VRMMO Chapter 76: Infinitely replenishing HP

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The words jumped right into the middle of our field of view and the machine like voice read it out loud.

Zelos (Grado Empire) & Jalousie (Grado Empire) vs Yumir (Kingdom of Sala) & Hind (Kingdom of Sala)…READY…FIGHT!

「I’ll crush you!!」 (Jalousie)

With a scream as if to erase the voices of the audience that were chanting 「Yumir」, the vanguard Shinto priest Jalousie rushed towards me as the announcement ended.

His weapon of choice was a big mace that he wielded on his right hand, for defensive gear, he had a metal armor and a shield on his left hand, quite the heavy equipment.

I had already told Yumir the plan before the fight started.

「You understood it right, Yumir!?」 (Hind)

「Yeah!」 (Yumir)

As usual, Yumir went to the front and I stood behind her at a reasonable distance.

Yumir intercepted Jalousie’s charge in a flash with her longsword, and a sharp metallic sound echoed throughout the arena.

Seeing this exciting clash right after the fight started, the excitement in the arena rose up.

「I’m your opponent!」 (Yumir)

「Nugah!? Damn you, don’t get in my way!」 (Jalousie)

While confirming that she was able to stop his charge like that, I stood still at that spot and charged my MP.

I glared at Zelos who was charging his MP like me on the other side of the vanguards…and it began when we both finished our chants.

「Shut him up, Yumir!」 (Hind)

「Crush her, Jalousie!」 (Zelos)

『Attack up』 and 『Guard down』 activated on Yumir at the same time.

He’s a dark type mage, so him using a debuff was something I already took into consideration.

Debuffs are not a status ailment so it’s not possible to recover from it with 『Recover』, but it’s possible to erase them with 『Dispel』.

However, since what he used was 『Guard down』 let’s ignore it, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s recover more MP and prepare for the next move.

「Nuoh, I’m automatically in a state of Act of Desperation!? However, I can use Act of Desperation on top of it! Uooooooooooooh!!」 (Yumir)

「Guh, gah! Nuuh, big bro! Use attack down first! This girl, her offensive power is on par with a heavy warrior! At this rate I’ll get hit and lose!」 (Jalousie)

「Calm down! Having both Act of Desperation and Guard down, her current physical defense is low! …In that case, I stop her movements!」 (Zelos)

Zelos used 『Slow』 on Yumir.

With the debuff, Yumir’s movements were about 2/3 slower.

「My body feels heavy! Ah, ah, and the damage I took from a single hit was really high!?」 (Yumir)

「Gahahaha! I can win, I can win like this! I can do it, big bro!」 (Jalousie)

Those two at the front are noisy…in her current state, with both 『Act of Desperation』 and 『Guard down』, her defense is at 30%.

If it wasn’t for the defensive gear that Selene-san made, Yumir would have already died.

However I did nothing, and patiently kept charging up my MP until it was close to full.

With that, I should have way more MP than Zelos, who had used 『Slow』.

Jalousie had already used a vanguard Shinto priest skill called 『Holy Shield』, that increased both physical and magical resistances, so it was quite hard to shave off his HP.

On the other hand, I compensated for it quite a bit with the skills 『Guard Up』 and 『Resist up』 that only I could use, so it will take quite a while until she becomes incapacitated.

Their strategy is to have the vanguard Shinto priest sticking close to the opponent and stacking debuffs on them, while the way they do it is different, the way they make it a battle of endurance is similar to ours.

Therefore, disrupting the opponent’s pace is key to deciding victory or defeat here.

Yumir’s HP drastically decreased and when Zelos started chanting a spell I used  『Shining』.

「-Tsk! Such impertinence!」 (Zelos)

The damage was minuscule, but I was successful in stopping his actions.

Then I started casting 『Revive』.

While I was casting it, Yumir and Jalousie continued exchanging blows, they continued moving in the space between me and Zelos.

「That chant is long…is it a big spell!? Jalousie, get out of the way! -Take this!」 (Zelos)

In an act of desperation, he shot the elementary spell with a short cast time 『Fire Ball』 towards me, but with both of them in the way, his aim was shallow.

I easily dodged it and cast the 『Revive』 I finished chanting-

「Supeh!?」 (Yumir)

HP 0, I used it on Yumir, whose body was falling from being hit by the mace’s swing.

Once I did, she didn’t fall on top of the stage, she stood firm on the ground with one leg and immediately counter attacked.

「The heaviness is gone…Taah!」 (Yumir)

Since she became incapacitated, the buffs and debuffs on Yumir were all gone.

Jalousie was unable to deal with the abrupt resurrection and change in speed, and took the swift attack directly.

Because of that, Jalousie’s HP was at 60%, however, he wasn’t given the chance to heal due to Yumir’s relentless attacks.

「Nuah!? W-Wait, I’m pretty sure her HP had hit 0…? Big bro, what’s going on!? Wasn’t it going to be fine even if we didn’t deal with the rear guard as long as we shut down the vanguard and interrupted the casting from the rearguard!? This is different from what you told me!」 (Jalousie)

「I-Impossible…you telling me…he revived her as she died…? It’s even faster than in the previous fights too…? For…for something like this to…」 (Zelos)

「B-Big bro…?」 (Jalousie)

Zelos seems to be confused, but the truth is, I was hurrying to make it barely in time.

I thought I casted it too early…however, I definitely can’t let that show on my face.

In fact, I’ll act calm and smile.

If they keep charging towards us in a hurry, it’ll turn into our advantage.

「-Guh, it’s definitely just a fluke! Jalousie, we are going to destroy them again!」 (Zelos)

「Y-Yeah!」 (Jalousie)

The casting time for 『Revive』 is long.

It’s true that usually if you defeat the vanguard, you’d be able to crush the rearguard easily, however that doesn’t matter if you predict the time they die and cast it on them.

It’s true that if you cast it too early, it would definitely lead to your defeat, but that’s another case.

Anyway, a single Shinto priest can’t do anything, so it’s enough to target them while barely making it in time.

In the interval they were focusing their attacks on Yumir again, I first used 『Healing』 on Yumir.

Furthermore, I erased the CD on 『Revive』 with 『Quick』, after that, I used 『Healing』 again since it has a short CD to heal Yumir’s HP a bit more.

I started chanting the spell before Yumir got incapatitated due to her tendency for kamikaze attacks to shave off Jalousie’s HP.

She’s filled with debuffs, so it’s about time she reaches her limit.

I feel bad for Yumir, but it’s easier for me to have her die to erase the debuffs.

I dodged the 『Darkness Ball』 that was trying to disturb my casting and then…

「A second time!?」 (Jalousie)

「Hey, stay there!」 (Yumir)

This time, she was revived before she fell over.

I’m doing really well in this match.

I’m activating 『Revive』 in a far more timely manner than usual.

「-Hah!? I’m not dead, I’m not dead!? This time didn’t count!」 (Yumir)

「No, you died you know? You were counting them?」 (Hind)

Seeing that, the duo of Zelos and Jalousie completely lost their calm.

And the audience excitedly cheered each time she revived.

…Isn’t the timing at which they cheer weird?

「N-No way, for this to…a-aim for the guy! We are aiming for the guy first! Do it as if your life depended on it, Jalousie! That is our only chance at winning!」 (Zelos)

「Got it, big bro! Here I goooooooooo!!」 (Jalousie)

「-You think I’ll let you?」 (Yumir)

Seeing Yumir intercept him that fast, I cast 『Healing Plus』.

It takes longer than Healing, but it takes way less time than Revive.

The HP of Yumir, who was facing Jalousie, was dramatically healed.

「Wha!? -D-Damn yooooooooooouuuuuuu!!」 (Jalousie)

「!!」 (Yumir)

Seeing that, Jalousie grew irritated and swung the mace with all his might.

Yumir was blown away due to the difference in body weight and strength, taking advantage of that gap, Jalousie used 『Healing』 on himself to heal a small amount of his own HP.

As expected of someone that had kept winning until now, it seems like they didn’t win by luck.

Counting this healing, Jalousie’s HP is about 40% left.

「Nuaaaaaaah!」 (Jalousie)

Then, he came this way.

I calmly took some distance-

「Hind, a spell is coming!」 (Yumir)

「What!?」 (Hind)

『Slow』 should still be on CD.

If it’s an offensive spell, Jalousie and me are too close though…

The spell Zelos chose was…

「Hahahaha!! I won’t let you get away!」 (Zelos)

It was the offensive spell 『Graviton Wave』 that engulfed everyone but him.

It covered a wide range and produced high gravity, our bodies felt heavier and our HP was slowly shaved off.

As if he was used to being inside it, Jalousie calmly approached me while taking damage.

I see, when they are pressured, they do this to disrupt the opponent’s pace and win.

This shows the magical resistance of a Shinto priest, even if Jalousie fights under this gravity, he won’t take much damage.

I believe it’s a good combination attack.

In fact, right now, it looks like I won’t be able to escape his mace.

However, my eyes already have seen the figure behind Jalousie that was swinging around.

「-Oh, it’s another gravity spell! However, this is far better than being afflicted with Slow!」 (Yumir)

Having experienced Riizu’s 『Graviton Wave』, Yumir caught up to Jalousie and cut at his back.

It being a strong attack, he entered a long hit stop state, she stopped Jalousie a few moments before Jalousie was going to swing his mace at me.

Casting a spell while taking damage under this gravity wave would be impossible anyways.

…In that case, I swung my staff with all my body weight towards the target in front of me.

He was able to block it with his shield, but Jalousie lost his balance…

「Hahahaha!! You are still like a fish on the chopping board!」 (Yumir)

「From time to time, you sure do talk like vulgar villain…well, you are correct in this situation though.」 (Hind)

「Let me go! Get away from meeeeee!! Big broooooo!!」 (Jalousie)

Yumir stepped on the right arm that was holding the mace and she smiled as she was releasing her aura.

I put my body weight on top of the shield that was being held by his left arm, so even if this guy is strong, he probably won’t be able to shake free from the body weight of two people.

With this our victory should be certain, it would also be fine if they surrendered.


「Nuh? My body feels lighter.」 (Yumir)

「Yup, it seems like the spell has worn off.」 (Hind)

The effect of Graviton Wave is also gone.

Even if Zelos doesn’t give up and uses 『Darkness Ball』, we will be able to take it on without breaking our stance.

With our current HP it will certainly not be fatal, so even if we are pulled in a bit, as long as we don’t let Jalousie break free it will be fine.

As a result, as expected our HP didn’t even decrease by 30% and the dark orb’s suction quietly died down.

While looking at Zelos, who was frantically charging his MP, I released 『Area Heal』 at our feet.

Among the multitude of spells, healing magic has the special trait of only affecting your allies.

Because of that, Jalousie who was being stepped on by us wasn’t healed and we recovered to full HP due to the white light.

Zelos’ expression was dyed in despair.

「Don’t give up big bro! Bring down the iron hammer down on these normies! I can’t forgive a couple that has such good coordinatioooooon!! Nuaaaaaaaaah! I want to be popular toooooooooooooo!!」 (Jalousie)

「「I told you we are not a couple!!」」 (Hind and Yumir)

「Guh! Gah! Gueh!? -Gah…」 (Jalousie)

「Jalousieeeeeeee!?」 (Zelos)

Jalousie became incapacitated, our HP and MP was back to full and me stood so that Zelos was between us.

I believe he would surrender in this situation? Or that was what I thought but…

「You guys, go and explodeeeeeeeeee!! Uoooooooooooooooooo!!」 (Zelos)

Since he brandished his staff to face us as he shouted, Yumir mercilessly struck him down in a single blow with 『Burst Edge』.

Zelos was blown away to the far end of the stage due to the explosion of magic power and fell down.

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VRMMO Chapter 75: Progress in the tournament and weird name being given

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「They called it the official cheat avatar. It’s already the main topic in the BBS.」 (Tobi)

Seems like Tobi took a look at the BBS while he was logging out. He came to give us information as soon as the match was over.

Riizu and Selene-san also stood up from their seats, we were currently standing on a pathway talking.

Of course, the topic was about the Grado emperor we just fought.

Level 100, he was able to use skills regardless of his job, and that abnormal MP recovery speed, they were all aberrant abilities after all…

Even that 『Raging Flame』 casting time, it was extremely short compared to when its main job, mage, used it.

If this game had all chat, it would probably have turned really bad by now…

「In the BBS, they used his strength as a base for the other NPCs, and they thought that if they couldn’t defeat the demon army with such strength, just how strong are demons then? They were in such a discussion-」 (Tobi)

「But, shouldn’t that emperor be a special case? Even if we say he’s strong, in war, if the numbers are uneven it’s meaningless, isn’t the premise quite weird?」 (Hind)

「Umu. If people like him were common, there would be no reason for players to exist, right!?」 (Yumir)

「I also think that way. After all, that discussion went into a weird direction…」 (Tobi)

Thinking about it, the imperial soldiers guarding the border were around level 30.

The soldiers protecting the royal palace in Sala were around level 25, and the commanding officer for the imperial guards was level 35.

It’s a setting where it would be pretty bad if players could commit acts of violence against NPCs.

In order to fight said NPCs, it’s made so that it’s only possible if both sides agree to a duel.

「However, the commanding officer for the mercenaries in the caravan was level 50 right, Hind-san?」 (Riizu)

「You are right. That’s how commanding officers are, so I believe they are a special case.」 (Hind)

「The funds of the national security is low in Sala, so the soldiers are not that skilled, so if we used that as a base and thought about the commanding officers in other countries…they would be as high as level 60? If we follow this trend.」(Selene)

「Well, at the very least, they wouldn’t be level 100.」(Hind)

To summarize, normal people and merchants would be around level 10 and a trained soldier would be around level 30.

A commanding officer would be above level 50 and when I took a look at the BBS, if I remember correctly, the general of the Beli Confederation should have been level 70.

There’s no doubt that said general is also special, so it does prove further just how abnormal that emperor is though.

「However, the emperor’s behavior was special during Hind-dono and Yumir-dono’s match.」 (Tobi)

「Special? How so?」 (Hind)

「I took a quick look at the other matches he filled in for, but those matches all ended with one side being at a clear disadvantage.」 (Tobi)

「I mean, that should have just been a coincidence. Since Yumir was immediately revived right after she became incapacitated, he was probably slightly thrown off by that timing. He was probably planning to finish the match at that point too?」 (Hind)

「I get the feeling that it wasn’t only that…no, it’s probably just my imagination. Forget about it.」 (Tobi)

「?」 (Hind)

I get the feeling it was just a matter of me being a Shinto priest and being able to revive people.

However, in the end, Tobi didn’t tell me what he found strange.

Oh, now that we are talking about the emperor, all of us thought that…it was just a surprise prepared by the developers.

It felt like staring at a huge tornado far away.

「Gununu…I want to get my revenge against that emperor one day. I feel like we completely lost.」 (Yumir)

「Even if you say that, I wonder when we’ll get closer to level 100, though.」 (Riizu)

「We definitely can’t win in our current state, after all. He didn’t look like he was fighting seriously, it would be difficult even if we challenge him as five.」 (Hind)

「You are right…ah, Tobi-kun! More importantly, are you fine on time? Isn’t your next match soon?」 (Selene)

Selene-san opened her menu and checked the time.

She hurriedly opened the tournament bracket and amplified it so she could show it to us, the time was already…

「Hiiiiii!? This is bad, there’s only 1 minute left!! Ah, there are already 3 people standing in the arena…thank you, Selene-dono! I’m going!」 (Tobi)

「G-Good luck…」 (Selene)

「Do your best.」 (Hind)

Tobi started running and looked as if he would trip and fall, and he apologized to Mitsuyoshi-san, who had arrived at the arena.

Seems like he managed to get there before the match started, so the match began without any issues.

The venue was enveloped in cheers.

「Nevertheless, I’m a bit tired…once Tobi’s match ends, shall we log out for a bit?」 (Hind)

「I agree. Once we enter the second half of the tournament, the times we can take a break will decrease.」 (Yumir)

「So you are speaking as if you were going to win. You sure are confident.」 (Riizu)

「Of course I am! We are definitely going to win!」 (Yumir)

「C-Calm down you two. Hind-kun, I also agree. Let’s take a break now that we can.」 (Selene)

With that being said, we sat down in some empty seats that were close-by and watched Tobi’s and Mitsuyoshi’s match.

Once we made sure that they were going to win, we logged out in a corner of the arena.

Once we logged in again, we were able to safely advance through the rounds.

The second match was against two martial artists (Fist style・Kick style), since they both could heal themselves, it turned into quite the drawn out fight…

We stalled until we could release 『Burst Edge』 and crushed one of them.

The one left didn’t give up and kept trying, but having it become a 2 on 1 we had the upper hand.

It was a match that made us realize just how important that instant firepower of 『Burst Edge』 was for us to defeat someone in one strike, but let’s leave that aside, it’s fine since we won.

Be that as it may, I think it’s very cruel that they pointed at Yumir and called her 「Zombie」 because she would return from the dead no matter how many times you killed her and they also called me a 「Necromancer」 since I was the one resurrecting her.

If they are going to give us nicknames, I would prefer if they gave us something better.

Next up, the third match against a heavy warrior (Attack type) and archer (Speed type), the most popular combination in this tournament.

However, since there are so many it also means that since the preliminaries we have been developing countermeasures against them…

Among those measures, this time we successfully decided the match with the 「Swift attack」 one.

Once I charged MP, I cast the Shinto priest skill 『Light Enchant』 and gave Yumir’s basic attacks light element properties.

Yumir quickly got rid of the heavy warrior that kept rushing at me, and we gained control of the match before their archer managed to save up enough MP to release 『Arrow Rain』.

As a result, the match ended way sooner than the second match, we were able to get through quite easily.

It’s just that, the match ended without me understanding the words of the archer, who after the match started shouted 「Aim for the true self!」. True self?

Group H’s semifinals…

Our opponents were a mage called Zelos and a Shinto priest called Jalousie.

Next to me, Yumir was concentrating on their player names.

「Ooh, Hind! Their names are really orange! Just as the rumor said, these guys are really PKs!」 (Yumir)

「You are right, Yumir. It’s just that…the guild name under their names is quite unusual, don’t you have the feeling you’ve seen it somewhere?」 (Hind)

「Muh?…Normie, extermination…ah!」 (Yumir)

My bad premonition has come true.

Since that time I saw it in the BBS, I was wondering if the guild these masked guys belong to is the same as that PK guy from when the game launched.

What was it again…if I remember correctly, even though he was called Poker Face, I believe he was a player that was unable to hide his hatred.


「「!?」」 (Yumir and Hind)

When we whispered to each other quietly, the large build man with the iron mask suddenly roared.

Then the man in wearing black clothes and a clown mask protested.

「Calm down, Jalousie. Endure until the match starts.」 (Zelos)

「But big bro!」 (Jalousie)

「Excuse me, is it fine if I ask you a question?」 (Hind)

I don’t know if my words will get through them, but since there was something that I was curious about I talked to them.

Unexpectedly, the man with a clown mask took a posture as if he was saying 「What is it?」.

「What is your basis for deciding if people are a couple…?」 (Hind)

「As if you didn’t know already. Isn’t it pretty obvious that if a guy and a girl form a party together, they are all couples?」 (Zelos)

「That criteria is so loose though!? If you do it like that, aren’t you guys mistaking them for couples as you see it fit!? The truth is both of us-」 (Hind)

「Silence! We’ll turn you guys into a bloodbath soon enough, so prepare yourselves!」 (Zelos)

「「Eh…」」 (Hind and Yumir)

Right after they lost their temper and took up their weapons, they gave the signal for the match to start.

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Chapter 74: Arrival of the crimson emperor

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「Alright, we won! Did you see my performance, Hind-dono, Yumir-dono!?」 (Tobi)

Oh, sweet, it’s so sweet…this confectionery tastes good and it has a nice fragrance and texture.

It was something I made and brought here called Baklava that used pie dough, this is good.

There are nuts within the many layers of dough, and the exterior is coated in syrup.

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with trying to cook various things in the game by bringing in real life recipes.

You can actually get a real taste of the food here, but as expected, your stomach doesn’t really fill up.

The four of us were absorbed in chewing the food.

「Wait, they are relaxing over there!? What about the impressions of my match!?」 (Tobi)

「Mogogogo! Mogomogogogogo, momoh!」 (Yumir)

「Yumir-dono, I don’t get what you are trying to say…」 (Tobi)

「Not bad! You should just witness our next fight! Is what she said.」 (Hind)

「Hind-dono, how did you understand her!? Yumir-dono is nodding like crazy so what you said was right too!」 (Tobi)

Somehow, at the very least they were easier to understand than those puzzling words she said during the Basilisk fight.

Tobi and his partner Mitsuyoshi, descended from the arena and immediately got closer to where we were.

It was the first time Selene-san met Mitsuyoshi, so she used Riizu to conceal herself.

「They sure are a cheerful bunch, Tobi-kun’s guild members.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「Mitsuyoshi-dono…they are too cheerful, though there are times where I can’t keep up with them…」 (Tobi)

Though I believe he shouldn’t be the one to talk. There are times when Tobi gets pretty bad too.

I offered Mitsuyoshi-san, who was next to Tobi a Baklava.

Since quite a while ago, I get the feeling he wasn’t really looking at us but at what I was holding…I wonder if that’s the case?

「Ah, did my desires show up on my face? The truth is, I have quite the sweet-tooth, thank you.」 (Mitsuyoshi)

He expressed his thanks with delight, and took a big mouthful of the Baklava.

He’s eating it that delightfully, as the one who made it, it makes me really happy.

I also gave Tobi a slice, and it looked like there would be leftovers so I shared them among the female crowd that were looking at us close by.

It got a favorable reception when it came down to taste, and a mysterious sense of unity was born in the vicinity when everyone was eating the same thing.

In an instant, the air in the area was wrapped in a sweet fragrance…ah, feel free to have some herb tea too.

Once Tobi and Mitsuyoshi-san were done, they said that they would log out, and we watched the matches while not being very interested.

「If you walked around the arena selling food, wouldn’t that be quite profitable…?」 (Hind)

「Hind-san, there are already players taking action who had the same idea, you know?」 (Riizu)

When I uttered that while watching the matches carefreely, Riizu pointed at the other side of the arena.

Wearing similar clothes, there was a multitude of players that looked to be part of the same guild walking around selling food.

I see…I mean, if it’s something I’d be able to come up with, there would be other people that came up with the same idea.

The only thing that was banned was opening gambling of your own after all, I believe this kind of thing is honest business by using the arena.

While we were relaxing like that, the match we were watching was over and it was finally time for our match next.

「It’s finally our turn!」 (Yumir)

「I’m sorry to say this when you are getting fired up, but the opponents haven’t come you know, Yumir-san?」 (Riizu)

「Ah? What does that mean?」 (Yumir)

When Yumir showed bewilderment, Selene-san looked at Riizu’s opened screen from the side.

After that, she nodded in agreement and said this.

「It’s true. They seem to have contacted the developers in advance, they have withdrawn from the tournament.」 (Selene)

「Which means…」 (Hind)

Seems like our opponents will be NPCs.

The arena was getting noisier.

It seemed like the players were also interested in NPCs taking part, they were eagerly waiting for them to make their entrance.

There wasn’t anyone absent until now from group H after all.

Half of the seats in the arena were for NPC use, but I haven’t seen anything that stood out yet.

Though we were already in the arena waiting.

I wonder where they’ll come from…when I looked around thinking that, a light shone from above the arena.

The ones that came out from it…

「It’s me!」

「Your majesty, this is the last match of today. After the end, as planned…」

「Annoying! Official business or whatever, I’m telling you I’ll take care of those after we return to the castle!」

「Guess we can leave it at that. We’ll come tomorrow to the arena again, so there are matters we have to attend in advance.」

The one that shouted 「It’s me!」, had the name Grado・Ardi・Sajis displayed on top of his head.

The arena froze, however, before the name the word 『Emperor』 was clearly attached. It was not an hallucination.

Armor that was bright red and a black mantle with gold embroidery, red hair and thick eyebrows…fine chiseled looks, eyes with double-edged eyelids…if I had to describe my first impressions on him in one word it would be 「Passionate」.

His physique was ordinary, but maybe it was because of those features, he looked quite impressive.

「It seems like we have made you wait…well then, take up your weapons visitors! I’ll personally be your opponent!」 (Sajis)

Due to those words, we came to our senses and the audience suddenly got really excited.

The one that came with him was a young man, seeing this situation, he gave a sigh and descended from the arena.

Could it be…that the emperor plans to fight alone?

「Hey, Hind. We, is this us being lucky?」 (Yumir)

「No, from what the emperor said when he entered the stage, it seems like he has been going around every match where there was an absence. We are probably not the only ones in this situation.」 (Hind)

「He was…filling the holes alone?」 (Yumir)

「Seems like it. I mean, he’s standing there alone as if it were natural.」 (Hind)

Basically it means this.

The NPCs that are filling in = everyone is the emperor (sponsor)…I wonder what are they even thinking? The developers in charge of this event.

Once his majesty pulled out his golden sword, the word READY appeared.

Being unable to calm down because of the unexpected event, we readied our weapons in a hurry.

「Don’t worry, I’ll hold back. Though, you are free to come at me with everything you’ve got…here I come!」 (Sajis)

The red lump of mass, rushed towards us.

I was an idiot for believing the words of the developers.

They said they were going to be quite strong, but now I feel like sending them over 50 emails asking them about it.

…The emperor Grado had terrifying skills.

Sword skills and offensive magic, qiqong, on top of that he even had healing magic, he could freely use any type of skills and was overpowering us.

In other words…

「「We can’t beat him!!!」」 (Yumir and Hind)

I shouted along with Yumir.

How do they want us to beat someone like him!?

He has about 10 times our HP, his MP recovers at really high speed, and now that I’m looking at it, it’s displayed that his level is 100.

Though it’s true that they restricted him quite a bit since he’s not instantly killing us but…

Even if we slowly shave off his HP, he’ll heal instantly, it feels completely useless.

His HP hasn’t gone under 90% even once, so that brings us to my previous question.

「What’s wrong, is that all you got? If we end up like this, this would make you guys the most disappointing ones among the people I’ve faced today…」 (Sajis)

「You said we were a disappointment…? I can’t forgive that!」 (Yumir)

「Wait, Yumir! He’s taunting you, don’t fall for it!」 (Hind)

My voice failed to reach her, Yumir’s HP, who put emphasis on offense went into the red zone very fast.

Looking at that situation, I started chanting 『Revive』.

「I lost!?」 (Yumir)

Like that, she took a hit and became incapacitated.

The emperor looked at the sky and placed his sword on his shoulders, and made a disappointed face.

「…So it ends like this? In that case, we’ll stop the mat-」 (Sajis)

「…Is that what you were thinking?」 (Yumir)

「What!?」 (Sajis)

The revived Yumir, pierced the emperor’s armor in the chest area.

I used 『Magic up』 on Yumir, and immediately after that…

「Eat this!」 (Yumir)

「Nuuh!」 (Sajis)

She used 『Burst Edge』 when her MP was at around 80%.

The magic power that ran throughout the sword exploded from within the emperor’s body.

It was judged as a weak point, and it was a blow that was a critical hit but…

「That was a splendid combo…!」 (Sajis)

The emperor forcibly removed Yumir’s sword and his HP showed that he was at 85%.

This is quite the difference in strength.

「To honor your efforts, I’ll get a little bit serious.」 (Sajis)

「「No, thanks.」」 (Yumir and Hind)

「No need to be shy.」 (Sajis)

「「We are not!」」 (Yumir and Hind)

It fell on deaf ears.

The emperor quickly put away his sword and started chanting a spell really fast.

Yumir tried to stop him, but cruelly, the spell was done casting in an instant.

Seeing that, I began running towards Yumir as a follow up.

「Burn to ashes! Raging Flame!!」 (Sajis)

It was released along with that oppressive scream, a gigantic fireball that could easily engulf a whole person.

It was a fire・wind mage skill, among the skills you could acquire until level 40, it was the one with the highest offensive power.

Seeing that we wouldn’t be able to avoid it, I cast 『Resist up』 on myself and positioned myself in front of Yumir.

The fireball closed in in front of me and burst.

「Nuooooh!! It’s hoooooooooot!!」 (Hind)

My HP was reduced to 50% in one go, but a Shinto priest’s magic resistance is not for show!

A knight’s magic resistance is also top class among vanguards, but Yumir probably won’t have been able to endure it since her HP was low after she was revived.

I cast 『Area Heal』 immediately after the fire settled down, and healed both our HP.

For some reason, the emperor was just standing there and watching us. He didn’t try to disrupt my spell or chase after us, he wasn’t moving at all.

Once I thought that it was weird…

「Hahahahaha! I see, I see!」 (Sajis)

He started laughing loudly, and this time he showed an expression that he was content with the exchange of blows until now.

I don’t get it, but it looks like he understood something…

After that, he descended from the arena and said this to the young man after he called him.

「We are returning, Skia.」 (Sajis)

「Is it fine already?」 (Skia)

「I’m satisfied. If I had to say, they might be the strongest ones today.」 (Sajis)

「Oh?…That’s quite something.」 (Skia)

「I take back what I said about you being a disappointment, Hind, Yumir! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Keep on winning!」 (Sajis)

After declaring that one-sidedly, the young man called Skia chanted a spell and they disappeared from our sight.

The arena fell silent, and it was called that we were the victors.

A WINNER! appeared and danced in front of our eyes.

We heard a few scattered applause from the audience, but I believe their heart wasn’t in it.

We stood there unable to move from that spot, we could only stand there dumbfounded.

「…Ah? Hah!? I don’t feel like we won at all though!? What’s thiiiiissss!!?」 (Yumir)

「…You said it!! Ah, I don’t feel satisfied at aaaall!!!」 (Hind)

I shouted along with Yumir, and that pointless scream resounded throughout the audience.

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Explaining why we are back to the old blog

So yeah, it’s final, I’ll be leaving Wordexcerpt so releases will be done back here.

I have spent the last couple days updating all the chapters since I left so…releases should be up to date and the ToC should be too.

I’ll be using this post to explain the reasoning behind it and the circumstances leading to this so it’ll probably turn into one of those big walls of text, feel free to ignore if you are not interested.

Just for the record, I don’t really have anything against the people over there, I’ve enjoyed talking to the people I have talked to. So, there’s no bad blood between us (or at least I hope so), continue supporting them if you enjoy the series they release over there.

I’ll be dividing this post into sections as always and will try to be as transparent as I can providing information.

Joining the group

I guess to understand how we got here, I’ll have to explain how I joined the group.

The idea of joining a group was born from wanting to earn a little bit of money for the effort put into releasing chapters.

At the time I was talking with multiple groups and they could be divided in 2 kinds.

One seemed to be the most common one, basically, you’d get paid at the end of the month and each chapter you released would be X amount of money. However, all sort of monetization would be directed to the group so that staff is paid. Basically, a completely transparent method that guarantees a fixed amount of income depending on how much one works.

On the other hand there was the uncommon one which would be WE in this case. In this case people would get part of the ad revenue and get a monthly pay that would fluctuate depending on the person. Everyone is free to set external monetization to help along with it.

As you can see, both have their pros and cons. On one hand, you have a stable and completely transparent way to get paid, and on the other hand, you have one that is bound to fluctuate and you won’t be sure what you will be paid.

In this case, I chose the second one. At the time, I was plenty aware that the 2nd option would provide lower income in the short term but it had the potential to eventually become more profitable than the first option.

For the people that have been following me for a while, you probably know what happened next.

I contacted the owner and said I’d join. We were unable to properly set the account at the time and I had a flight the next day.

Once I arrived, I was unable to get in contact with said owner, the reason for it was because she was on holidays and she was staying somewhere where the internet was really bad and she was unable to reply to DMs and such.

This continued for weeks, during this time I focused on preparing chapters for when I would be able to release chapters. I was obviously unaware that the owner had gone on a holiday since she never told me and I could only wait patiently.

When she came back, I was finally given my account. However, I was told that the series page for VRMMO would be made for me at the time and I would be taught how to properly post chapters.

Because of the time zone difference, we had to postpone things and she went MIA again, this time for a really silly reason.

Point is, I was left in the dark once again and I eventually got in contact with the other staff of the group after joining their discord. This was after a few days of being unable to contact her again. The members explained how things were done to me and I finally managed to start posting chapters.

Mind you, I was understanding of the situation and didn’t really blame the owner for all that happened.

This leads to the following point.

Working in the group

Another advantage I forgot to mention about WE is that translators are free to set their own pace when it comes down to their release schedule.

As any paid position, there might be times where groups request that you have a certain pace that you’ll be able to keep up and ask for a certain quality of work.

Despite the initial hurdles, I was able to get along well with people I talked to and the community is rather friendly.

I decided to set a schedule and while the 2nd month was a bit shaky, I believe I did a pretty decent job at having frequent updates.

Regardless, I’ll talk about the payments now.

The following points will be from my point of view and from information that I personally had access to. If someone from the group sees this and decides to argue about these statement, they are free to do so.

The truth is, I wasn’t paid anything for my first month of “work”. The reasoning behind it seemed to be because of the way ad revenue is paid. Apparently they are paid after certain periods of time passes.

I have no experience setting any kind of ad revenue so there’s no argument that I can make to refute the statement.

I was however, paid last month. No real need to hide this information from you, the amount I was paid exactly 39$.

Staff members actually have access to how much everyone is earning, so I personally thought this amount was a “bit” lower than what I personally expected.

While people like me have no access to real earning numbers, I personally kept track of the amount of “audience” other people had and made an estimate of what I should be learning due to my own work.

I’m aware that this is not “hard proof” or anything, but it should give a decent estimate since ad revenue is generated by your series getting views.

Of course, I won’t release information about other people since that’s not something I should be doing. I’ll also avoid getting into some other data since it would make it seem like I’m accusing them of something without any proof.

For people that are curious, the offer other groups made for my series in particular, was of 6$/chapter. Obviously, this amount is by taking into account the series I’m working on and my own experience as a translator. This number won’t apply to everyone out there.

The first chapter that was released over at WE was Chapter 34.

Anyway, on to the next point.

Decision to leave the group and future plans

Well, you might be thinking that I’m leaving the group because I’m not getting paid enough.

While it is true that not receiving much pay has had influence on my decision, it’s not really the only reason I have done so.

I’ll be getting busier into the future and this will most likely have an impact on how often I can release things.

Being able to release less basically means that the number of views for the series will plummet over the time which will make the already unprofitable endeavor even worse.

While there’s no one telling me how often I should release chapters, working in a group environment where everyone else keeps releasing content does personally, get into my head and pressure me to try and get something released.

I personally think being on my own does give me more of a sense of freedom.

Therefore, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to just leave the group and go back to this blog.

I have decided to just throw away any notion of earning money away and go back to releasing everything for free, so releases will be uploaded as I have them ready.

This also means that the current Patreon structure, will be changed back to the old “you won’t get anything from me, but feel free to make a pledge if you want to support me”.

No future plans to join any group even if it means I’ll earn higher amounts of money. Uploading everything again has made me remember just how annoying and boring it is to upload all the chapters manually, and it’s an experience I would rather not go through again. Even less, when the series have more chapters released.

In the end, something like translating WNs/LNs should be fun for the translator.

As for what is going to happen now, it’ll depend on my whims. Of course, I plan to keep releasing chapters of VRMMO, however, I won’t be making any promises on a release pace or give estimates on the time each chapter will be released.

I might even decide to pick new series or something else, just whatever picks my interest and I feel like doing.

I’ll just be happy if I manage to get a few readers for the series I translate whenever something is released.

I’m aware that this is turning out to be quite long so I tried to speed up things and gloss over certain details, so I’ll proceed to finish this post now.

I want to thank all the readers and the patrons that have supported me until now.

Sorry to my patrons for not being able to meet your expectations. I wanted to use this post as a heads up so you are able to cancel your pledge since there’s still time until next month’s payment. Feel free to remove your pledges if you decide to.

Anyway, this was a long post and I’m pretty sure it was kinda messy because I’m really bad at organizing things, but if you have read until now, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Oh, I nearly forgot, the WordPress plan that this blog currently has will be gone by the end of the year, there might be ads on the blog after that point in time that I have no control over. Of course, that won’t be generating any money for myself.

When the time comes, feel free to activate your adblock on the blog since that should be the only way to avoid them. I have no current plans to buy a WP plan or to buy a domain and installing WP along with moving everything over at this point.

A VRMMO chapter will be uploaded along with this post, so go check that one if you want to.

Thanks as always and I hope you continue to enjoy the translations I provide until I decide to stop one day.

Chapter 73: Start of the first match

While there are things I’d like to explain as to why this is happening, I’ll be making a separate post to explain what happened.

It probably won’t get posted today since I’m currently a bit busy but enjoy the chapter in the meantime.

The players surrounding us also kept increasing.

Before we were unable to move around anymore, we checked out something that we were interested in.

That was…

「No good, Hind! There’s an invisible wall and we can’t get out!」 (Yumir)

「Just as I thought…so they are basically saying that if you want to see the imperial capital, you should come on your own, huh?」 (Hind)

It was to sightsee around the imperial capital by using this warp.

We tried going through the entrance/exits but there was an invisible wall like when you haven’t defeated the area boss yet.

The other players seemed to be thinking the same, a nimble looking girl close to us tried to avoid the entrance/exits and climb the wall.

She did manage to climb it without issues, but once she stretched out her hand it collided with something as expected.

Once our eyes met, she let out a wry smile and waved her hand, and I returned a similar reaction.

「That’s a shame. Even though I wanted to see things like the castle or the townscape of the imperial capital. We can’t really see them from here.」 (Selene)

「If low level players stayed behind here, they would be unable to move to other places after all. It can’t be helped.」 (Riizu)

「That’s why they made this area…just as Riizu has said, if you thought about it, it’s the natural result.」 (Hind)

「Even then, it’s human nature to try to do it! Doesn’t it make you want to get to the other side of the stage!?」 (Yumir)

In 3D games, there are times where you slip through the graphics and there’s nothing on the other side, and you end up falling though.

There’s no meaning in doing that.

If you found something like that in an online game, it’s usually a custom to contact the developers.

However, to keep challenging a difference in level that looks like you could climb but you can’t and before you notice an hour has passed…that kind of experience, I believe some people can understand that kind of thing.

「Well, I mean…since we got here early and all, let’s go and secure some good seats.」 (Hind)

「Oh, aren’t there still empty seats at the front!? Hurry up!」 (Yumir)

We followed after Yumir who ran off, and we hurried to the front row seats.

After some time had passed since we took our seats, the arena filled up in a blink of an eye.

Just as I thought, even if you can watch a recording later, there are a lot of players that want to live the experience.

「Seeing this many players, makes you remember even more just how popular of a game TB is.」 (Riizu)

「If it was the desert, you wouldn’t get this kind of feeling at all after all…」 (Hind)

Our seating order was Yumir to my left, Riizu to my right, and Selene-san further to the right.

On top of them being front seats, they were close to where the fights would be held, but there will be a barrier in place when battles are going on so there probably won’t be a risk of getting harmed.

We can just spectate without worries.

「When is the time for our match?」 (Yumir)

「If this tournament goes in order, we’ll be the second to last. We should be able to take it easy for the time being.」 (Hind)

「Ah, there’s a tournament chart in the menu. Eh…」 (Riizu)

Looking at my movements, Riizu opened her own menu window.

You can look at the chart for the other venues in the tournament.

Albert aniki is first on the list, and I can see names from the turtle event here and there…

「!! Hind-san, Hind-san!」 (Riizu)

「What’s wrong, Riizu?」 (Hind)

「Look at the first match!」 (Riizu)

「First match? …Ah.」 (Hind)

I wonder why I missed it.

The name of Tobi was clearly stated in the first match of group H.

Having their names called, a familiar face appeared on the stage.

A man completely in black…the person who was accompanying Tobi, was an adult male holding a bow that looked to be around 30 years old.

He gave the appearance of someone quite wild, he had his hair on a knot at the back, and was wearing a japanese style armor and bow.

An archer, huh…his player name is Mitsuyoshi.

Their opponents were a heavy warrior and a martial artist, both were male and since they were both vanguards, they were going for the strong style pattern.

「What’s with him, isn’t he acting quite cool and staying silent?」 (Yumir)

「No, isn’t he just being nervous?」 (Riizu)

「Well, as long as he keeps his mouth shut his eyes are cool, and since he’s slender, his clothes stick to him.

Even though that all goes to waste once he starts talking…」 (Hind)

「This is about that theory we talked about, about them being more mysterious and attractive if you don’t see them, right?」 (Selene)

There were quite a lot of cheers coming from girls.

Tobi, who had been indifferently going towards the starting point until now, suddenly raised a finger and pointed it towards us.

「I can hear you guys!! If you keep talking as you please, I’m going to cry, you know!?」 (Tobi)

「Oh, so you noticed us?」 (Hind)

「I was quite aware! To begin with, aren’t guild members and friends displayed on the map!?」 (Tobi)

「Hahaha, isn’t it fine, Tobi-kun!? Thanks to them you have relaxed, so you should thank your friend!」 (Mitsuyoshi)

「Mitsuyoshi-dono!」 (Tobi)

Even inside this boisterous arena, surprisingly you can hear from the front row.

Just as I was thinking that, along with a mechanical voice, something big was displayed within our field of view.

Dresser’s corner (Grado empire) & Little finger’s hangnail (Grado empire) vs Tobi (Sala kingdom) & Mitsuyoshi (Mahl republic).

The country of origin, that is to say the country they belong to was clearly displayed.

Just as I thought, isn’t this a proxy war…? Even though Tobi went to another country, it was still judged by where his guild was located.

If you are not affiliated with any country, it’ll probably use the place you moved into the arena from.

Once the names disappeared, the word 「READY」 was displayed and the four of them readied their weapons.

「There’s nothing like live coverage, huh? That’s a shame!」 (Yumir)

「It’s true that it feels a bit lacking. There’s the chance that there will be starting from tomorrow…」 (Hind)

「You are right. We’ll be in the same venue there after all.」 (Riizu)

「-Ah, it has started!」 (Selene)

Right after it began, the heavy warrior and martial artist moved forward for a quick attack.

At that time, a scene that I thought was a lie unfolded in front of my eyes.

Just when I thought that Tobi’s image was blurring, he divided in two and one of them went to intercept the martial artist that was aiming for Mitsuyoshi-san.

「He multiplied!?」 (Yumir)

「That’s a evasion type light warrior skill. There are few people that use it, we also saw it once before right?」 (Hind)

「If he used it right from the start, it means that it’s a skill that consumes HP right?」 (Selene)

About those HP consumption skills that Selene-san mentioned, the most famous one is the mage skill that converts HP into MP 『Mana Conversion』.

In the case of 『Other self technique』, if I remember correctly, it spends 1/4 of your max HP, so you could say that it was risky to use it at the beginning considering they are a pair that can’t heal at all.

「However, he controls it so well that you can’t tell which one is the real one! Even though it will disappear if he gets hit once, you can’t really ignore it!」 (Yumir)

You have to manage the other self while moving yourself, so it’s very hard to use.

But Tobi and his other self are not getting hit and he’s shutting down both vanguards.

There are gaps in their movements, but since they are moving constantly they are hard to spot.

It’s true that just as Yumir had said, it’s hard to tell which one is the real one like this…

By the way, attacks from the other self to the opponent are effective, but since its HP is set to 1, they’ll disappear once they are hit by something.

「Tobi-kun, he’s amazing…! Like this, the opponents won’t be able to carelessly aim for the rearguard.」 (Selene)

「He skillfully turned this battle into a stalemate…ah, the archer has started to act.」 (Hind)

Along with the sound of the wind getting cut, an arrow came flying from the bow.

That penetrated Tobi’s back, and the first moment we thought it was an accident…but that seemed to be the other self, it pierced through the vanishing body and it was a direct hit onto the surprised martial artist.

Like that, by making use of the hit stop, the successive arrows found their mark and filled the martial artist with holes.

They are quite fast, that archer’s attacks…! The way he loaded the next arrow was abnormally smooth.

Looking at how they had taken the advantage now, I could feel a threat from how he easily judged that he should slay that other self that had a high cost.

Seeing that, the heavy tried to go help him in a panic, but Tobi didn’t let that chance slip by and chased after him.

In order to get past his hit stop resistance, he made some light attacks and finished with a foot sweep, because the weight of the armor was getting in his way, the heavy warrior had a hard time getting up and was pinned down by Tobi, then he proceed to beat him up.

Due to the bewildering development, the audience in the arena broke into huge cheers.

There’s probably no need for me to say what happened next.

The first match of group H opened with the light warrior and archer causing a disturbance with their shutout.

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Chapter 72: Invitation to the arena

5 minutes until the tournament starts.

We were currently in the plaza in Royal Capital Waaha, waiting for the arena to open.

The main tournament was divided into eight blocks, it was set so that the winner of each would advance like that to the top 8.

32 duos participated in each block, in total, if we won five times we would be able to participate in tomorrow’s fights.

In the case that a player doesn’t show up, it seems like they’ll replace them with NPCs.

That being the case, there’s no winning by default, this was done so you wouldn’t get information about your next opponent, the developers said that the NPCs would be quite strong.

If there was a win by default, they could make up strategies and countermeasures for the next match and there wouldn’t be any recordings, making the opponents be at quite the disadvantage…or so they said.

It’s possible to watch the matches directly in the venue, but any player can watch the tournament matches immediately after the match via replays.

That being the case, it makes you think that NPCs won’t appear at the top of the tournament.

Nevertheless, I’m curious about what kind of NPCs will participate.

The queen stated that no one from the desert would appear, so that would mean it’d be someone from the other countries.

Riizu looked as if she didn’t have much to do and while she was fixing the position of her hat, she talked to me, who was in a daze thinking about the outline of the main event.

「Now that I think about it, what group are you in, Hind-san?」 (Riizu)

「Let’s see, it’s group H. The last one.」 (Hind)

I was grateful that Selene-san and Riizu had come to the venue with us to cheer for us directly.

The mage that was in each town will open the 『Gate』 to transfer us.

Then you could wish for which group’s arena you would like to be warped to.

It was the same for the audience but there was a restriction to the number of people, it’s expected that the venue that hosts the matches of the duo of Mercenary Albert・Philia will be full in a short amount of time since they are the favorites to win the whole thing.

Even the empire’s mage who was in front of us right now, was standing still surrounded by a large number of players waiting for the main event to start.

「Looking at this, the players in the desert sure have increased in number, Secchan…Secchan?」 (Riizu)

「That won’t work Riizu. Selene-san, she hasn’t said a word since a while ago in order to not stand out.」 (Hind)

Incidentally, on top of using me as a shield, she had curled herself up in order to hide herself from the gazes of the surrounding players.

There was a reason for her ending in this state…

「Ooh, it’s the real one! It’s Hero-chan, the real one!」

「Is there a copy-cat of me? I would like to meet her.」 (Yumir)

「I’m definitely cheering for you in the match! Do your best as the representative of the desert!」

「Umu, thanks! I’ll do my best!」 (Yumir)

「Please, shake my hand!」

「Sure, I don’t really mind.」 (Yumir)

「-Thank you very much! Aah, I’m so glad I came to Sala!!」

Because we were the first ones in front of the mage, Yumir, who was with us stood out…I guess I should say as expected of celebrity that even had a thread made especially for her.

Since there weren’t that many players in the desert before, to think that coming here would feel the same as it was during the preliminaries was just wrong.

When we noticed, behind us were a lot of players standing next to each other waiting for the event inauguration.

I’m glad we came a bit ahead of time.

However, since Yumir was casually replying to the voices surrounding us, it was unnecessarily getting heated up.

In this case, it’s amazing that the voices I’m hearing are fifty-fifty when it coems to sex ratio.

Even if she was popular, you’d think that usually there would be more of a certain sex.

「Fellow comrades that have gathered in the desert, we’ll definitely win! Feel free to await with high expectations!」 (Yumir)


She even released her aura along with her speech, she sure is in high spirits.

As a result of her speech, our surroundings got even more fired up.

Even then, being an extra that was just accompanying Yumir, I was obviously being ignored, and I believe it would be better for Selene-san to act confidently since no one in our surroundings knows about her.

If she’s clinging on to me, it will have the opposite effect and make her stand out.

I thought about getting some distance and get back in line, but with the thick wall of people there is currently that would be hard.

Guess I’ll have her endure for a bit longer…


「Riizu-chan, look over here!」

「…」 (Riizu)

On the other hand, Riizu mostly ignored the people that daringly addressed her.

She only looked at those players that were annoying and insistent as if they were trash, but for some reason, the people whose faces would loosen up and left while looking satisfied were many. I don’t get it.


Oh wait, the mage started chanting the spell without saying anything in advance.

I opened the menu to make sure, it was just the time for it to begin.

The surrounding people were making noise and didn’t notice it, but next to the mage, a spatial hole appeared and gradually grew wider.

It looks like a different magic compared to what they used for the preliminaries.

Once the mage finished chanting, the dark entrance stabilized and was fixed in place.

Along with Yumir, the players that were making noise noticed it, and this time they started making noise for a different reason.

「…Where is it you desire your arrival to be?」 (mage)

Just when I realized the mage was saying something, he suddenly threw a philosophical question at us.

It looked like a question thrown at whoever was at the front of the row, so there’s no mistake that it was addressed to me.

Hmm…I wonder if it’s fine if I reply like this?

「The venue for group H.」 (Hind)

「Acknowledged」 (mage)

Ah, so that works…it was hard to understand, so I wish they would just ask normally.

The mage raised his hand and the dark gate changed slightly in color, and he urged us to go into it.

I said a couple words to Yumir, who was still minding the other players and had her back facing us, then I got closer to the gate with Riizu and Selene-san.

「We are going in first, Yumir.」 (Hind)

「…Hmm? Ooh, when did this happen!? Wait, I’m going with you! Don’t leave me behind!」 (Yumir)

「Ah, w-wait, don’t push! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!」 (Hind)

「Eh? Eh?」 (Selene)

Because Yumir rushed at me, I lost my balance and since Selene-san was still clinging onto me she was dragged into the gate too.

It might have been because a lot of players requested that it would be improved, the warp was instant compared to the one used for the preliminaries.

The bad feeling you had when you were transported before was gone now.

Our bodies have finished moving to the new area and were thrown out towards the cold and hard stone floor.

We couldn’t avoid falling down, but I was able to somehow protect Selene-san from the fall.

It was different from that time when Miyu fell on top of me, the defensive gear demonstrated its efficacy and protected my back.

I’m glad…that it didn’t end up with me getting dyspnea like that time.

My HP did decrease, but that is a trivial issue.

Just when I was going to move Selene-san out of the way and stand up, a light appeared in front of me-

「Gueh!」 (Yumir)

「That was close!」 (Hind)

Following that, Yumir appeared from within and fell down, so I held Selene-san in my arms and moved out of the way in a panic.

It was probably because of the weight of her armor, she raised a cloud of dust along with a loud noise.

「Uu…why didn’t you catch me, Hind…wasn’t that mean of you…?」 (Yumir)

「Don’t ask for the impossible! I told you before, be aware of how much your armor weights!」 (Hind)

If I caught her, my back would have broken.

I mean, she only took a bit of damage, there wasn’t a need for me to catch her?

To begin with, whose fault was it that we ended up moving in this way?

「E-eh, Hind-kun…it should be about time that…uu…」 (Selene)

「Hmm? Ah, I’m very sorry!」 (Hind)

Her shy voice returned me to my senses, and I noticed that I was embracing her soft body with all my might.

It might have been because she was out of breath after I separated my body from hers, but Selene-san was bright red up to her ears.

「What are you guys doing…jeez」 (Riizu)

The gaze of Riizu, who landed calmly unlike us hurt.

I looked around as if to gloss over what happened, and I saw that we were inside a large scale arena that looked like a colosseum.

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Chapter 71: Study group and BBS

Question 7. Answer with the most commonly used academic language in middle ages Europe.

Answer. English.

Seeing that stupid answer, I, who was looking at him solving the questions beside him, unconsciously hung my head and held my head in my arms.

Shuuhei didn’t pay attention to me and his gaze shifted to the next question.

「Hey, are joking around? Was that on purpose? It had to be right? I’m begging you, please tell me you were!」 (Wataru)

「Eh, it’s not? I mean, you can get by as long as you know English if you want to travel to Europe right?」 (Shuuhei)

「Don’t go ignoring words like academic language and middle ages! Ugh, I’m getting a headache…」 (Wataru)

The correct answer was Latin.

It was nearly time for the tests and we were having our usual study session to avoid getting a failing grade.

Though, the one at risk of getting a bad grade wasn’t me but mainly Shuuhei and Miyu.

That being the case, during this time, we mainly gather in the library on the first floor where there aren’t that many students and concentrate on studying.

The world history we were studying right now, contained information that was close to the middle ages world in TB.

However, would they take an interest in the world setting of the game they are playing…?

What Shuuhei didn’t have issues in world history with was remembering the names of military figures.

「Wataru, Wataru! Help me with this please!」 (Miyu)

「Ah, which…wait, what happened to physics?」 (Wataru)

「I’m already done with that. I’ll do something about it myself! More importantly, math! I can’t understand Trigonometric functions at all!!」 (Miyu)

Like this, Miyu was weak at science and math, but since she did take lessons seriously, she was far better than Shuuhei.

If you explained the basics to her carefully, she would be able to remember them more or less.

After taking a look at the part she had problems with, it would be fine if you tried to explain it to her in an easy to understand way.

「…It would be something like that, all that’s left would be repeating it over and over. If there’s something you still don’t get, ask me.」 (Wataru)

「Understood, I’ll give it a try.」 (Miyu)

Since Miyu had started to solve her math problems, I went back to checking the answers on Shuuhei’s side.

Shuuhei didn’t have anything special he was bad at, his academic grades were low overall, he was even shaky when it came to basics from middle school.

Usually I would just cram all the answers in his head just before the test, and have him force his way through the test periods.

He seemed like the type of person who would forget about something after a while if he didn’t have any interest in it, so I have half given up on teaching him.

That being the case, when it came down to Shuuhei, I had him memorize what I thought he would be able to get points with.

Even then, I keep getting irritated when he gets stuff right like 「Charlemagne」 and 「Richard the 1st」 as usual.

Once I approached the end of the middle ages world history test…towards what filled the question at the end…

Shuuhei answered like this when faced with the question.

What drove knights away from being the main military force were 「Ninjas」, from the 16th century onwards, thanks to 「Shurikens」 gaining prominence, they started to make a name for themselves among social ranks.

…I can only let out a dry laugh.

When Shuuhei finished solving the questions, he handed me the questions while wearing a face that was saying 「I managed to solve them!」. I’m going to beat him up.

By the way, the answer for the first part was mercenaries and firearms for the second part.

「…You can go back already. From these answers, doesn’t your desire to go back and play the game leak from them?」 (Wataru)

「Wait, don’t abandon me! I’ll do it seriously! If I don’t have Wacchi, I’ll go straight to the failing grade!!」 (Shuuhei)

「In that case look, I’ll rewrite the parts you got wrong with a red pen. Take a look at them and memorize them in 10 seconds.」 (Wataru)

「Even though it’s this bright red!?」 (Shuuhei)

I believe the fact that it’s this red is his own fault though.

The 10 second part was a joke, but I’ll be troubled if he can’t remember this amount of information in a short amount of time.

They often say that teaching others is tied to learning it yourself, this study session also served for me to review the content.

Since I started doing this, even if I didn’t manage to make time to study by myself, I was still able to keep my usual grades.

The only thing that was troublesome was Shuuhei not taking it seriously.

Once they were solving their questions, I was free for a bit.

Halfway through, I saw Saitou-san on the other side of the window so we chatted for a bit, but she had already returned to her club activities.

It would be fine for me to study on my own, but they usually have questions so I can’t really concentrate.

After thinking about it I took out my smartphone, and accessed the TB’s BBS while drinking tea.

Lately whenever I have some free time, I have gotten into the habit of taking a look at the BBS.

【Upper rankings】Duel even rankings thread 7【Surpassed 2000 rating!!】

This is a thread to talk about the preliminary rankings in the ongoing PvP tournament.

Due to the nature of the thread, mentioning the name of people that got into the rankings is not prohibited, but be careful not to slander in the case that a name is posted.

Ignore the trolls and be well mannered.

The next thread will be made once we reach >>900 comments.

333:Nameless Archer ID:ZeAmcsg


I won’t make iiiiit! I can’t get past rating 1800!!!

334:Nameless Light warrior ID:iRmQfVc

Oh, the people that come here in crazy mode have gone up LOL.

335:Nameless Shinto priest ID:WmSsw8p

The preliminaries are only through today, after all.

Me? I’ve already given up. (Around 1600 rating)

336:Nameless Mage ID:Dz3Mag4

The main event is finally tomorrow, huh?

When were bets opened again?

337:Nameless Martial artist ID:kJ4zScZ

Wasn’t it for the top 8?

They should take bets from Sunday 00:00 hours until the tournament starts.

338:Nameless Knight ID:5zKA3sL

The duo at the top of Mercenary Albert・Philia is strong…

Rating 2100…are they monsters? LOL

I wonder if it’s decided that these two would be the champions?

「Done! Eh, Wacchi is the only one that gets to look at his smartphone! That’s unfair!!」 (Shuuhei)

「It’s not unfair. Who do you think this study session is for? However Shuuhei, Albert aniki is at the top of the preliminary rankings.」 (Wataru)

「Right! His partner has a feminine name but I don’t know who she is, they’ve been at the top from the start. Aniki is amazing!! As expected of him!」 (Shuuhei)

From the way he said that, that would mean that Shuuhei didn’t contact him even though he had him in his friend list.

I would have liked some previous information about strong opponents.

At the very least, guess I should pray that we don’t match up with them in the first round. Those muscles are scary.

Before going back to looking at the BBS, I checked Shuuhei’s answers…yup, he barely got a passing grade.

He should be able to pass the test somehow like this.

Once Miyu finishes with hers, today’s study session should be over.

「Since we reached a good place to stop, I’ll go get something to drink」 (Shuuhei)

「Sure, go ahead.」 (Wataru)

Since Shuuhei got up from his seat, I returned to looking at the smartphone.

Even in that situation, Miyu was still concentrating and answering her questions.

361:Nameless Mage ID:xzVrZ5F

However, looking at this, unexpectedly jobs are all over the place.

362:Nameless Knight ID:T6AfWwz

That is proof that the game has good balance.

I would rather not have a PvP tournament where a skill is completely broken.

363:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:Hxj9MtK

The online games I’ve played until now were mostly really unbalanced though.


364:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:uE2c7Ux

You wouldn’t know.

It might just be that the devs haven’t released anything bad yet.

It doesn’t guarantee that it won’t happen from now on.

365:Nameless Knight ID:T6AfWwz

With the current TB, it would only be something like Arrow Rain.

It’s a skill that gets hate.

366:Nameless Shinto priest ID:uE2c7Ux

Those kinds of skills are the ones players shouldn’t have.

They are hated in every game.

367:Nameless Light warrior ID:rgdVSKT

However, that does mean that rapid fire archers are strong.

368:Nameless Knight ID:w5LrLBD

This is the tally of the people that are currently in the rankings.

Heavy warrior 107 people

Light warrior 60 people 

Knight 85 people

Martial artist 31 people

Archer 136 people

Mage 53 people

Shinto priest 40 people

(256 pairs, total of 512 people)

369:Nameless Mage ID:GPRNhx2

Ah, looking at that it does look like heavy warriors and archers are superior.

If I’m right, the pairs where they combined both were the most common.

Did the healing strategy of pairing up a martial artist with a Shinto priest not go well?

370:Nameless Knight ID:w5LrLBD

Since there are plenty of martial artists with high ratings within the ranking, I believe it’s just the difference in the population of the job.

People that use them quite well are really strong in duels.

If the amount of them increase for the tournament, there’s a possibility that there will be a surge of new martial artists after it’s over.

It’s just that that is not the case for Shinto priest, looking at it, there are not many left at the top.

371:Nameless Shinto priest ID:Ss3Rm6S

You’d know if you tried it, but there are just not enough means to defend ourselves…

When they get closer to you, it’s hard to get away from them, the cases where you die before your vanguard are many.

372:Nameless Archer ID:AdPHgp7

Is it not good even if you are a balanced type that learns offensive magic?

373:Nameless Shinto priest ID:Ss3Rm6S

If you spend your MP on attacks, you can’t make the best use of your strong point which is healing.

This only turns you into a worse version of a mage.

As a result, since you would lose in a damage race, your usefulness as a rearguard makes you worthless.

374:Nameless Archer ID:TprY5ft

Among Shinto priests, I believe the most suited for duels is the vanguard type.

If they gain enough time and their partner is able to provide the firepower, they can more or less have a go at it.

375:Nameless Mage ID:P6gUeM5

If it’s Healing, they are able to cast it in an instant after all.

However, it’s true that vanguard Shinto priests are hard and annoying, but I have never thought of them as scary.

376:Nameless Light warrior ID:7aZ3HVV


The brute force approach of heavy warrior and archer is the most stable one.

377:Nameless Martial artist ID:LZLWejw

It’s the era of big physical dps after all.

Though now that we are saying that forcing your way through is the most stable method, it is kind of saddening.

378:Nameless Shinto priest ID:iAZNXzB

That’s why I have high hopes.

If in this kind of situation, something like mages or light warriors were to splendidly toy around with them…

That would be cool.

379:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:fJajgBs

Mages around the top…0, huh?

The one that is paired up with that vanguard Shinto priest who is called Jalousie, these ones were those masked players right?

380:Nameless Knight ID:us5TBga

That’s the case, but those guys were orange players you know?

Once they find a couple, they would attack them, they are the guild master and vice-master of that famous PK guild.

381:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:fJajgBs

Ah, that’s nice.

Personally, there’s some people that will appear in the main event that I’d want to see them explode LMAO.

382:Nameless Martial artist ID:LZLWejw

Like that harem guy, Licht?

Though this guy is not at the level of couples.

383:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:fJajgBs

Right right LOL.

He’s the good looking guy type and also strong right? Right…(#^ω^)

384:Nameless Mage ID:LPtxdHm

He’s even in the top rankings as if it was natural, don’t screw with me!

A while ago I saw him in town and the girls surrounding him had increased!


385:Nameless Archer ID:WsxjPcs

@383 @384

Does this count as slander?

386:Nameless Light warrior ID:ZPL68ZJ

Nah LOL.

Don’t worry, it’s just the replies of the jealous ugly people LOL.

However, they’ll get mad at us soon, so someone should change the topic please.

I have a faint feeling, but it seems like Shinto priests are at a disadvantage when it comes down to duels as I had expected….

Then, there’s many people that have an impression that heavy warriors and archers are strong.

As expected, 『Arrow Rain』 is strong. Though I have prepared enough countermeasures for it.

Besides that, something came to mind when they were on the topic of that couple PK guild…it can’t be, right?

392:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:eypwfse

@386 In that case I’ll do it.

Speaking of knights…

Personally, I have high hopes for Hero-chan, who climbed up through the ranks really quickly in the second half (She’s pretty after all).

393:Nameless Light warrior ID:BGhGADR


You real thoughts are leaking LMAO.

Well, she’s ranked lower that Licht, but with that ranking she’s guaranteed to get into the main event.

Yesterday, the people in the fetish thread were in party mode and got really excited.

394:Nameless Mage ID:mj4iBTg

I’m kinda sad that the cute Riizu-chan is not going to appear.


395:Nameless Martial artist ID:pUxDxFX

Ah? Isn’t Hero-chan far cuter!?

396:Nameless Archer ID:AKTEeB8


Stop instigating a fight LOL.

By the way, her partner is the Shinto priest that used Sacrifice?

397:Nameless Heavy warrior ID:tTspm2R

Most likely?

I have no interest in guys so I’m not too sure.

398:Nameless Archer ID:AKTEeB8

So cold towards guys LMAO.

Yeah he’s really cold…oh well.

If they are not cautious of me so be it, they can do whatever they want.

When I placed my smartphone inside my pocket, it was just in time for when Miyu stopped moving her hand and brought me her answer sheet.

「I’m done, Wataru! Praise me!」 (Miyu)

I took it and when I checked the answers, there were a few careless mistakes but they were mostly right.

I guess I can take this as her understanding the contents.

「Yup yup, not bad. With this, you should be fine in the test.

「…In that case, we should tidy up, buy something sweet and go back?」 (Wataru)

「Crepe!! Wataru, I want to eat a crepe! One with plenty of chocolate!」 (Miyu)

While tidying her writing tools at incredible speeds, Miyu came to me with a request.

If she’s talking about crepes, there’s plenty of stores on our way back but…

「Crepes, huh? In that case, we should go to some sto-」 (Wataru)

「I don’t want them unless they are homemade by Wataru!! Aren’t those with the warm batter better!? I don’t want those cold pre-made batter ones!!」 (Miyu)

「…Yeah yeah. Let’s stop by the supermarket then, and we are splitting the costs of the ingredients.」 (Wataru)

I collected Shuuhei’s things quickly, who still hadn’t returned, we met in the hallway and headed back.

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Chapter 70: Starting line

「The first time I encountered this monster, the lantern was hanging while taking the form of humans.」 (Riizu)

「You said humans!? That’s quite underhanded!!」 (Yumir)

「Well, Yumir fell for it when it took the form of camels though.」 (Hind)

According to what Riizu said, they were even wearing clothes properly and looked weakened as if they were asking for help.

Their movements were a bit odd like with the camels, but their appearance was perfect.

Regarding the strength of the monster, with enough time, Riizu is able to defeat it alone, so it’s not that strong.

However, how is it able to mimic the appearance of humans?

Don’t tell me, that it extracts information from them after eating them or something like that?…Just imagining it is scary so let’s leave it at that.

「It mimicked a relatively handsome guy, but I’m not the type of person that would be deceived by something like that.

「After all, no matter how much it works on its outer appearance, it can’t hide that what’s inside is ugly.」 (Riizu)

「Oh? Oh? Was that a self introduction?」 (Yumir)

「…I’m going to crush your finger you know, Yumir-san?」 (Riizu)

「Look, wasn’t that just a self introduction!? So violent!」 (Yumir)

「But Yumir-san, you are admitting that Riizu-chan’s outer appearance is good, huh…」 (Selene)

Looking ahead towards the desert, there were many camels, you wouldn’t be able to tell which ones are the real thing unless you got closer and observed them.

Since they were mimicking them on purpose, there are probably a few real ones within them.

There were a few plants with spines growing out of them, so it makes you think that the wild camels used those as a landmark to stop here.

…Even some of those plants, could it be that they are being mimicked too?

In fact, if there were some weird people here in this situation, you wouldn’t be able to properly tell what was mimicked and what wasn’t.

「Ah, just as I was thinking that, an older girl with a pointlessly high degree of exposure…」 (Hind)

That one is easy to understand.

Though it wouldn’t be weird for guys to approach her without thinking if they didn’t know anything.

Now that we know what’s underneath, there’s no way I would fall for it.

To begin with, if I thought about it calmly, she would burn herself wearing those dancer clothes.

There’s no way someone would wear those clothes under this blazing sun.

As I was watching that, my field of view turned dark suddenly.

「!! Don’t look Hind!!」 (Yumir)

「She’s right! If you were to look at that, your eyes will be corrupted!」 (Riizu)

「It hurts!! Your fingers are going into my eyes, they are going into my eyes!! I’m even swallowing sand!!」 (Hind)

It might have been because both of them jumped at me while being flustered, but my field of view was all distorted.

If this was real life, there’s no doubt that my eyes would be bright red.

「H-Hind-kun, are you alright!? -Jeez, you shouldn’t do that both of you!」 (Selene)

「S-Secchan has…gotten angry!?」 (Yumir)

「I-I’m sorry…」 (Riizu)

Since an unlikely person has gotten angry, both of them got surprised and removed their hands from my face.

Selene-san handed me some water, so I used it to wash my eyes.

With that, the blurriness disappeared and my vision gradually returned to normal.

「Thank you, Selene-san…」 (Hind)

「Hind-kun, rest over there for a while. We’ll go first and defeat that Mimicry Angler that has taken the form of a woman.」 (Selene)

「Eh, with the three of us!? Are we going to be fine leaving Hind out?」 (Yumir)

「…Yumir-san, it’s our fault that it ended like this. Besides, I want to remove what that monster is mimicking from Hind-san’s sight as soon as possible.」 (Riizu)

「O-Oh, you are right. Sorry about that, Hind. We’ll be going away for a bit.」 (Yumir)

「Ah. Be careful.」 (Hind)

After saying that, Yumir with her longsword size 『Desert Alloy Sword』, and Selene-san with her really big 『Desert Alloy Crossbow』 broke into a run.

Riizu was carrying her 『Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm』 under her arm.

Selene-san, Riizu and my defensive gear didn’t look that different compared to before, they were just an upgrade using the 『Sala cloth』.

That being the case, I don’t think our current gear will fall behind against the monsters around here.

While holding my 『Desert Alloy Staff』, I sighed at the fact that I was left alone here.

I also wanted to try out the new gear…

However, my vision is still blurry and participating in the fight like this would be dangerous.

Since it can’t be helped, guess I’ll just find a place over there to  rest.

This pointlessly realistic damage to the eyes, is just inconvenient…Hmm?

However, on the other hand, thinking about it, if we aimed at people’s eyes in PVP-

「Hahahaha! What’s with those lukewarm attacks!!」 (Yumir)

When I looked towards the cheerful voice, I saw Yumir stopping the charge of the fish with an imposing stance.

Just as her words implied, she was barely taking any damage…Selene-san’s armor is amazing…

Following that, when Riizu’s 『Darkness Ball』 stopped it in its tracks, Selene-san took a low angle firing stance and scooped it out from the ground sending it flying high in the sky with 『Blast Arrow』.

Then, Yumir leaped and…heroically cut it in half with 『Heavy Slash』.

Having been cut in half, the 『Mimicry Angler』 fell over on the desert.

Like that, it vanished by turning into particles of light.

…Ah, I levelled up.

I mean, I’m still in the party after all…this emptiness of leveling up without doing anything…

It seems like Riizu’s investigation was accurate, seems like the experience we got from 『Mimicry Anglers』 was quite high.

Their fighting strength is also as Riizu said, other than the first bite when they bait you with mimicry, they didn’t seem that strong.

Its only redeeming quality was that it has high HP.

If it’s like this, we will probably be able to reach level cap easily.

I have to thank Riizu again later…it’s a good farming spot.

『Tobi-sama has successfully reached level 40!!』

Oh…unless I’m mistaken, there was a familiar name in that announcement.

It was a message about Tobi reaching level cap right?

There can’t be two players with the same name, so it can’t be another person with the same name.

It’s also something that is possible with the amount of time he has played, so the timing wasn’t really weird.

Even then, he sure is fast. So he already got there and finished his preparations for the duels, huh?

This means that his other party member is also quite the gamer, then.

The other three party members that are coming back here seem to have seen it too, they stopped for a moment on their way back and then started walking again.

Yumir, who looked merry from testing out the new gear, returned looking irritated and talked to me.

「Did you see that just now, Hind? To think that…to think that Tobi would get past us!! Damn!!」 (Yumir)

「Ah, I saw it. Guess we can lose to him then…there we go.」 (Yumir)

I stood up while brushing off the sand from my clothes, and used 『Healing』 on Yumir, who had taken a very small amount of damage.

「Are you fine already?」, after being asked that by Selene-san, I signaled that there were no problems with my hand, I got motivated and grasped my staff.

「Alright, starting from now on, let’s not think about anything and just focus on farming! Leave managing our HP and MP to me, everyone just focus on attacking!」 (Hind)

「Yes, I’ll do my best.」 (Selene)

「We can’t tolerate losing to Tobi-san after all. Let’s get to level cap right away.」 (Riizu)

「OK! I refuse to fail in the preliminaries! Let’s aim for winning the whole tournament!!」 (Yumir)

We farmed 『Mimicry Anglers』.

We kept hunting and hunting until we didn’t see anything that was mimicked in our surroundings.

As a result, we managed to get to level 40 within the day somehow.

With this, we could finally focus on the duels.

As a byproduct of this, we were also able to capture a few wild camels.

With this, we should be able to sell them in town at a suitable price and earn quite a bit of gold.

Furthermore, we managed to get 『Monkfish’s fillet』 and a big amount of 『Ankimo』 as drops from the 『Mimicry Anglers』.

No matter how you look at them, these are not materials for weapons and defensive gear but ingredients for food…once we return home, maybe I’ll make some anglerfish hotpot?

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Chapter 69: Combat preparations completed

「New gear! New gear! Uoooooooooooooooo!!」 (Yumir)

「Yumir, you are being noisy! You are bothering the other people so stay quiet!」 (Hind)

Having equipped her new sword and armor, Yumir was moving restlessly around the stable.

Each time she moved a metallic sound resounded, there was nothing noisier than this.

The camels that were close were moving their mouths while looking really annoyed.

It might be because of knight’s base defense, Yumir’s movements were light even while wearing the armor.

If it’s like this, it doesn’t seem like her agility will fall down much compared to how it was before.

Having completed our equipment more or less, we started moving to the habitat of the monsters Riizu found that gave a high amount of experience while riding on the camels.

Of course, doing it as a party is more efficient so we asked Selene-san to come.

Thinking about the remaining time left on the event, we are aiming to have everyone reach level 40 by the end of the day.

We asked the guard in the stable of the royal capital for the camels we left in their care and each one of us got on top of our camels.

Once we left town, we just headed towards the horizon from the scenery of the desert we had already grown accustomed to.

While looking at Yumir, who was in a good mood because of the new gear, I approached Selene-san’s camel.

「Be that as it may, why are the cases where the female armor don’t have a helmet so many? The one Yumir is using is the same right?」 (Hind)

「I also thought about making a helmet at the start. But since Yumir-san has long hair, I thought she would be cooler if she fought with her silver hair fluttering around.」 (Selene)

True enough, if it was a plate armor helmet you wouldn’t be able to see her face, and usually you’d have to fit the hair into the helmet.

I agreed that it would be a waste.

「Ah, so it was because of that reason. In that case, I understand. Looks are important.」 (Hind)

「You understand…?」 (Riizu)

Riizu expressed her doubts, but this wasn’t a real life battle but a game.

Looks are more important than practicality, personal tastes take a big part in it.

Even the me right now, had just made that kind of grimoire.

There is also the fact that if you equip a helmet your field of view will get worse.

Though since the head is a vital part of the body, it’s a trivial demerit compared to when you are not wearing one.

In that case, protect your head with your fighting spirit!! I guess it’d be fine to leave it like that?

Once I showed that I understood what she meant, Selene-san continued talking as if she had remembered something.

「Aren’t they using a similar reason for doing it in other games?

If the heroine was covered in full armor from beginning to end and you couldn’t see her face at all-」 (Selene)

「Most people would be disappointed, right? Certainly, if it was a cute character, they’d be happier if they could see her face.」 (Hind)

With that kind of flow, the cases where the females didn’t have a helmet on have been many since the old days, if you told me that I’d comprehend it.

Though I don’t really know the truth behind it myself.

「On the other hand, there are also cases where they go for a mysterious atmosphere and they don’t show their faces until the mid-game or endgame.」 (Selene)

「And they would do things like become a comrade in the middle, or a pattern where the truth is that they are actually a friend of the main party members? Though that doesn’t apply only to female characters.」 (Hind)

「Aren’t you both straying away from the original topic more and more…?」 (Riizu)

Just as Riizu had said, this only applies to games that have a story.

We have already derailed from the topic of female armour in online games.

Though if we said we were thinking about the origins of it, we weren’t that far from the topic.

At that moment, Yumir, who had advanced as the vanguard, went back to us and said this to me.

「I am your father.」 (Yumir)

「That’s not true!!」 (Hind)

「Wait a moment. When he said that line in the scene, his face wasn’t exposed right? Right?」 (Selene)

「I don’t get what’s going on anymore…hah…」 (Riizu)

At that point, we completely shifted to a conversation that didn’t have anything to do with games.

And I even went along with Yumir and shouted in reaction…so embarrassing.

While continuing with our idle chat, we headed like that towards the east with Yabilga Desert as our objective.

Maija was in the middle of the road, but we didn’t go through it this time and kept going forward.

We kept proceeding for a while and entered Yabilga Desert, Yumir looked restless and looked around.

「Are we not there yet? I want to test out the new gear already!」 (Yumir)

Yumir’s defensive gear was a 『First rate Desert Alloy Armor +7』, when it was completed and it wasn’t a +10, Selene-san was quite frustrated.

Even then, thinking about the degree of difficulty of blacksmithing, it had incredible performance.

Yumir was really happy with the result, and thanked Selene-san repeatedly.

In terms of numbers, compared to the previous leather armor, its defense values were more than double.

The armor was specially made by using plenty of the minor metals 『Cobalt』 and 『Chromium』 that we had gathered, in order to make the alloy we had to heat up the furnace to pretty high temperatures.

Other than that, Selene-san mixed in something else other than iron, but sadly she kept that a secret.

That being the case, I left the ratios and the rest of the materials up to her, so I didn’t know what to call that alloy.

By the way, leaving Riizu aside, our 「Weapons」 were already finished by using the same alloy.

In terms of name, they were all unified in a simple 『Desert Alloy』 series.

Naturally, since they all used the unique alloy Selene-san made so they were all arranged gear.

「Please, have patience. The place is further to the north.」 (Riizu)

「Riizu, you sure searched through quite the extensive range. Was it dangerous?」 (Hind)

「It was fine. Though I turned back right after I saw the monsters inside the pyramid we can now see over there being level 50.」 (Riizu)

As Riizu pointed out, before us stood a pyramid.

So there really were pyramids…I couldn’t see it because of the sandstorm.

Yumir and me, who haven’t noticed its existence until a moment ago, looked up to it and stood there dumbfounded for a while.

Selene-san was the only one that noticed before Riizu pointed it out, so she replied like this instantly.

「You sure did well to go in alone…if it was me, I would have been impossible because I’d be scared.」 (Selene)

「I only checked the monsters’ levels after all. Though I did defeat whatever I thought I could defeat.」 (Riizu)

My sister is quite cold-hearted and bold.

However, if the monsters are level 50, if we don’t wait for the next level cap update, exploring the pyramid will be hard.

Nonchalantly, Riizu said 「We’ll nearly be there after passing by the pyramid」 and we kept proceeding once she pointed further north.

It was a strange place.

Above the particles of sand, there were many camels walking around carefreely in the wild.

The scenery felt out of place and I didn’t know what to say, so I strained my eyes to take a better look.

Without minding that, Yumir carefreely got closer to those camels.

「Wait. Stop right there.」 (Riizu)

「Fuoh!?」 (Yumir)

After receiving a splendid foot sweep,  Yumir beautifully fell down.

Right now, we had all got off our camels, our camels were standing by a bit behind us.

Ignoring Yumir who raised a protest, Riizu took out a stone from her inventory and threw it at the camels.

「W-What are you doing, Riizu-chan?」 (Selene)

「Yeah yeah! Isn’t that just animal abuse!?」 (Yumir)

「Be quiet and look. You’ll know soon enough.」 (Riizu)

Like that, once the second and third stone landed close to the camels…suddenly, the sand below them started rattling and moved-

A gigantic fish with its mouth opened appeared.

It gulped down the stones Riizu threw along with sand, and it went under the sand again.

What we thought were camels were tied to the fish’s forehead area, and along with its movements, they were shaking.

Our jaws dropped when we saw that happen.

「It’s a monster called Mimicry Angler. It looks similar to a football fish, the lantern part mimics other living beings and it lures its food with it.」 (Riizu)

Now that she mentions it, the movements of the camels that were moving around were somehow odd…

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