinding LMAO.

552:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:hTDrZHW

I confirmed that he started casting 14 seconds before Hero-chan died.

I mean, he did it even though there would be 15 seconds until he finished casting it LMAO.

553:Nameless Mage ID:fhWgYi8

What’s with that 1 second of margin of error!

554:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:7BMNBe6

He didn’t even give Hero-chan the time to fall down LMAO.

He’s a demon LMAO.

555:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:nQDDrKZ

This is bad, this Shinto Priest is so interesting LMAO.

If he keeps doing this in the tournament, I might make one of those fetish threads and cheer him on LMAO.

556:Nameless Mage ID:sz68Ze5

The opponents are shouting things like Zombie and Necromancer.

I won’t forgive you guys if you call Hero-chan a Zombie you know?

557:Nameless Light Warrior ID:d5AK5kL

It’s an enigma how he manages to read the timing at which she’ll die…

Even though you can control the timing to a certain extent with heals.

558:Nameless Knight ID:jPV4X3d

She finished him off with Burst Edgeeeeeeeeeee!!

559:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Ea6NU8

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Even though I’m temporarily cheering for the Martial Artiiiiiiist!!

560:Nameless Archer ID:WJBPJuL

@599 Temporarily you say LOL.

But to finish off with a powerful skill after enduring until now huh…quite the exciting development.

561:Nameless Mage ID:AyxdLLm

The outcome has been decided.

I’m going to check the other groups(・ω・)ノシ

562:Nameless Knight ID:JyUP8TR

This match, I would have loved to watch it in the venue if I had the time.

563:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:bSmaYc9

That being said, I don’t appreciate the name Necromancer as another Shinto Priest.

I believe that would suit Mages.

Someone go give that Shinto Priest an appropriate name (Leaving it to others).

564:Nameless Light Warrior ID:4h8Yy5d

I saw that Shinto Priest as a pervert that used Hero-chan as if she was a remote weapon LOL.

565:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:gUjp9hX

It’s true that the one controlling the flow of the battle wasn’t Hero-chan but that guy.

It’s a bit mean that it was similar to a Necromancer LMAO. She’s like a robot LMAO.

566:Nameless Mage ID:XEmWhLw

There are enemies like that in games.

Even if you defeat them endlessly, they’ll get revived as long as you don’t defeat the real enemy, or something like that LOL.

567:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:2zbgPEd

Ah, the True Self used Entrust on Hero-chan.

568:Nameless Light Warrior ID:x4SY8YN

Was that a MP transfer skill? So that means that Burst Edge is out of CD.

So he has an understanding of the CDs of his allies, that True Self is just faultless.

569:Nameless Archer ID:eQ9ChT8

And that’s the end of the match.

However, that guy sure got blown away a great distance at the end.

It’s not like I’d like to get hit by that but it felt really good to watch LOL.

570:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:RYEafLV

The True Self is amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!

571:Nameless Mage ID:FmDhzkf

That True Self completely controlled the flow of the match from start to finish.

572:Nameless Light Warrior ID:KxuAJ7E

Not bad True Self! I’ll cheer for you next time too!!

573:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:bSmaYc9

Eh, what? We decided on 「True Self」? LOL.

「And, your 2nd match was like a revival festival right? That’s why they decided on that nickname in a blink of an eye.」 (Shuuhei)

「Who’s a remote weapon, having them saying something clever! I can’t deny it!!」 (Miyu)

「No, you should deny it, Miyucchi…」 (Shuuhei)

「So that’s why it ended in True Self huh…w-well, it’s better than being called a Necromancer. But it doesn’t feel great after all…」 (Wataru)

According to Shuuhei, it seems like a 「Thread to cheer for Hero-chan’s True Self」 was happily made right after we got into the Top 8, but I didn’t check it because it’s embarrassing.

I have been given quite the weird name…

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Chapter 79: Morning in the Kishikami household・Rest day edition

When I noticed the sunlight piercing my eyes, I was awoken from my sleep by the presence of someone moving around.

Within my blurred vision, I checked the clock on the wall and noticed that I had overslept a fair bit.

However, no one is going out today in the morning so…guess they’ll forgive me for oversleeping a bit.

I pulled up my upper body and absentmindedly looked around the room and locked eyes with a stiffened Rise, who was close to my bed.

「…Ah」 (Rise)

「What are you…doing? Rise…」 (Wataru)

「So you woke up, nii-san…that’s a shame. I still only had taken a few…」 (Rise)

Judging from her words, it doesn’t seem like she came here to wake me up?

What was she doing with that smartphone?

「But this is quite unusual, nii-san. For you to take it this easy in the morning.」 (Rise)

「Ah, well…last night’s tournament took quite the long time after all. It was fun, but it was quite tiring.」 (Wataru)

「That’s a good thing. Whenever you are tired, leave the housework to us and just rest, we wouldn’t mind you just playing around you know?」 (Rise)

「That makes me happy and grateful, but I can’t do…hmm? “Us”?」 (Wataru)

「That’s right. Akeno-san made breakfast this morning. She’s waiting for us, so let’s go downstairs.」 (Rise)

Eh, really?

For mom to cook, I wonder how many years it’s been since the last time she did…?

When I told Rise to go ahead and tried to take off my pajamas-

「…Excuse me, Rise-san?」 (Wataru)

「What is it? Nii-san.」 (Rise)

「I mean, I, I’m about to change my clothes. I’d honestly appreciate if you left the room.」 (Wataru)

「Don’t mind me. I’ll wait for you right here.」 (Rise)

「Yup, if you were to say that there was no need to mind since we are siblings I’d understand and actually accept…but when you are looking at me with those bloodshot eyes fully opened, it’s kind of…」 (Wataru)

「Don’t mind it! …Aah, what are you doing!? Please, let go of me! No, in fact, let’s stay like this and don’t let go!」 (Rise)

I held Rise, who was showing an iron will and refusing to move, up in my arms and let her down outside the room.

At times like these, she can’t really fight back because of her light body.

Having Rise scratching the door and murmuring curses is scary, so let’s change fast and go get some breakfast.

The smell of toast and the fragrance of coffee filled the living room.

While humming inside the kitchen, her tied up hair was swaying around because of her good mood.

Then, she probably heard the sound of our footsteps and she turned around to smile at us.

「Good morning, Wataru.」 (Akeno)

「Good morning, mom. I heard you made breakfast?」 (Wataru)

「It’s only easy stuff, so it’s not bad once in a while. However, Wataru, sorry for saying this as soon as you woke up, but don’t you think that it’s kind of lacking?」 (Akeno)

「Hmm? Eh…」 (Wataru)

Once I looked over at the table she was pointing at, I saw toast and ham and eggs, and boiled broccoli was used as a garnish.

It’s lacking in vegetables but soup is a bit…if I were to make that it would take too much time.

In that case, let’s see…

「Should I make some vegetable juice? I get the feeling there’s a lack of vegetables.」 (Wataru)

「Oh, that would be nice. Rise-chan, what flavor do you want?」 (Akeno)

While saying that, mom stroked Rise’s head while wearing a love-struck expression.

This is not something that just started happening, it seems like she wanted a daughter since she remarried, she’s been like that since Rise came to this house.

It seems like they are going to go shopping together today, so I guess the reason she’s wearing her ring and has been in a good mood since this morning is that.

Rise didn’t show any signs of hating it and just accepted it, so the relationships within our family are good.

「…In that case, I would like to drink some orange juice. If I remember correctly, there was still some left right?」 (Rise)

「Yes there is. In that case, let’s make something simple and add some carrots into it.」 (Akeno)

Since the rest of the food is already made, I peeled them swiftly and cut them in suitable sizes.

I added some water in the mixer and mixed them along with some lemon and it was done.

Since the oranges and carrots were bought at the same time and were from the same brand and sweet, even if we didn’t add anything else, it’ll taste good like this.

I poured the contents into three cups and a fresh fragrance was added to the dining table…

「「「Thank you for the meal.」」」

We clasped our hands.

As expected, a meal made by another person is a completely different thing.

Even if it was something really simple, I was really happy to have eaten something made by mom since it had been a while.

Once I honestly told her that, she gave me this reply while looking really happy.

「But, since Wataru is way better at cooking than me already, there’s no need for mom to cook outside of emergencies, right?」 (Akeno)

「Well, I can’t really force you since you are busy with work. Don’t you feel you’d like to make something to your own tastes rather than eating my food all the time?」 (Wataru)

「Ahahahaha!」 (Akeno)

「What’s with that laugh?」 (Wataru)

「Yup, you are faster than the current holder of the world record for short distance running! It feels like you said that to me.

「There’s no such thing, wanting to make something while knowing you’d lose.」 (Akeno)

There she goes again with the hard to understand examples…

Is she…praising me?

While drinking Master’s Blend coffee, mom looked at my complex expression and laughed even more.

「The one from a while ago, what was it again? That thing with lots of ingredients that looked like a tomato risotto…」 (Akeno)

「You mean the Tagen? Nii-san, you made that very carefully with an earthenware pot right?」 (Rise)

「Yeah that one.

「You can make delicious food that I don’t know about, your bentos are always lovely and delicious, you are a son I’m proud of.

「It’s a bit awkward when new people at work that don’t know about that ask me for the recipes for the side dishes though…but, I wonder if it’s unusual for a mother to feel this at ease even if she doesn’t do the housework at all?」 (Akeno)

「Ah, you are praising me far too much. I’m starting to get itchy so please stop.」 (Wataru)

「When it comes to things like this, you are exactly like Mizuhito-san…」 (Akeno)

Mizuhito is the name of my real father, who died when I was just 5 years old.

By the way, Rise’s father is a man called 「Satoru-san」, when I was in middle school he…

They both died from illness at a young age, in a way, you could say that mom had really bad luck.

Though she does have this powerful aura for not being bothered by such a murky past and her appearance is really young.

When I asked her if she was going to remarry again she replied with 「A third time is a bit…」.

「So, are you both going after taking a break? What about lunch?」 (Wataru)

「For lunch we’ll just eat wherever. Wataru, you are not coming with us right?」 (Akeno)

「Yeah, Miyu and Shuuhei said that they’d come over. For lunch I’ll just prepare something for us.」 (Wataru)

「Muh…it’s a shame that we won’t go with nii-san…」 (Rise)

Mom hugged Rise, who had grown sullen, to console her.

When looking at them from the side like this, even if they are not related by blood, it wouldn’t be weird for people to mistake them for sisters that hadn’t seen each other for years.

Maybe it’s because they’ve been living together, Rise’s aura vaguely resembles that of mom.

That’s quite mysterious…

「It’s fine, Rise-chan. Wataru belongs to you at night, you can have him spoil you lots you know?」 (Akeno)

「Eh? Wait a moment, what are you going about on your own-」 (Wataru)

「Really? Akeno-san. in that case, can I sleep with nii-san tonight?」 (Rise)

「Of course!」 (Akeno)

「Can I marry him?」 (Rise)

「Sure! That way, there wouldn’t be a need for you to wed into another family! Wataru, while you are at it, take Miyu as your wife too! She’s such a nice girl after all!」 (Akeno)

「Why would I do that!? What you are saying is so wrong that I don’t know where to begin! Besides, don’t go treating the important only daughter of another family as if she was an extra!」 (Wataru)

This woman, isn’t she saying really unreasonable things because she…simply wholeheartedly trusts her daughter to do whatever she wants? Where do I get a say in this…?

As her real son, I’m slightly anxious if she loves me or not, this was an event that happened that morning.

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Chapter 78: Reverse aggression and outcome of the match

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I don’t have any other options than this one at this point!

When Tobi started retreating I had already assumed the worst and started casting the spell, so I should probably make it in time…!

Or rather, please let me make it in time, if I don’t, it’ll be over for us!

Yumir started shouting while flustered.

「Hind!」 (Yumir)

「Cover your head that is treated as a vital part of the body with your arms, then don’t take a single step! The arrows will rain down randomly, so it’s more dangerous if you move!」 (Hind)

「Isn’t there any other option!?」 (Yumir)

「None! Pray!」 (Hind)

The gem on the staff increased in brightness.

When the crimson arrow that Mitsuyoshi-san nocked reached the heavens…countless arrows rained down on us.

Then, just before the first arrow hit, the light from the staff was released and dropped towards the ground.

「Nuaaaaaaaaaah!!」 (Yumir)

「Adadadada!!? It huuuuuuuuuurts!!」 (Hind)

My vision kept flickering.

The arrow effects were relentless and the sound effects buzzed incessantly in my earlobes.

I can’t get used to this no matter how many times I’ve taken it!

A few people from the audience that were cheering for us covering their faces entered my field of view, but that’s understandable.

With the current game balance, other than a heavy warrior with good equipment would usually get incapacitated by Arrow Rain.

…However, we still hadn’t died.

Seems like I made it somehow…

From under our feet, a soft white light was being released upwards, in the opposite direction of the Arrow Rain.

This light that came from 『Area Heal』 had made it so that we narrowly escaped death right now.

If I were to say that the timing in which I released was barely in time, the amount of MP needed to release it was also barely enough.

When it comes to the damage and healing, our HP had kept going up and down repeatedly, but it seems like the amount of HP healed was higher.

Though each time my HP turned red which meant that I was barely alive, I lost a couple years of my life span.

「――――、――――! ――――――!!」

Then, in the few seconds until Arrow Rain was over, I quickly gave Yumir some instructions.

I’m not sure if she got what I told her right with all the sound effects of the arrows, but Yumir’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit and she nodded.

Just when there were only a few moments left on 『Area Heal』, 『Arrow Rain』 ended up finishing first.

The next moment-

「I saw it coming!」 (Yumir)

Yumir sent the incoming arrow flying with her gauntlet.

This 『Area Heal』 shouldn’t have been within their calculations, but Mitsuyoshi-san nocked another arrow without showing signs of agitation.

As expected, he’s calm.

However, within their duo, Tobi who saw us survive the 『Arrow Rain』 was left speechless.

Sorry but…I don’t plan to let this chance get away.

「Run!」 (Hind)

「Oooooooooooooh!!」 (Yumir)

The moment after 『Area Heal』 was gone, Yumir started running while releasing sparks from her aura.

After being bombarded by 『Arrow Rain』, Yumir’s MP was now full and her HP was recovered to around 60% due to 『Area Heal』.

The moment she reached the place they were at, it wasn’t Tobi…but Mitsuyoshi-san who she released a 『Slash』 at.

Unfortunately he dodged it, but having his expression warped, Mitsuyoshi-san took a big back step and she followed after him.

I had followed after Yumir and hit Tobi, who tried to follow up in a panic, with all my strength on the side of his face with my staff.

「-Kh!?」 (Tobi)

His slender body fell over sideways, using the momentum created by him rolling over, he placed a hand on top of the stage and stood up.

He’s like an acrobat…

However, I kept blocking his path and wielded my staff.

「Well then, take up your weapons Tobi. I’m your opponent.」 (Hind)

「H-Hind-dono…!」 (Tobi)

Even though he was still agitated, Tobi gave up on providing assistance to Mitsuyoshi-san and took up his dual blades.

The physical attack of Shinto priests other than the vanguard type is low.

In terms of rankings, they are second from below right after mages. Realistically speaking, it’s not something you’d make use of.

However, at the same time, among the vanguards’ physical defense, light warriors are the worst.

Their endurance is just slightly above that of archers which are rear guards.

Therefore, I can deal some damage even with attacks from my staff.

However, that’s if I manage to land a hit.

「Kuh! Why, why am I unable to dodge!? Even though my attacks are not finding their mark!?」 (Tobi)

「You don’t get it?」 (Hind)

I took down Tobi’s HP, which was full to around 60%

It’s not like I used a special skill and it’s not like I actually awakened to some godly reaction speeds either.

This is…

「Ouch! My lower leg! My lower leg!!」 (Tobi)

「This…is just reading your opponent!」 (Hind)

That’s why in this scenario, there’s no need for superior reflexes.

If you know how your opponent is going to move next, no matter how fast Tobi is going to move, there’s no need for instant reactions and it’s possible to keep up with him.

The habits I saw Tobi have from behind, his choice of skills, the direction he dodges, the timing at which he switches from offense to defense…I wielded my staff while remembering those things.

The right one is a feint, immediately after that, he’ll go for the kill with his left, while dodging those dual blades, I thrust my staff through a small gap!

「Nuah!? Wait, now that I think about it, I never managed to win against you during Kendo lessons! Why didn’t I remember that since we are inside a VR game!」 (Tobi)

「It’s too late even if you remember that now, you idiot!」 (Hind)

This is a strategy that only works because my opponent is Tobi, someone I know really well.

If that wasn’t the case, I would have become incapacitated already.

「…Kuh, I have no other choice in that case! I’ll make this the last bout!」 (Tobi)

His body started shining and Tobi’s HP decreased in an instant.

At the same time it split into two, one of them headed towards Yumir, who was chasing Mitsuyoshi-san.

「That idiot…」 (Hind)

While confirming that this was our victory, I felt a tinge of loneliness because of Tobi’s actions.

This is like going towards his own defeat.

Besides, this is the first time I’ve seen him fight with eyes so devoid of life, no matter how well he controls it, I know without a doubt that the 「Thing」 in front of me, is nothing more than a fake.

While dodging its attack, I hit the body with my staff and it vanished easily.

Once he saw that happen, Tobi took a glance bitterly, shook his head and switched to running with all his might.

「He went your way, Yumir!」 (Hind)

Immediately after, the main body went after Yumir, but since I called it out, the surprise attack ended up in failure.

Yumir’s sword, who turned around, and Tobi’s blade clashed and sparks scattered.

「Nuoh!? Don’t get in my way, Tobi!」 (Yumir)

「I won’t let you defeat Mitsuyoshi-dono! Not yet, it’s not over yet!」 (Tobi)

「Tobi-kun, why did you come!? Go back, I’m fine over here!」 (Mitsuyoshi)

I have around 40% HP remaining and since rear guards don’t obtain MP while being attacked I didn’t have any other choice but to regenerate it naturally, so my current MP was really low.

Luckily, I didn’t get hit by Tobi even once, but that was the result of frantically dodging while cold sweat ran down my body.

That’s just how much of a disadvantage Shinto priests have in a direct confrontation.

If Tobi had attacked me more persistently or I somehow ended up getting hit by a skill…there’s the possibility that I would have been unable to deal with it and end up getting defeated.

The best chance might have been if he had attacked along with the copy from both sides at the same time?

If I were to be attacked like that, I can say with confidence that I’d had ended up flustered.

However, even if it didn’t end up like that because he became flustered, Tobi’s error of judgement proved to be fatal.

Whether to ignore me from the beginning and join up with his partner or believe in Mitsuyoshi-san and try to defeat me as soon as possible…I believe that he should have focused on any of those.

Doing things half bakedly and having his and his partner’s HP decrease for nothing meant that there was no way for Tobi to win anymore.

No longer being targeted, I charged up just the minimum amount of MP needed and cast 『Healing・Plus』 on Yumir.

「Ohh, my HP! Alriiiiight! This is the end!」 (Yumir)

「Ah, as I though, we should have aimed for the 「True Self」…since that point where we failed to kill Hind-kun, we were already…gahah!」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「D-Damn it! Mitsuyoshi-dono!!」 (Tobi)

Having replenished plenty of her HP, Yumir forcefully broke through Tobi and finished up Mitsuyoshi-san with a 『Heavy Slash』.

I think he did well to last that long, but there is no way for an archer to win against a knight in close combat.

The audience heated up and Tobi’s dual blades fell powerlessly from the stage.

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VRMMO Chapter 77: Group H・Finals

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And then, in the blink of an eye it was time for the last battle of group H.

Both of us managed to win until now, our opponent was…

「You came as expected…Tobi! I was waiting for you!」 (Yumir)

Yumir pointed at Tobi and Mitsuyoshi-san, who appeared from the other side of the stage while wearing a stiff expression.

Our opponents for the finals were two men wearing similar japanese style equipment. A light warrior (evasion type) and an archer (rapid-fire type).

「Since you completely crushed your first opponents like that, I had the feeling it was going to end like this.」 (Hind)

「Fufufu…the same goes for both of you, haven’t you trained quite well during the time I haven’t seen you? My heart can’t stop throbbing right now!」 (Tobi)

Our opponent Tobi, calmly walked toward us while showing a smile.

Yumir lowered her arm, then crossed both of her arms and showed a fearless smile.

However, I, I can’t seem to stand this kind of weird mood…

For some reason, I’m getting goose bumps, in a bad way.

「Throbbing? That’s no good, you can’t go around playing games all night and neglecting your health.」 (Hind)

「Eh? Ah, sorry, I’ll be more careful…wait, Hind-dono!?

Why did this serious mood last less than 5 seconds!? I don’t have palpitations! Read the mood!」 (Tobi)

「..kuh, Hahahahahaha!」 (Mitsuyoshi)

I mean, that kind of thing is kinda creepy and embarrassing you know.

If you are going to do that, leave me out of it.

Saying that, Tobi and Yumir said 「Eeeh」 while looking at me with displeased faces.

Mitsuyoshi-san burst out laughing at our idiotic back and forth.

After laughing for a while, he wiped the tears at the edges of his eyes and said this.


But it’s like Hind-kun said. While what you say before the match won’t get left behind in the replay, if you are not careful and talk during the match, it’ll get included in the recording.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「No! I, I was creating this dark history on purpose!

I’ll act in an embarrassing way, then we can look back on it and laugh it out loud!」 (Yumir)

「Yumir-chan, you were doing it on purpose huh…good gracious, consider me impressed.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Tobi, who was next to Mitsuyoshi-san screamed 「Eh, really!? Is this sort of thing embarrassing!?」, but let’s ignore it.

Even though we are all here already, the waiting time is so long…if it’s like this, I guess there’s still time for idle talk.

I want to get a grasp of our opponent Mitsuyoshi-san’s personality, so I’ll bring up a suitable topic of conversation myself.

「…Now that I think about it, Mitsuyoshi-san’s player name, why did you choose it? It’s probably not your real name right?」 (Hind)

「Hmm? Let’s see…like Tobi-kun, I took it from a warring states military commander, he was also someone that used a bow.

「He’s someone that only those that are knowledgeable will know, so if you don’t know about him it’s normal.」 (Mitsuyohi)

「No, Mitsuyoshi-dono.

「If it’s Hind-dono, he’ll probably know who he is you know?」 (Tobi)

A warring states military commander and Mitsuyoshi huh?

Yup…Mitsuyoshi…bow…in that case, it’s probably that guy.

Even during the times that guns were getting popular, that long lived military commander kept using a bow until the end.

「Yup, it’s Oshima Mitsuyoshi right? Am I wrong?」 (Hind)

「Ooohhh!! You are amazing Hind-kun, you are correct!」 (Mitsuyoshi)

After showing a surprised face because of my answer, Mitsuyoshi excitedly struck my back.

However, he sure took the name from quite the understated military commander…

「As expected of Hind-dono.

「Fighting in the battle of Sekigahara at the age of 93, if that was true, it would be quite the exciting episode right!?」 (Tobi)

「Leaving the matter of if that anecdote is true or not aside, there’s no doubt that he was a person that rose in the world as an archer.」 (Hind)

「Even among archers from the past, people are usually attracted to more flashy ones like Nasu no Yoichi and Minamoto no Tametomo.

「Once you get to this age, instead of those, you tend to get charmed by powerful old men instead. It was like that for me.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「Muh? But Mittchi, I think you still look quite young?」 (Yumir)

Mitsuyoshi paid no attention to the name Mittchi that Yumir gave him and asked us 「How old do I look to you?」.

I honestly replied with around 30.

Yumir gave a similar answer, but the surprising words 「I won’t say the exact age, but I’m over 50 years old.」 came out of his mouth.

He altered his appearance to look younger huh…he has the default hairstyle in black and there are few wrinkles in his face.

Is the main factor that he looks young that macho-like body type? He’s not showing stuff like his abdomen either.

「He’s like Hind’s mom then? Young young.」 (Yumir)

「No, that person…isn’t she a genuine witch? There’s no doubt about it.」 (Tobi)

「Don’t go talking about other people’s mothers like they were monsters.

「If she catches wind of this, you are going to get strangled again, you know?」 (Hind)

「Oh, you three know each other in real life?

「That kind of thing is nice. In my student days…」 (Mitsuyoshi)

Like that, our conversation heated up.

Mitsuyoshi’s way of speaking broke up but there was this calmness befitting someone his age, he was someone fun to speak to.

If it’s like this, shaking up his mental state mid match won’t be a possible strategy huh…

While receiving gazes from the audience that were saying 「Why are these guys acting all calm in there?」, we waited for the start signal on top of the stage.

A few minutes after the match started–

「Seiyah!」 (Yumir)

「Hahaha! You are not hitting me!」 (Tobi)

「Nugah! So noisy, you are so annoying!」 (Yumir)

Tobi was toying around with us while dodging with swift movements and we were currently struggling.

To think having someone go around you would be this annoying, besides, for him to be this troublesome…

Yumir’s attacks didn’t land, and while Tobi didn’t deal much damage with his dual blades, the damage kept accumulating.

「-I got you! …Nuoh!?」 (Yumir)

Just when she finally caught him and cut his throat, the body started blurring and the damage was nullified.

「Too bad, that was a cicada shell.」 (Tobi)

「That’s unfair!」 (Yumir)

「It’s not unfair!

「It’s a legitimate action for a ninja like me!」 (Tobi)

While they were having an argument like elementary schoolers…

However, is that guy really part of the go-home club? His swift and splendid movements made you doubt that.

Like dodging the sword with a backflip, he looked like a gymnastics athlete or some ninja straight out from a novel.

Just when I said that as I watched them…

「-Wha!?」 (Hind)

At the time I stopped right behind Yumir to charge my MP, an arrow flew straight by my side.

…This happened when I became distracted for just a split second.

On top of having high accuracy, it was scary how each arrow carried considerable power for a rapid-fire type.

I switched places and started charging up again from a place where Mitsuyoshi-san would find Yumir annoying.

Yumir shouldn’t take much damage even if she takes a couple arrows, so I’ve got no choice but to slowly charge up my MP while having her cover me.

Because of that, we had no choice but to stay close to each other.

If I let my guard down, Tobi would also be able to get in range to hit me, so I was forced to play really defensively.

「Hind-san, hang in there!」 (Riizu)

「Y-Yumir-san too, do your best!」 (Selene)

I hear Riizu and Selene-san cheering for us, but I have no leeway to reply to them.

We’ve been at a disadvantage from the start until this point…how are we supposed to turn this situation around?

There’s no meaning behind their cheers, I believe it’s pretty clear what our situation is like right now.

Mitsuyoshi-san is clearly aiming to obstruct me, so thinking about the current MP amount I have, the best I can do right now is to cast a 『Healing』 since it doesn’t cost much towards Yumir.

Or, since both of their attacks are physical types, I could use the similarly low cost 『Guard up』 on both me and Yumir.

Yumir’s MP is in a good condition since she has been bombarded by attacks, however, unlike our usual fights where she can just go on a suicide attack while having me healing her, this time she has to be careful.

Our battle strategy is based on using a revive or two, so our current situation is quite painful.

I’m begging you, please let me charge up my MP!! Is the kind of honest plea I’d like to scream.

However, on top of them not having many gaps, their decision making is really fast, they are strong without any doubt.

Their aim is probably…

「Tobi-kun, stand back! I’ll finish it with this!」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「Fuh, seems like this is our win! Farewell!」 (Tobi)

「!! This is bad, Yumir! Catch Tobi!」 (Hind)

「Kuh…!」 (Yumir)

Yumir’s sword was unable to reach him and Tobi took a great distance from us.

The consideration of friendly fire disappeared and Mitsuyoshi’s arrow was nocked towards the heavens.

-『Arrow rain』 is coming!

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